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  1. TheBigD

    Penn should not retire.

    Do Penn fanboi's realize they hate him by urging him to fight? He's clearly in the high danger zone of his "career." You idiots won't be happy until he visits the Liddell school of grammar.
  2. TheBigD

    Nunes done with 145

    She KO'd Cyborg and a useless division with 1 punch. Now I recognize her as the GOAT.
  3. TheBigD

    I don't blame Jon Jones for ducking DC at heavyweight

    Neither could Jones without the CoCo
  4. TheBigD

    Chad Mendes Retires?

    Take Condit with you. There's no recovering from a Cheisa loss.
  5. I feel that not having a Brown Power tattoo should be the bare minimum requirement for citizenship in Trumps America.
  6. TheBigD

    Rockhold being cringe again

  7. TheBigD

    Why does everyone hate on Jon Jones?

    Jones coulda OD'd on estrogen and still stomped out Gustafsson lbh
  8. TheBigD

    Will Cyborg Take a Dive This Weekend ?

    This image will haunt my dreams
  9. TheBigD

    Will Cyborg Take a Dive This Weekend ?

    I can't imagine her taking a dive for any outcome that benefits Dana or the UFC, she hates them both.
  10. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    Who is dumber, the white people who actually condescend like this or minorities who think race is partisan? Remember Obama got 97% of the black vote, regardless of whether they agree with him politically. This is a level of widespread racism that dwarfs anything white males can come up with in the past decade.
  11. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    And here I thought you were such a believer in my freedom of speech and best wishes. You've been arguing the entire time but tap out the moment you have to actually defend one of your viewpoints. If you stop pretending you're objective, maybe a real discussion can actually begin.
  12. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    Would have been just as effective without posting. Concession accepted.
  13. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    No one is arguing for state run press either. The fact free press has gotten significantly more opinion based in the last 10 years is undeniable, especially if you claim to be a "realist." Obviously the press has the freedom to replace news with partisan hackjobs, just like we have the freedom to call them out and dismiss them as such. You rant about freedom as if it's a one way street, then claim the opposite in the last sentence. Make up your mind.
  14. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    Who is arguing against freedom of press? In any case you agree with me, that the media is both inaccurate and bias. Not sure why such effort to disguise that agreement.
  15. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    Are you insinuating the media is reliable and if so, on what grounds?