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  1. Jason_H.

    Hobbies thread

    Awesome thread,, Stomp. I picked up biking about a year ago. I have also started playing guitar again.
  2. Lol. It would be Frankie's easiest fight ever.
  3. Jason_H.

    Anthony Pettis faking hand injury again?

    How do you have a hand injury when you have no hands?
  4. Jason_H.

    Jacare has lost every single #1 Contender fight he's ever been in.

    Imo, Jacare is too cautious in big fights.
  5. It's between Biden and Sanders. My vote goes to Sanders but I'm afraid there's too much hate and ignorance to overthrow the buffoon.
  6. Jason_H.

    Jon Jones v Adesanya

    If they were the same size, it would be a great fight. Unfortunately, Jones is too big and imo he's on the verge of moving to HW.
  7. Jason_H.

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    I've been good, my brother. My kids are getting older and with that I'm just more busy...plus i work swing shift that sometimes end at 4am. Basically, i have very little time for myself these days. The free time i have are used to upkeep the house i recently bought. Aside from all that, I'm doing pretty well. How have you been, Freddie? And btw, good to see you back.
  8. Jason_H.

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Spring time brings a lot of work. I can't wait until summer.
  9. Jason_H.

    JDS vs. NG at 239

    Easy fight for NG.
  10. Jason_H.

    Can velasquez is overrated

    Cain was clearly fighting with an injury. Healthy Cain destroys all your favorite fighters.
  11. Jason_H.

    Peahead wants out.

    If I ran the ufc, I'd release him in a heartbeat.
  12. Jason_H.

    How do you guys feel Ben Askren will do in the UFC?

    I think he becomes champ in a year and a half.
  13. Jason_H.

    Who Should Aldo Fight Next?

    Aldo will not win against Hollaway. The only fight that matters for him and the fans is Connor.