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  1. Genki

    Game of Thrones

    Im pleased that it wasnt a Jamie redemption story... leopard cannot change his spots kind of gig. That said, the last two seasons have the finesse of a sledge hammer. Its as if Weis and Benihoff (I care as much for spelling their names as they have of continuing and involved narrative) read the standing literature, made their own assumptions, though once they got the rundown from the fatman as to the ending, they had to shoehorn in the rest of the story arcs. I pty the Star Wars franchise....
  2. Genki

    Game of Thrones

    I was watching this enjoying it as much as, if not more than the episode, and my Mrs commented that it reminded her of what it was like to watch it with me. She says I ruined the episode for her. She ruined my life, so we are nowhere near even.
  3. Genki

    Game of Thrones

    6pm.... its the future here! Im not going to lie, ep.3 was up there with the greatest episodes of any sitcom ever.... but it wasnt BoB, definitely wasnt Hardholme. Nothing in season 7 nor 8 thus far, I wont say hasnt had the twists or unexpected we love the series for, but definitely hasnt had the finesse the earlier seasons had. Arya putting a shiv in NK definitely wasnt expected after episode 2, 60 mins into ep.3 and a quick chat with with Melisandre with may too much weight on the conversation to go unnoticed and the writing was on the wall. I have so little faith in the rest of this season due to the writers. Sure they will hit the bullet points, but I expect Kenedys magic bullet ish. The standard has been set, it can and has be achieved.
  4. Genki

    Game of Thrones

    Cersei is being shot with the crossbow she handed him. Sansa and Tyrion end up on the Iron throne, well at least ruling Westeros
  5. Genki

    Game of Thrones

    I don't know if I agree with any of those options, but I understand entirely what you are alluding to. It's got the feeling as if DaVinci started painting the Mona Lisa and they got Pablo Picasso to finish off the facial features.
  6. Genki

    Game of Thrones

    There a massive part of me that thinks he has set up the show writers to flop now that they have cultivated his work a thirsty audience, only for him to lay down his books afterwards and bask in the plaudits of being the only one capable of doing the ending justice.
  7. Genki

    Game of Thrones

    I feel like the grinch... I disliked that as much as endgame.... An undead hoarde can swarm the Unsullied, swarm a castle wall, but the one armed man, 7ft shemale and her/his apprentice can back to the wall stay alive in what must be considered one man up sword fighting. Tyrion being a supposed tactical monster yet had the bulk of his army outside the walls. They had accelerant to light a trench in driving snow, but didnt pour the equivalent off the parapets and light it up as the undead climbed over one another to breach the walls. Its not like hot tar over the walls is a new concept, medieval UK used the exact strategy.... what we wouldnt give to have a genius dwarf in your ranks who had used a floating accelerant to beat a navy. Frozen homie only raises an army of fresh meat to fight Jon Snow, Jorah, and Danerys. Tell me looking like winning with Tyrions guile, only to have the brothers that dropped next to you jumping up to re ignite a second phase of battle wouldnt have been thrilling... Tell me there wouldnt have at least been an armed pensioner in the crypts... even the little hard girl asking the onion knight to bang could have gone beast mode... Instead Arya unexplained except for some walker hair moving in the wind manages to bust through a ring of undead and walkers and have a shot at the big cheese... This show has worked of a written source and shown finesse. Sometimes short conversations that paid off episodes later, had small bit characters we would remember show up seasons later (benjen)... Without a book, the script writers fashioned a point A--}B war with a pubeless ninja who can now move invisible curveball... bravo.
  8. I'm with tuf, the rewatch value on this one is pretty low. I don't want to come across as Debbie downer, but there were a lot of huge holes for me. My 7yr old son came out of the movie with a few himself, and that is not excusable. A child shouldn't have unanswerable questions in a fantasy movie that can alter reality at will.
  9. I'm not sure I liked it. Maybe because I don't like where they left pretty much everything...
  10. Thought twice about posting this, as to be honest I will likely inspire a few to go looking, but here goes anyway... Endgame has had a footage leak... DO NOT WATCH its a 5min video, not a concurrent scene, but pretty much 10 sec clips from major scenes in the movie taken on a mobile phone. No lie, it is a movie destroyer, no question about it. I was up for a peek at the movie, couldnt stop once it started, and kind of feel sick. I could lay down a pretty solid synopsis at this point. Avoid spoilers they will be everywhere!
  11. Genki

    The Last Jedi discussion (Warning:Spoilers)

    Not going to lie mate, but your efforts to have an educated discussion on linguistics with Vert, is at the very least, on par with asking a multiple choice rhetorical question. Dont stoop to her level. She will only drag you down and beat you with experience.
  12. Captain Marvel wasnt a great movie... Did a fair job at introducing the character, though didnt get me invested in her at the same time. Sounds like Im saying its terrible, it isnt... hard to say much more without spoiling. Worth a watch. Was more Iron Man 1 than GOTG 1 if that makes sense. Tried to be GOTG 1 levels of awesome, but missed the mark for mine... and I really like the direction they chose but it lacked something, I can best describe as an emotional buy in.
  13. Genki

    UFC 234: Silva vs. Adesanya

    the second you posted it... I knew to kiss my $50 on Alvey goodbye
  14. Genki

    Kelvin is losing Saturday

    Australians have endured enough of this nonsense... Hitler was born in Hungary, yet dont bare the burden of his professional adult life... If Rob hadnt left NZ, he would most likely still be chasing sheep around a paddock.