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  1. I thought the same thing when I heard about it. There's some people you just don't say no to, like Suge Knight in the 90's.
  2. Greasyrasta

    Artem vs Johnson

    Or any gay ****star
  3. Greasyrasta

    Jeffdubya on Proper 12

    http://www.liquorama.net/proper-no-twelve-triple-distilled-irish-whiskey-750ml.html $24 a bottle, this will be some brown bag **** for the local hobos.
  4. Greasyrasta

    Artem vs Johnson

    Lol fun fact, google "Artem lobov leg kick gif"
  5. Greasyrasta

    Artem vs Johnson

    Lol and that's just cause the Asian said he wants to fook beeches
  6. Greasyrasta

    Artem vs Johnson

    For fooks sakes he has leg kicks now
  7. Greasyrasta

    Artem vs Johnson

    Hes came a long way since losing to legends like Ryan Hall. 2-4 in the UFC, he was born for this!
  8. Greasyrasta

    Artem vs Johnson

    Has anyone ever been the co main with a record below .500?
  9. Greasyrasta

    Artem vs Johnson

  10. Greasyrasta

    Artem vs Johnson

    You know things are bad when The Russian Rubber Mallet gets his own thread.
  11. Greasyrasta

    Khabib wants to be like Conor

    Yet you can’t go one day without swinging from the nutsack. Take a breather, unless you’re Cole, then by all means please continue
  12. Greasyrasta

    Khabib wants to be like Conor

    Just to remind you Your boy sucks
  13. Greasyrasta

    Khabib wants to be like Conor

    Dude you’re gonna get the spam ban!
  14. Greasyrasta

    Rate UFC 232

    Same here. I hope Cormier can retire happy, not Ali style after another beating from Jones.
  15. Greasyrasta

    Rate UFC 232

    I’d give it a 7. It has the potential to be a 10 if the humping redneck dies.