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  1. TheBigD

    Ben askren ...

    Maybe he's referring to himself in the 3rd person. Hey Ben, on behalf of MMA I just want to thank you for killing off the flyweights. Best Regards
  2. I like how on CNN the caravan are all functional families with college degrees and on FOX they are all switchblade rap***'s. This country is fooked.
  3. TheBigD

    Askren gets Lawler in UFC debut

    Askren already testing himself more than DJ lol
  4. Win or lose Cejudo is already more of a legend than mighty duck.
  5. You know something is obvious when the forum poll calls it right.
  6. TheBigD

    Ben Askren calls out .... Everyone?

    I fear for the reality check coming Askren's way, but i'll still take him over mighty duck any day.
  7. TheBigD

    Your Happiest and Saddest Moments as an MMA fan.

    Happy: Sad:
  8. Even if DJ still had the belt this would be the best trade ever.
  9. TheBigD

    Anthony Pettis faking hand injury again?

    This place is a fkn snoozefest without Vert. Show some respect.
  10. There's absolutely no way this show still exists.
  11. TheBigD

    Anyone else worried by the video posted of Max Holloway?

    I'd be more surprised if he didn't sound retarded.
  12. TheBigD

    Artem vs Johnson

    future of MMA
  13. "I was scared" -end of article