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  1. Greasyrasta


  2. Greasyrasta

    Justin Willis successfully ducks BamBam

    When getting to 265lbs in 2 months becomes a problem, you’re gonna live a short life. Dude is a walking poster boy for diabetes.
  3. Greasyrasta

    Is it me or does IFW as a whole seem really weak this year?

    2016 was damn near perfect with 3 straight nights of fights. Last year wasn’t that great and by the looks of it this year is no different than any other fight night. It’s supposed to be the UFCs Super Bowl week, now it’s basically NBA All star weekend.
  4. Greasyrasta


    Nice job commish, that's a hell of a night.
  5. Greasyrasta

    Platinum Prince, Prince of War and Platinum Joker finna make em grab comb

    It’s like Weidmans concussions are rubbing off on you.
  6. Greasyrasta

    Johnny Walker on Jon Jones: ‘I would beat him’

    He got beat up by the octagon, what do you think Jones would do? In all seriousness I like Walker but he’s asking for Jon way to soon.
  7. Greasyrasta


    @LayDownDead great pick on the Modafferi fight, hopefully you cashed a ticket as well
  8. Greasyrasta


    🤦‍♂️ at least the next card will be easier to pick
  9. Greasyrasta

    Does The Tarantula Need More Meat?

    I think he started at MW and got KOed by Luque, but the dudes young so the ceiling is pretty high.
  10. Greasyrasta

    Jon Jones v Adesanya

    ^^^^ And he cant even stand the guy ^^^^
  11. Greasyrasta

    Jon Jones v Adesanya

    Jon has probably fought against every style the game offers. Hes beat the best wrestlers, kickboxers, BJJ, and karate guys the division has to offer. I can’t see how it would be entertaining or challenging to face Izzy, for us or Jon. Actually if you enjoy one guy getting his career shortened in one fight, it may be entertaining, but I actually would like to see the kid grow and have a long career.
  12. Greasyrasta

    Jon Jones v Adesanya

    Hard to say till we see the unjuiced version of Costa but I think he would still KO Izzy
  13. Greasyrasta

    Jon Jones v Adesanya

    Izzy has won a few but there’s a lot more matches at middleweight before he should even consider moving up. He’s faced maybe 3 top 15 guys since he’s been in the UFC, he’s still got about 10 more fights before he’s ran through the division. It hurts me to say this but Weidman, Rockhold, and Romero are all bad matchups for this kid.
  14. Greasyrasta

    Jon Jones v Adesanya

    Nothing surprises me anymore with this organization, I mean remember the chick they fed to Valentina, some fights just shouldn’t be sanctioned.
  15. Greasyrasta

    Jon Jones v Adesanya

    Yea I doubt I’ll disappear if Jon tripped on his feet and KOed himself against Izzy. IYou just spew some nonsense, we could just say everyone has a shot until you get one correct and then it’ll be I told you so! You’re literally saying a man 40lbs less on fight night has a chance at beating arguably the best in the business. At this point I think you’re just shooting for a high post count. Offer some facts, you just keep referencing Izzy’s fight style. What about Jon’s reach and size that eliminates Izzy’s effectiveness? Or the fact that Jon could take him down at will and just pummel him. Or better yet how Jon could KO him with one elbow. Offer some insight as to how Izzy could combat any of the questions I asked you.