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  1. TheGreatCatpiss

    The Last Jedi discussion (Warning:Spoilers)

    I was at a used bookstore, and found a hardcover star wars book that was signed by the author... $1 . Bought it. Dunno if it's any good. Looks a bit meh, but could be fun. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_Troopers
  2. TheGreatCatpiss

    The Last Jedi discussion (Warning:Spoilers)

    You are kinda right. I forgot about that turd. I'd say they are about equally bad. The hype of Star Wars made it a bigger disappointment, however. I knew Ghostbusters would be bad before ever seeing it. I knew not to see it in the theater.
  3. TheGreatCatpiss

    The Last Jedi discussion (Warning:Spoilers)

    No movie that I’ve seen this century has been worse than TLJ. It is the only Star Wars movie that I will not buy.
  4. TheGreatCatpiss

    Cain Velasquez signs......

    I thought he was allergic to Mexico. Wont he fall apart more quickly there?
  5. Stop digging yourself into a deeper hole. Do we need an intervention?
  6. Dunno why they don't like him. Probably stuff that he's done off screen? His character in the Justice League movie, however, was very dull. That's on the director/writers, though. Cyborg is a very popular character from the DC cartoons for like the past 20 years, so the character has a lot of fans.
  7. TheGreatCatpiss

    Mass shooting in..... New Zealand?!?

    I always imagined fullchan was all trolls. This is terrible. ****ed up. Sadly, the video is very similar to the game i play on the psvr. Firewall zero hour.
  8. Agreed. That said... I don't want to mislead anyone here that hasn't watched the movie. You are setting expectations too high, and people are going to get upset.
  9. Sorry, but you've lost all credibility in my eyes when it comes to rating movies. I see your other MCU ratings and I can somewhat understand them, and then this one makes absolutely no sense. This movie was just an okay superhero movie.
  10. Here are the moments of cringe. They do not affect the 6/10 rating. Her dad shows absolutely no concern to her after she's all damaged and bloodied up. Because men are bad. Guys at boot camp are bullying/mocking her while she is in the middle of training. That wouldn't happen. It could happen where they mock her behind her back, but I doubt it would happen the way they showed it. They wanted to show men blatantly putting women down and repeated a false stereotype at bootcamp. But really that's such a small part of the movie that it doesn't trigger cringe. Some of my friends are going off on how cringey the movie is, and it isn't. Fortunately, they didn't make it obvious that she's a lesbian as they had originally planned. I wonder if that will piss off the LGBTQ community.
  11. WTF, No Way. Are you MMA scoring there?
  12. My advice to everyone is to wait until next year to watch Umbrella Academy. It feels like it stops mid season and you have to wait a year to get the next episode.
  13. It's on the CW. It's one of the best shows on the CW. That tells you something about the CW. The only shows getting axed in favor of it are other teen shows.
  14. Watched it. It was just a superhero movie. Nothing special, easily forgettable, watch just once type of superhero movie. I expected a lot of cringe, but happily there was barely any. No need to see it in the theater unless you just need an excuse to go to the theater. Samuel Jackson adds some personality to the movie and without him the movie would get a lower rating. I'd give it a 6/10 Tips: MCU does 3D very poorly. Watch Marvel movies in 2D. No need to pay the extra for 3D.