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  1. Jolldan

    WTF Wednesday

    Look at the fooking size of this thing
  2. Jolldan

    New UFC Championship Belt Unveiled

    An opportunity has been missed to hand out motorcycle vests that say "First 8" to the original champs lol or maybe I have watched to much SOA in the last week.
  3. Jolldan

    New UFC Championship Belt Unveiled

    Looks a lot better than I expected. Not to keen on the flags designs though.
  4. Yeah he's embraced the snake persona lol. Surprised we haven't seen TJ start using Diamondback, Sidewinder, Pit Viper or something to that effect as a nickname
  5. Jolldan

    Jose Aldo Plans To Make 2019 His Final Year In The Cage

    While I wouldn't be surprised if we Jose in Bellator a week after retiring he is a fighter I could see sticking to it. He will have been in the game for 15 years in August and he has reached the highest peak you can in the sport.
  6. Jolldan

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Yeah finally found the right schedules. Think the only one that will still be on is Baseball probably have to be that I think.
  7. The whole thing was next level cringe lol. Wtf was with Cejudo pulling out the fake snake😂
  8. Jolldan

    ***Future Contenders League*** DRAFT FRED

    @OzStraya you’re up mate Lightheavyweight pick
  9. Jolldan

    ***Future Contenders League*** DRAFT FRED

    No I just added the two of you on at the end for the first two drafts, so just need cash to make his pick then Oz is up.
  10. Jolldan

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Any US posters answer a question. Are any of your sports season still running end of April beginning of May? Fancy going to see a game while im there but looks like the seasons all finish just before I arrive.
  11. Jolldan

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    Also just remembered Ronda Rousey will be voicing Sonya Blade in the new Mortal Kombat game. What are the odds an armbar is part of her move set?
  12. Jolldan

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    Leeds just got in to a twitter spat with Pizza Hut and safe to say they lost
  13. https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/1/16/18185525/jose-aldo-plan-2019-fight-three-times-brazil-retire-from-mma Jose Aldo is one of the greatest athletes to ever step a foot inside the Octagon, and it seems that 2019 will be his last year as a professional mixed martial arts fighter. Aldo is scheduled to return to action on Feb. 2, taking on featherweight contender Renato Moicano in the co-main event of UFC Fortaleza in Brazil. On Wednesday afternoon, Aldo revealed that his master plan for the year includes fighting the last three bouts he has left on his current deal with the company and walk away from the sport. “I want to end my career here in Brazil. That’s what we have planned,” Aldo said during a UFC media day in Rio de Janeiro. “I want to do these three fights… I’ll fight in Fortaleza now, and I’m already negotiating my next one for May (UFC 237), if I’m not mistaken in Curitiba, and then finish it in the second semester, which I know will have another event in Brazil.” Aldo’s plan to retire after three fights is not up for debate, the former champion said, and that’s why he’s not actively campaigning for a shot at the 145-pound belt after UFC Fortaleza. ”There’s no reason to get here and aim for a title fight,” Aldo said, “But you can be sure that I’ll be a problem for whoever gets in front of me because I will win these three fights. You can be sure of this.” Aldo also promises he doesn’t plan on competing in mixed martial arts for another promotion because he’s “very loyal” to the UFC. In 2020, he just wants to enjoy life and focus on “new projects” he declined to elaborate. ”I want to finish (my career) well and be healthy as well,” Aldo said. “One thing I said in my last fight is that I want to (retire) tomorrow and not use my money to buy my heath back. Today I give away my health to make my money, so I won’t do that. ”I want to enjoy my daughter, my wife, be able to travel, without fighting until I’m 40. I see our great idols doing that and having bad performances… I always tell ‘Dede’ (Pederneiras), if one day I’m not in my rhythm in terms of performance, take me out of there because it’s not for me to be in there anymore. I don't want to fight for money. I’ve planned my entire life so I could stop (fighting) without any problem.”
  14. Jolldan

    ***Future Contenders League*** DRAFT FRED

    No will let u know when your next up again. The draw was will usually just be the order we had to start with but since Cash & Shkrelz jumped on at the end I have just put them as last two picks for the first two drafts. (so those who were drafted first & last got a chance to make one first pick each) I have now randomly redrawn the draft order again so after we get picks in from @cashfl0w & then from @Shkrelz this will be the order for the rest of the draft. Oz Cash RadLad Fred_Flink_Stoned JSW Shkrelz Jolldan Andy Wang