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  1. the_vagenius

    UFC Finalizing Jessica Andrade vs Weili Zhang in China

    Suarez vs rose, battle of the broken necks, then they both take another 12 months off between fights.... A part of me says if Andrade wins she should fight joanna again....after all joanna only lost to one person at 115. Theres no meat left on the wmma bone, they need an actress or someone famous to crossover and have success to save it, they need it fast too. Wmma is losing interest fast, casuals pay the Bills on ppv events, no tate,no rousey,no joanna,no cyborg, no personality nonmarketable nunes, losing streak Holm, zingano is done,shevchenko is non existent in the states, suarez aka Esparza 2.0 is a boring wrestler who barely beat ansiroff, theres no marketable women left except an undersized asian minority mom that hasn't even fought the last 3 champs in an actual pro fight...that's not going far. They cant even market the b level semipretty girls because they lose to scrubs, like pvz,grasso, they couldn't even get boobs to sell with pearl and then paige
  2. the_vagenius

    Justin Willis calls for loser-leaves-UFC fight vs. Tai Tuivasa

    Loser leaves ufc....to go to bellator or one just to be paid more, get treated better and even end up a champ possibly...hmmm tough call
  3. the_vagenius

    What Former Champs You Think Will Be a Champ Again Someday ?

    Holm beats Nunes soon, so theres one. Edgoat beats max. Cejudo beats edgoat? Probably not Luke beats Jones? Poor attempt at trolling, I'm sorry. Usada defeats Jones in trilogy rematch
  4. the_vagenius

    UFC dead in Ireland/UK now

    Yup khabib is too. I get where you're coming from, but the reality is there is no mma there at all, no Conor in Ireland or khabib in Russia if not for the mcruskie goat himself king artem
  5. the_vagenius

    TJ Dillashaw opens up on decision to cheat

    Ok...who cares? Just give us what we want, tj vs cody, so we can watch them ko the ****canoe out of each other over and over again...for the ****weight title
  6. the_vagenius

    UFC dead in Ireland/UK now

    Ufc in Ireland died when McGregor was outed as a one trick pony...and the goat artem was outed as a ruskie.... Ufc in UK died when Spits retired(it died to us in the USA when hendo was robbed), and left them with a one trick pony in till, and a bunch of bums.....
  7. the_vagenius

    BIG ESPN money.....yeah sure I guess?

    They uploaded out of order but you can figure out, its somewhere at chookagian lol. Big ESPN = same gate 1.3 mil less in pay, whole lot less ppv buys too for sure
  8. the_vagenius

    BIG ESPN money.....yeah sure I guess?

    Considering the difference in headlining strength,main,prelim cards, I guess they made more money except for petr and bevon that's kinda effed up, good ol U Fight Cheap.
  9. the_vagenius

    Ortega vs Zabit at UFC 240

    Ortega beats the brains out this guy, savita is another Tony Ferguson lil bit of skill but a bunch of awkwardness in place of actual ability
  10. the_vagenius

    Cut MTP

    Hes a less skilled abel trujillo....cut him.
  11. the_vagenius

    UFC 242 - Khabib/Poirier Team Forum Bet

    Poirier....although this is gonna be close and khabib as always has the advantage on the mat but poirier is much thicker than most 55ers, he might give khabib troubles, I'll take the dog in this one
  12. the_vagenius

    Holloway vs EdGOAT UFC 240

    Max cant fight off his back, if Frank the tank wrestles the ish out of max, he has a great chance at winning. If max thinks his 1,2,1 or 2,1,1 combos gonna work on twinkle toes Franklin hes wrong again. This has potential to be a great fight
  13. the_vagenius

    ESPN+ UFC Fight Night: Dos Anjos vs. Lee

    Is there a main card at this event? Oh nevermind just saw Carlos jr. Down there, found it.
  14. the_vagenius

    Plank vs Ferguson at UFC 238

    Easy win for cowboy. Tony is over rated, they say he is unorthodox, creative and wild, but really he just gets chipped up every fight til the other guy gets bored, he lulls people to sleep by having them pummel him for 80% of the fight.
  15. the_vagenius

    Anthony Pettis vs Nate Diaz agreed for UFC 241

    Showtime only loses to wrestlers....Nate dont wrestle, I can see Pettis chopping at that toothpick lead leg heavily, Nate dont wanna fight anymore, he wants Dazn canelo boxing money lol