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  1. skillandpower

    Kamaru Usman signs bout agreement for Woodley

    Lol at Colby
  2. skillandpower

    Pick a Lane: 165 Division Yes or Meh ?!

    Wasnt Conor advocating some chit similar to it ?
  3. skillandpower

    Jose Aldo vs Renato Moicano at UFC on ESPN+ 2 in February

    Jokes aside .. Moicano is as good as a new challenger can get! I think he beats Aldo and become a hype challenger with a leagit chance at Max
  4. skillandpower

    Mini Blessed is the future GOAT

    Yep .. I think Max is the new big thing
  5. skillandpower

    Well Dom's return was fun while it lasted

    Time to retire and I mean that in a very respectful way. He had his glory days. I really Cody vs Lineker .. way better match up than Dom vs Lineker
  6. skillandpower

    Is bottled water a scam?

    Kidney stones for drinking a lot of water ? Now Im curious about this because I drink probably around half gallon of water a day
  7. Crazy but I think 145 division could potentially end up being boring as ** in the near future
  8. skillandpower

    Is bottled water a scam?

    this ^ too It is so cheap that it is not even worth the discussion. However, bottled water is actually expensive in third world countries like Mexico and Brazil so maybe thats why Vert wanna discuss this lol
  9. LOL you and your lady will be more than welcome! Please, just no loud moaning ok m8 ?
  10. skillandpower

    Is bottled water a scam?

    Hmmm tricky question imo I still rather drink 'bottled water' than tap water tbh
  11. skillandpower

    Pick a Lane: 165 Division Yes or Meh ?!

    Hmm yeah but I think thats when the organiozation (UFC) steps in and makes decisions maybe ?