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  1. skillandpower

    Weidman vs Joker Official

    Have you noticed his dad is not even taking the mic anymore ? Lol
  2. skillandpower

    Felder needs to stay in the game

    The retirement talk was a bit silly. He is never going to see gold or have a title shot BUT guys like Felder are very important to any organization because he "tests" upcomers.
  3. skillandpower

    Weidman vs Joker Official

    Oh you know it. He will probably get the mic and say "stop doubting me"
  4. skillandpower

    Weidman vs Joker Official

    Interesting match up Who you got ?
  5. skillandpower

    Shogun coming for that strap

    It will be a bang fight
  6. skillandpower

    Shogun coming for that strap

    Good point
  7. skillandpower


    Yeah that is a good point. It is sad to see a warrior like Diego taking the "easy way out" but it is part of the sport too so yeah dont hit your opponent illegaly otherwise you lose the fight, folks.
  8. Just finished re watching his fight against Robbie and his octagon interview and cant stand the guy. Rob actually did well and Gastelum did too. I will laugh so hard if Romero wins.
  9. skillandpower

    Valiant attempt by Reyes but...

    Jones wants no rematch with Reyes End of thread
  10. I beg to differ m8. Jones is a drawer and you know what that means ? He can fight my grandpa and it would sell. Part of me believes Jones rathers play safe and avoid Reyes for right now. Obviously the Reyes fight would sell more but the Blacho fight would do well too. Reyes will probably fight Corey or Santos imo. Jones fights Blacho then yeah if Jones wins (as he will) and Reyes beats anyone then yeah we got a rematch for maybe a big December card ?
  11. skillandpower

    Yan & Sterling Both Verbally Accept Fight

    Yan wins. Dude is the future champ and will keep that belt for a while and he gets it