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  1. BigDaddyDelta


    Didnt have a horse in the race but several ppl picked AL
  2. BigDaddyDelta

    FOX UFC Fight Night: Iaquinta vs. Lee

    Al just won the 1st 10-1 round in history
  3. BigDaddyDelta

    FOX UFC Fight Night: Iaquinta vs. Lee

    Ok hope Font gets subbed for diving
  4. BigDaddyDelta

    FOX UFC Fight Night: Iaquinta vs. Lee

    Another Pettis getting his **** pushed in
  5. BigDaddyDelta

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    He lives!!!! **** ****
  6. BigDaddyDelta

    Is Vert a scam ?

    Vert is something else.
  7. BigDaddyDelta

    Is bottled water a scam?

    Just watch when your parents change yours
  8. BigDaddyDelta

    Rematch holloway ortega

    Well there we have it. Vert has cemented his status as forums biggest idiot.
  9. BigDaddyDelta

    The Face of Marijuana Addiction

    Nice knowing you CB
  10. BigDaddyDelta

    GOAT Christmas Movie

    Are you really that dense?
  11. BigDaddyDelta

    GOAT Christmas Movie

    I got it!!!! The one everyone can agree on..... A Star Wars Christmas Special!!!!