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  1. Jason_H.

    Jon Jones v Adesanya

    If they were the same size, it would be a great fight. Unfortunately, Jones is too big and imo he's on the verge of moving to HW.
  2. Jason_H.

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    I've been good, my brother. My kids are getting older and with that I'm just more busy...plus i work swing shift that sometimes end at 4am. Basically, i have very little time for myself these days. The free time i have are used to upkeep the house i recently bought. Aside from all that, I'm doing pretty well. How have you been, Freddie? And btw, good to see you back.
  3. Jason_H.

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Spring time brings a lot of work. I can't wait until summer.
  4. Jason_H.

    JDS vs. NG at 239

    Easy fight for NG.
  5. Jason_H.

    Can velasquez is overrated

    Cain was clearly fighting with an injury. Healthy Cain destroys all your favorite fighters.
  6. Jason_H.

    Peahead wants out.

    If I ran the ufc, I'd release him in a heartbeat.
  7. Jason_H.

    How do you guys feel Ben Askren will do in the UFC?

    I think he becomes champ in a year and a half.
  8. Jason_H.

    Who Should Aldo Fight Next?

    Aldo will not win against Hollaway. The only fight that matters for him and the fans is Connor.
  9. Jason_H.

    Strip Khabib?

    Strip him. Let Ferguson fight a top contender for the belt.
  10. Jason_H.

    Jon Jones is on fire!

    Ban him for life. BTW, this means all the wins on his record are not legitimate.
  11. Jason_H.

    What Are Your Weird Habits ?

    I dig my ears and have my wife go in them every 2 weeks with a tweezer to pull out the little hairs.
  12. Jason_H.

    The greatest HW of all time......

    Good man. YOU have my respect, Werdum.
  13. Jason_H.

    Was the Stoppage Early?

    I beg the differ. Yes, he was in deep waters but he was actively moving or advancing to gain a better position.
  14. Jason_H.

    Was the Stoppage Early?

    Early stoppage. Tj was rocked but he was actively moving to defend himself . Ref got paid.