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  1. TheBigD

    Do You Think We See TJ Return To The UFC?

    In hindsight it was pretty sketchy how quickly he improved after TUF. He knows he has to return or his entire career gets written off. Unfortunately post roid TJ is likely to get slept even worse.
  2. TheBigD

    Theory about why UFC 238 is so awful.

    I'd check out this card if I wasn't busy watching the WNBA for the first time ever.
  3. TheBigD

    Surprise, surprise, check out Conors tweets.

  4. TheBigD

    Surprise, surprise, check out Conors tweets.

    Most artificial callout ever
  5. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    And when they lose they;ll blame the Russians lmao
  6. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    I would like to take this time to point out Beto O Rourke is a serious presidential candidate.
  7. TheBigD

    Max is getting slept next week.

    Sounds like Liddell these days but even punch drunk Max will dust Dustin.
  8. His name is Ahmed Abdirzak, so he's pretty much guaranteed to win.
  9. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    And I genuinely feel sorry for anyone that defends Jessie Smolett. With all his activism, in the end he only proved white privilege doesn't exi$t.
  10. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    One of my prouder b0ners
  11. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    I don't blame you, they're indefensible.
  12. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    Reacting to the lack of an indictment is not premature when every major media outlet was screaming collusion for the past 2 years. Even if Trump was impeached tomorrow, Liberal media have damaged their reputation beyond repair. Remember when Trump was a Russian spy lmao.
  13. TheBigD

    Politics thread

    The irony is Trump may win 2020, purely based off this 2 year collusion farce. Imagine if they put this much effort into investigating Hilary. She'd be getting plungered by an intersectional prison guard right now.
  14. TheBigD


    A failed drug test discussion turning into a Woodley discussion is a pretty smooth transition.
  15. TheBigD

    Aldo hospitalized.

    I like how he'll make the fight with knee aids but taps via sprained ankle when he's got the belt.