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  1. Hes gonna duck the hangman to fight for 1 more big check and that's canor, he'll hold out to be the only guy in top 5 for when canor decides hes ready and will only fight a top 5 guy smh....nobody other than the bear wrestling, freezing river swimming goat will beat hangman
  2. the_vagenius

    ESPN+ UFC Fight Night: Jędrzejczyk vs. Waterson

    Also that card had too many sad stop the fight moments for casuals, they need to research these televised fight cards better. Side note: one century was better imo, and Amanda Ribas beats the chit out of jj, she beat big mac senseless, and shes a 145er...jj is only a 125er, shes the giant killer
  3. the_vagenius

    ESPN+ UFC Fight Night: Jędrzejczyk vs. Waterson

    You want something from Brazil actually somewhat useful in a street fight ? Buy a Taurus revolver lol hope for the best.
  4. the_vagenius

    Former UFC Champion Cody Garbrandt Aims For March 2020 Return

    I remember him as the guy who ko'd cruz 3 times in one fight while winning a break dancing contest while pounding pre new tatas pvz....other than that hes a herb
  5. the_vagenius

    ESPN+ UFC Fight Night: Jędrzejczyk vs. Waterson

    Yeah everyone already knew jj would never make 115 again, she was hoping waterson take that 120lb boochit bait...karate hottie too smart for that, and no she dont wanna fight big mac dern, shes an atom weight dern is a featherweight, and ribas is a bigger version of waterson. Let waterson fight swae Lee zhang,get brutalized, give inspirational mom speech post fight and walk off into sunset for greener brazzers...I mean pastures. Done deal.
  6. the_vagenius

    Just Here To See Izzy Trashing

    According to street jesus, the ufc protected izzy....as shows izzys record and I agree completely. Hes a great stand up fighter, but he wont have a long reign, neither will marty, they both avoided the baddest toughest fighters in their divisions the last 2 or so years
  7. the_vagenius

    Welcome to the Nigerian Era

    Usman and izzy will combine for 0-3 title defenses at the most... Usman might never show up to fight colby, let alone the rest of 170 like st.jorge, or give old man tyquil a rematch even for christ sake, gets no easier that at 170
  8. the_vagenius

    Israel Adesanya - Conor McGregor

    Izzy/conor vs bmf title winner/paulo for the world bmf tag team belts?
  9. the_vagenius

    Should Fighters Get Tune Up Fights After Long Layoffs?

    There are no tune ups in the top tiers for champs. Therefore vacate
  10. the_vagenius

    Just Here To See Izzy Trashing

    Izzy gets starched by paulo. Even tho you know uncle Dana said izzy if you win dont mention paulo or yoel.... He was protected from the heavies of the mw division...he joined the ufc after the fall of silva,bisping,luke,jacare,weidman amongst others(yoel). He hasnt beaten anyone impressive(current ranks are weak)and 2 welterweights, and still has a chit ton to prove
  11. the_vagenius

    What's Next For The Winners & Losers Of UFC 243

    Hooker needs a top 5er.
  12. the_vagenius

    Israel will completely pick Whittaker apart with ease

    Whittaker via stone cold starching....
  13. the_vagenius

    UFC 242: Nurmagomedov vs. Poirier

    Just sayin....khabib murders Tony Ferguson, its gonna be a short notice guy or a guy who isnt even ranked to beat him, but he will lose eventually
  14. the_vagenius

    What should Dana White do?

    Give him someone he can possibly beat at this point, give the fans a nostalgic match...... Bj vs hughes