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  1. the_vagenius

    Stipe vs Jones

    Or jones vs jan first and blackowicz starches him in the 1st
  2. the_vagenius

    Stipe vs Jones

    Jones vs bork its gonna happen, bork at 264lb, jones at 237lbs, no stipe, no walker or santos its gonna jones vs bork or costa
  3. the_vagenius

    UFC 241: The Card Of WCC

    Find Costas short film it documents him weighing all his food, even smallest snacks, he lives in the gym, he a fanatic bout his weight,
  4. the_vagenius

    Askren vs Maia official for UFC on ESPN+ 20, Oct 26th

    Best mma grappler on planet earth? I didnt realize he was fighting khabib
  5. the_vagenius

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    Yolo vs izzy Costa vs jones Atleast then we know jones wont have a repeat of the regional card smith fight
  6. the_vagenius

    What round does Vitor Jr. Aka LORD COSTA break Izzys legs in half?

    Costa hapes them both. Rob beats the tar out of izzy. Yoel hapes izzy as well. 185 is getting fun again, thankfully. Mostly because luke and criedman are done, all the old legends have retired or went to bellator, and it's about time, silva is a faint memory as well. We need nick diaz vs winner of rob/izzy, then yoel vs Costa 2, yoel retires, costa moves up and snaps jones legs.
  7. the_vagenius

    Stipe vs Jones

    There is no fight for jones at hw. Stipe? Really? Stipe only losses by ktfo, jones doesnt possess the power anywhere to ko lhw let alone a hw champ. And dont say the head kick to DC, it doesnt count when a 6'5" guy head kicks a 5'9 tellytubby Hw is kind of a joke right now and has been for a long time. Werdum was the last legit hw champ and he got starched by the special kid while moving backwards. Stop with the dc talk already, yes he probably could beat brock, that's not saying much.dc is too small and old for hw. DC would be the goat had he started mma earlier. But he didnt so he isnt
  8. the_vagenius

    Stipe is THE Greatest Heavyweight of all time.

    Wtg you're not allowed to use the term pure idiocy, have you seen your near decade of mouth diarrhea you have left here? No I wasnt trashing dc, just stating facts yes stipe was lighter in both fights. But dc is 5'9 with stumps for arms, that being said DC is closer to the goat than cain,randy,brock,werdum,stipe. I dont think there will ever be a legit goat at hw. The one shot flash ko is too common at hw. It certainly isnt the hw Keith jardine that is stipe, or overhyped cans like cain or brock. DC was the closest to the hw goat but again hes a short fat lhw, anyone who can make 205 isnt gonna be the hw goat, period.
  9. I didnt care who won, but to see dc lookin like 50 yr old 75lb over weight Rashad Evans complete with stanky leg ko was pretty rad. Stipe lookin like boss baby without his magic bottle napping in the cage would of been rad too but it wasnt to be.
  10. the_vagenius

    What round does Vitor Jr. Aka LORD COSTA break Izzys legs in half?

    Izzy getting his hairline pushed even further back by biblical aged yoel or xxl costa
  11. You saw the progression last night in DCs high level eye poking again.... Little known fact, after the last jones fight, dc was promoted to black belt in aikanpoke, from 9th degree black belt master bones jones. It's an ancient art where they have 22 points of contact with the eye at the ready at anytime. Legend has it that master bones was chosen by the almighty poker one night while driving down the street, the almighty said to bones if you survive this eye poke you will become enlightened, the poke led to a horrific accident in where master bones ran in fear, he survived and was granted the almighty knowledge of aikanpoke. He granted dc his near death experience in their last fight, dc survived, now dc has been enlightened as well.
  12. the_vagenius

    Nunes vs. Can at UFC 245

    Gdr striking > nunes Nunes power>gdr Nunes fearless> gdr coward heart Nunes bjj> gdr bjj Nunes fights emotional< gdr routine style I've been saying for a while that Nunes is narcissistically in love with the ko, it might get her in trouble vs gdr, but I hope nunes starches her
  13. the_vagenius

    Just because it's the fight that's gonna get pushed next.

    Jorge would ko/tko Pettis Conor Leon Nate In that order in one night...for the biggest ppv payday ever....