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  1. TheGreatCatpiss

    Politics thread

    It should matter. Your ***hat comment may seem light hearted, but it shows your dislike towards our vets. They put their lives on the line for our country, whether you agree about the cause or not. Sure they might not currently be fighting for our freedom, but they are ready to. Also, some of what they do, helps safeguard our freedom. Your point is also a logical fallacy as it implies that they must actually fight for our freedom specifically or they dont matter.
  2. TheGreatCatpiss

    Politics thread

    If she returns, it will be because of political bias. Somehing we should hope judges dont have. i hope she retires for many reasons. I dont think that will happn so quickly, though.
  3. TheGreatCatpiss

    Politics thread

    That is a tough one. I get taxed a lot. Over 70 percent of my income is taxed. (35 fed, 10 state, 15 fica, 8 sales tax, 6 property tax, misc taxes) not to mention that we tend to live near our means. This means the rest of the money is allocated for rent or mortgage or whatever for our current lifestyle. how do we squeeze in heath care? I dont think we can without easing it in and getting rid of other spending. A significant tax increase will destroy the country. What gets removed to pay for it?
  4. TheGreatCatpiss

    Politics thread

    Those shows get hard-ons every time some innocent kid gets shot or something terrible happens. It's just another chance for them to spin the blame on Trump. It's pretty disgusting.
  5. TheGreatCatpiss

    Politics thread

    Sorry, but anyone who watches UFC shouldn't post stupid **** equating a punch to a mailbomb. You are basically equating stuff we see in the UFC to terrorism. Not smart enough to think for yourself or use critical thinking. Be a sheep and let the great libtard machine feed you talking points. Meanwhile, you are ignoring all the violence that the left has encouraged for years and blame bomb threats on a few quotes about punching someone. "oh, he said to punch someone. that is dog whistle for bombing people".
  6. TheGreatCatpiss

    Caravan of illegals on their way to the USA lol

    No, it's been widened to that. Fleeing from war, yes. Fleeing from a government, yes. Fleeing from a natural disaster, yes, if the country is small enough. Definition: a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.
  7. TheGreatCatpiss

    Caravan of illegals on their way to the USA lol

    Funny how there's so much **** talking about how the US handles these people, but the US is still the country all of them want to go to. Also funny is how those countries must be incredible ****holes for that many people to flee, but we can't call them ****hole countries.
  8. TheGreatCatpiss

    Where the **** is Cain Velasquez?!

    Cain thought he was a real Mexican because his parents lived there once. Then he learned he is allergic to Mexico when he finally visited that ****hole and that he should stay in the US. Unfortunately, his time in Mexico did too much damage to his body, and his body is still slowly falling apart.
  9. Venom was pretty good. I don't know how I feel about the SUV motorcycle chase scene. It was done well and I was able to suspend my disbelief a bit, but I was thinking it was also stupid as hell. A motorcycle gets away from an SUV in 2 seconds on a busy city street.
  10. TheGreatCatpiss

    Politics thread

    Wow Tom Arnold is getting worse and worse, which is very bad since he was already pretty bad.
  11. TheGreatCatpiss

    Politics thread

    Dean Cain was my enemy a long time ago, but i’m still a fan of his. (He would flirt a little too much with my girlfriend when i was in highschool and he was already superman. )
  12. TheGreatCatpiss

    CONOR Jumped out of the cage

    GTFO snowflakes
  13. TheGreatCatpiss

    Conor not the only irish man to get his **** beat last night

    Lol. Drunk guy thought the crowd had his back. Yeah, All my easiest fights have been against people who are scary when drunk.
  14. TheGreatCatpiss

    Cosby Sentence :

    Cosby dindu nuffin wrong. Here lay down in my bed and take this pill. Come back for more. Those girls knew what they were doing.