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  1. Jolldan

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Rogan is trending on twitter and reading through the comments is actually hilarious😂 Think I may have worked out the outrage. People are mad that Joe said he would probably vote for Bernie because they believe he isn't woke enough to be associated with Bernie😂
  2. The quicker they get that old crow away from Star Wars the better, like you say though I just cant believe its taken this long.
  3. They better be longer than episodes of the Mandalorian if we are only getting 4.
  4. https://collider.com/obi-wan-series-delayed-disney-plus/ Exclusive: ‘Obi-Wan’ Disney+ Series on Hold as Crew Sent Home
  5. Jolldan

    SN43's Movie Discussion Thread!

    Seen an interview with Taika where he said he wanted a big Hollywood name To play Hitler. He only ended up doing it himself because everyone he asked was like “I ain’t touching that chit with a ten foot poll” 😂
  6. 36 in a month and he's scored 12 goals in the last 3 years😂
  7. Man U are supposedly trying to get Carlos Tevez back on loan😂
  8. https://www.mmamania.com/2020/1/22/21077273/maycee-barber-dad-claims-injury-not-roxanne-modafferi-was-real-winner-ufc-246-mma https://www.mmamania.com/2020/1/23/21078088/midnight-mania-roxanne-modafferi-maycee-barber-espn-ufc Looks like Bucky Barber graduated **** laude from the Stephen A. Smith Institute for Hot Takes, giving his commencement speech on Instagram and burying 125-pound veteran Roxanne Modafferi in the process. Probably because he’s unable to comprehend how his daughter, UFC flyweight prospect Maycee Barber, lost her UFC 246 showdown to a crafty mainstay like “The Happy Warrior.” I get it, I have a kid too, but his recent social media rant is just a bad look from start to finish. “The work was in, the skill level at its peak, her only way of defeat is if bad luck kissed her on the cheek,” Barber wrote. “Ten seconds in a complete ACL tear turned the probable into the unlikely. Though she had her moments and showed more heart than most have ever witnessed, the night ended with a loss. However was it a loss? She was not beaten by a better skill set. She was beaten by one unfortunate step and turn of events. That is out of her control.” “The victory we take from this is we now know we have the highest level of heart to match the highest level of skill in the game,” Barber continued. “I have seen how athletes react when this injury occurs. Very few stay standing let alone fight an MMA fight for 15 minutes and still survive. That is insane. She will be back stronger and more dominant than ever and we as a team could not be more proud. ‘The Future’ is real do not get confused with one step. The worst of luck smiles at us all! All we can do is smile back. She will see you all very soon. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. ‘The Future,’ Version 2.0 to be feared.” Roxanne has since responded in her usual gracious style So does Maycee's dad move in to that territory of ridiculous family members/cornermen along with Weidman's dad, Perry's wife and Mr. "HEAD MOVEMENT" himself Edmund?
  9. Jolldan

    List of fighters who have beat GIANTS

    There is only one legit king of the giant killers. (also the only dude I have ever seen start a fight with a dropkick lol)
  10. https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/1/22/21075801/ufc-urijah-faber-renews-contract-eyes-fights-with-dillashaw-cejudo-aldo-mma-news Former WEC featherweight champion and MMA veteran Urijah Faber is not ready to hang up the gloves again just yet. The ‘California Kid’ signed a new UFC deal after suffering a vicious beatdown at the hands of top contender Petr Yan and is eager to call out some of bantamweight’s best athletes. “I told Dana I don’t want the temptation from all the other companies when I return from retirement. So we renegotiated the contract. I still have some fights left, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll do one of them. We’ll see what opportunities come up. I’ll stay in shape, go to the gym and have fun.” Although Faber still does not know if or when he will come back, he does have some names he would like to take on should he return to the Octagon again. Among them, some old rivals such as Jose Aldo and Dominick Cruz, but also some new ones, such as Henry Cejudo and his former Team Alpha Male pupil T.J. Dillashaw. “Before I lost to Petr Yan, I wanted a title fight. I was the underdog against the young prospect, number three guy in the world, I knew it would be a hard fight. For my next fight, if they give me an opponent that makes sense, I need to win again before I set my goals, be it a superfight against T.J. Dillashaw, or being able to take a title fight on short notice, or facing one of the big names in the division. You got Dominick Cruz, T.J., Jose Aldo, Henry Cejudo, Marlon Moraes and all the up and coming guys who haven’t made a name for themselves yet. It’s an interesting time and I’ll take my time and see what I feel in my heart. Those are the fights that interest me, but I need to win again before that.”
  11. https://www.businessinsider.com/most-expensive-countries-to-live-in-ranked?r=US&IR=T Traveling to a country to visit is one thing; living there permanently is another. According to GOBankingRates, which recently determined the most expensive countries to live in around the world, places like Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland all have homes which can be rented for almost half of what one could get in New York City. However, the cost of living in those countries is still much higher than that of the Big Apple when you factor in other common expenses. For example, GOBankingRates reports that the cost of dining out is 25% higher in Norway than in New York City, while in Iceland, restaurant food prices are a staggering 33% higher and groceries 19% higher than in New York City. Meanwhile, Sweden has a personal income tax rate of around 62%, while Switzerland has a worldwide income tax that can reach as high as 40% — as GOBankingRates points out, in Switzerland, a person is even taxed for living in their own home. To determine which are the most expensive countries to live in, GOBankingRates analyzed each, relative to New York City, on five metrics: cost of living, rent, grocery prices, restaurant menu prices, and local purchasing power (defined as the relative purchasing power in buying goods and services in a given country for the average wage in that country). The cost of living index and local purchasing power figures are all sourced from GOBankingRates and are relative to New York City; for example, Norway, with a 113.70 cost of living index, has a cost of living index 13.7% higher than New York City. Keep reading to find out which are the top 25 most expensive countries to live in, listed from least to most expensive. 25. Malta 24. Canada 23. United States 22. Germany 21. United Kingdom 20. Italy 19. Austria 18. Finland 17. Netherlands 16. South Korea 15. Belgium 14. New Zealand 13. Sweden 12. France 11. Australia 10. Ireland 9. Israel 8. Japan 7. Singapore 6. Denmark 5. Luxembourg 4. The Bahamas 3. Norway 2. Switzerland 1. Iceland How did your country rank?
  12. Jolldan

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    The only even slightly interesting about them is how fascinated people are by them and how long they can talk about minute details of their lives for literally hours on end. No chit I won't be surprised if this story takes up about 45 minutes of air time tonight.