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  1. the_vagenius

    UFC 236: Holloway vs. Poirier 2

    Also adesanya shouldve fought weidman or yoel before a title fight. The champ beat yoel twice, the next title contender should have to beat yoel as well, or atleast a top tier ground guy/wrestler
  2. the_vagenius

    UFC 236: Holloway vs. Poirier 2

    That was 49-46 Dustin maybe even 50-45, with round 1 as a 10 -8. Landing 2 or 4 or even 8 strikes more a round is not enough to bridge the gap in power difference, max hit Dustin in bunches with medium power, Dustin hit max and max flew 2 feet to either side everytime.
  3. Ragin al is 1 win away from a title shot against one of the 3 or 4 guys who will be "champ" at the time lol
  4. the_vagenius

    UFC 239 - Who you got?

    Holm via decision. There said that too.
  5. the_vagenius

    UFC 239 - Who you got?

    Santos via 1st round ko. There I said it.
  6. the_vagenius

    Jones/Santos and Nunes/Holm Agreed to for UFC 239

    Same amount of picograms as Jones, straight fro the source if she Hope's to win
  7. the_vagenius

    Jones/Santos and Nunes/Holm Agreed to for UFC 239

    If Holm could master top control she'd be a beast, Nunes cant fight off her back, holly cant fight on the ground. This is a clinch/kickboxing fight. Nunes is currently deeply madly in love with the ko power stardom...this is a problem for her. Holm is so terrified to be taking down that she just trying to clinch against cage and doesn't throw anything from outside. I dont care who wins should be a good fight tho, I just wanted to see shev vs tate for my own personal reasons.
  8. the_vagenius

    Jones/Santos and Nunes/Holm Agreed to for UFC 239

    Shev is not another level from Holm lol Holm is bigger, stronger, but slower, shev is just more disciplined and strategic and stays to her plan much better than Holm, Holm loses sight of what she does well and when she does shes goes full I'ma lose the fight not just the round. Shev speed,iq,discipline, and ground game> holm. Holm strength in the clinch, outside movement, back training with Jones regularly > shevchenkos. Fight camp jones in your gym gives you an advantage over your opponents, Holm when she was tight with Jones(tainted supps and all) was elite, without Jones in camp she lost. Just saying Nunes might have a problem with Jones BBC injections Holm 2.0.
  9. the_vagenius

    Faber considering coming back to UFC.

    Plus aldo,Barao,Cruz,tj are all shelfed or near career death. Rivera been exposed. Who's left? Cejudo? Aljo,moraes,assuncao, there's no one at 25,35, or 45 that is really a monster threat to a even 40.yr old faber, Faber is kinda tough, dirty fighter but tough. I cant stand the guy but he could possibly make a splash at 25 or 35 if he could make the weight
  10. the_vagenius

    Faber considering coming back to UFC.

    He realized "team alpha" (now), doesn't have a title contender anywhere in sight for a while, he needs to keep them relevant. Pvz left Tj left, got USADA'd, so Ludwig beef is over Coach justin bounced said eff off Cody is a heavy handed coffee mug Calvillo is way overrated,stoned, and gonna miss weight T.a. (no more m) is done for. Holdsworth the team alpha goat is still butter brained and scared to get punched in the face.
  11. the_vagenius

    Jones/Santos and Nunes/Holm Agreed to for UFC 239

    Santos drops jones early, then Jones dominates next 23 minutes after that. Holm is a good fight for Nunes, shes probably the strongest 135er in the clinch, and the only legit opposition for Nunes at the moment. Holm has size and legit movement and stand up when she uses it.
  12. the_vagenius

    Till = LOL

    If you tip this on its side 90 degrees, it looks like hes doing a white folk version of the thriller dance...CAUSE THIS IS THRILLER!!! Darren the thriller till
  13. Ufc never been to hawaii. According to wiki ppv numbers its all boxers top 4, then wwe wrestlers then towards the bottom in between de la hoya and holyfield is mcgregor. As for revenue wwe has made much more being twice as old as ufc i would assume, and wrestling is kind of like a more family thing i guess?! Idk
  14. the_vagenius


    Imagine the ufc let a fan pick fights? What would your main event and co main event be? Current roster,No p4p, keep weight classes close! Right now im not sure id stick to mine but id probably roll out with, Id say jones vs rumble for vacant hw title but jones will never ever take that fight..and Jones vs reyes but itll happen anyway within 2 years.. Yoel vs jones Khabib vs ferg Or Khabib vs mtp Edson vs conor Honorable mentions Askren vs wonderboy Ragin al vs conor Askren vs maia Stylebender in 6 yrs vs jones Ponzinibbio vs conor I just wanna see conor and jones get starched lol
  15. Hawaii, but the gate would suck, hawaii is a 4th world country, so ticket prices would have to be next to free. I remember seeing a bunch of ufc events at the seminole hard rock in florida way back when tickets were like $20 back then, havent seen one there in years in feels like. That being said idc where events are held, as long as they are quality cards top to bottom