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  1. skillandpower

    Kevin Lee vs a realtor at ufc Milwaukee

    I still dont get why of this fight
  2. Is anyone really believing Holloway vs Ortega is actually gonna happen ?
  3. skillandpower

    Khabib is Dana’s best chance of making it in Russia

    You know Khabib is gonna duck Lee too.
  4. skillandpower

    McGregor Had Staph during the Khabib fight?

    More and more I see these rumors (excuses) about Conor being ill on that fight. It could be true BUT still it sounds to me that will be one way baldy will find to make an immediate rematch.
  5. skillandpower

    Khabib is Dana’s best chance of making it in Russia

    Cash vs Pound4Pound Make it happen, Dana.
  6. skillandpower

    Eddie Alvarez close to signing with One FC

    Is that the guy Conor beat in highlight fashion to become a multi divisional champ ? lol
  7. skillandpower

    Bantamweight vs Featherweight Matchups. who wins?

    I would like Aldo vs Moraes better
  8. skillandpower

    Khabib is Dana’s best chance of making it in Russia

    Im not trying to be rude but is this thread even up to discussion ? Isnt obvious that Khabib is a golden ticket for UFC promotion in Russia ?
  9. Interesting how Nate vs Dustin is still on the the homepage as one of the fights at UFC 230
  10. skillandpower


    LOL! What alt is it ?
  11. Baldy will make a division for Conor in which grapplers and lengthy fighters wont be allowed, dont worry.
  12. skillandpower

    Rate UFC 232

    Anyways, it is a 'good' card (not great)
  13. It is so clear that this "undisclosed injury" is actually baldy telling him "hey Dustin, I need to have Conor vs Nate booked, bud. Here is a check for your cooperation"
  14. skillandpower

    Rate UFC 232

    Nah, not really m8. Im sure DC is on it. DC gets 'stripped' so New FC can sell Jones/Gus as a main event, thats all. DC is a company's man and employee of the month for sure