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  1. My guess is that this will be his first suit with tweaks being made by the end. Looks like they are taking inspiration from The Zero Year suit. Hope this means they are going for the CGI cape again.
  2. Jolldan

    OFFICIAL Race to 101 #IV

    Hooker Oleksejuzek KO/TKO Yan DEC Musatfaev KO/TKO RD1 Matthews DEC Song DEC Kara-France DEC Hill DEC
  3. Jolldan

    Shogun coming for that strap

    Never really got the appeal of a third fight when its already 2-0
  4. This dude is quickly joining Edmund and Portal in the dodgy coaches club😂
  5. Jolldan


    True hadn't really thought about that side of it.
  6. Jolldan

    Bullet vs JOJO (June Location TBC)

    Yeah the only people in the top 15 who are on better than a one fight win streak are. #2. Lauren Murphy (Who should legit have lost her last fight) & #15. Molly McCann (Is on three in a row but hasn't fought a ranked opponent yet.) Agreed the division is probably the thinnest full fledged one they have just now
  7. Jolldan


    Personally think all results that end like this should be treated as a NC.
  8. Jolldan

    Bullet vs JOJO (June Location TBC)

    That one loss is pretty contentious, fight metric doesn't tell a whole story but I do think she was unlucky not to get the nod there. Main thing is I think this fight is down to though is Valentina wants is to keep busy and defend the title at least 3 times this year. She just beat the number one ranked girl, Murphy is ranked second which makes no sense being as not one media outlet scored her last fight in her favour and third is Eye who is likely still having nightmares about the last time she was in a cage with Valentina. So its Calderwood by default.
  9. https://www.givemesport.com/1523501-fans-can-watch-euro-2020-final-from-hotel-room-inside-wembley-with-david-villa You can bag a stay for the UEFA Euro 2020 final in a room overlooking the match One lucky set of football fans will receive a fantastic prize, courtesy of Booking.com, for the Euro 2020 final at Wembley on July 12, 2020. Have included the link at the top if you want to enter. Just reading he's scored more goals in this Champions League this season than Barcelona😂.
  10. Jolldan

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    **** it must be grim then, still remember watching that and thinking this might be the most depressing film I've ever seen lol.
  11. Jolldan

    Bullet vs JOJO (June Location TBC)

    As a fellow Scot I hope Calderwood can somehow pull this off. The realist in me really doesn't believe its gonna happen though.
  12. Jolldan

    Politics thread

    Hearing that the EU has demanded for the return of "unlawfully removed cultural objects" such as the Elgin marbles has been included in the EU's negotiating mandate for trade talks with the UK. Only thing I find rather hilarious is likes of the French, Italians, German and Spanish telling the UK they need to "return the items they stole"
  13. Jolldan

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    A truly monumental moment 😂