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  1. skillandpower

    Cejudo vs Aldo at 135

    Reliable brazilian mma source bruh
  2. skillandpower

    Askren vs Maia official for UFC on ESPN+ 20, Oct 26th

    Two guys I would like to see Khabib fighting tbh
  3. skillandpower

    Ariel - Conor Interview

    One of the worst threads ever ? @Conceive-Believe-Achieve-----STFU is a big can. Who is with me ?
  4. skillandpower

    UFC 241: The Card Of WCC

  5. skillandpower

    Traffic Jam At The Top

    The only upcomers that NewFC likes to give title shots too are the ones that trash talk
  6. skillandpower

    Traffic Jam At The Top

    This kinda of threads always got two answers: who should and who will ? We all know that baldy and NewFC will give the shot to bigger names. I can see Faber getting the next shot actually
  7. skillandpower

    Official Anthony Pettis faking injuries thread

    Yeah thats pretty much what I thought. Thanks m8
  8. skillandpower

    Official Anthony Pettis faking injuries thread

    Possible injury ? Wtf
  9. skillandpower

    Dana White: Henry Cejudo could be stripped of flyweight title

    Oh look baldy acting like he had no idea it was going to happen lol He has no interest on having one guy holding two divisions because the it is one less title fight on his garbage PPV cards.
  10. skillandpower

    Cejudo vs Aldo at 135

    I must say I was pretty surprised by reading this article this morning. I was not aware of it but, apparently, Aldo has plans of moving down to 135 and challenge Cejudo who accepted it and does not mind this fight to happen in Rio. What do you guys think ? Is Aldo even able to cut to 135 at this point ? Do you guys think this fight could happen next for both guys ? Bom dia, seus latas. https://sportv.globo.com/site/combate/noticia/henry-cejudo-aceita-desafio-de-jose-aldo-e-quer-luta-no-rio-de-janeiro-vou-para-matar.ghtml
  11. skillandpower

    What's Next For The Winners & Losers Of UFC 241

    DC retire ? Why ? DC should fight anyone (because he will beat anyone) then fight Stipe vs NG winner
  12. skillandpower

    Stipe vs Jones

    Jones got his work cut out for him at 205 actually. Worst case scenario he needs to fight Corey/Walker winner and give Santos a rematch.
  13. skillandpower

    Nunes vs. Can at UFC 245

    If Amanda is smart she will take GDR down and work from there. If Amanda decides to stand and bang I gotta a feelong GDR wins this time
  14. skillandpower

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    Im sure he has "it". But I think he could try 205 like Weidman and Luke are doing. He beat both dudes so why not
  15. skillandpower

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    This lol