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  1. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    Not sure what's worse: that stupid people can buy their way into Yale or that Yale's only major is Democratic Socialism.
  2. TheBigD

    Mass shooting in..... New Zealand?!?

    Sad this gets instantly politicized, so much for the grieving process. The truth is New Zealand has much harsher gun control and it pays off, as far as yearly murder rates. It does not pay off when it comes to mass shootings. In other words both sides are wrong. Better to analyze the widespread decay of 1st world morality, or the vertical spike of psychopathic behavior across the last half century.
  3. It should absolutely be legal to punch paparazzi. The law would be 100% bi-partisan and pass in seconds.
  4. Haven't seen it but Randy could play a pretty convincing russian ganster, based off that cover photo.
  5. TheBigD

    Sounds like Matt Hughes has lost it

    The real story here is why so many of you read Matt Hughes book
  6. TheBigD

    Who do you HONESTLY feel could defeat Jones?

    Yeah if he doesn't join a new gym soon, he'll run out of people to rat on.
  7. TheBigD

    Celebrity Death Pool Season 8

    Kind of a win win for him then
  8. TheBigD

    Stipe Miocic has lost his mind

    Not my proudest b0ner
  9. TheBigD

    Mark Hunt Lawsuit gets DESTROYED

    For what, an expired milky way?
  10. TheBigD

    Which Fight Would You Pick?

  11. TheBigD

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    I don't know how it could be worse than the Russell Crow one.
  12. TheBigD

    Dana going full DANA raw footage. G chit

    Someone should tell Gastellum, entitlement doesn't count as a title.
  13. He'll be back when he runs out of Nate's money.