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  1. On 6/12/2019 at 3:47 PM, juice64011 said:

    When I had Max rage but not freeze I would do the same request and Joel would nag at me about it. If someone is willing to wait for their CC to be filled then I don't know why anyone would care what they request, especially when it's to make the strongest attack possible. 

    Some one nagged me cause i asked for 2 poison i was told cook my own and request something someone can fill in one try 

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  2. 6 hours ago, Bubba_Sparks said:

    I am mildly miffed. Supercell steals a star, plunging me from 5th to 12th on the board and then I hit a sweet 99.99% 2 star. 

    In other news, frozen flames 2 is officially closing after this cwl. Interesting.... wonder where that idea came from?

    Lol is it that place was what Trump would call a **** hole

  3. 51 minutes ago, TUF said:

    Between Justin hitting an already hit base and Agent's mini MasterTuhung talking chit about targets and then not hitting his target and having to baby kick just to get 1 star, my jimmies are compromised. 

    I thought I did this round but it's been a free for all. I think 1 person has hit their assigned target. Can send out clan mail now with co-lead but feel like i'm line stepping having just joined the clan if you want mark targets together Juice.

    Me hes talking about me

  4. 8 hours ago, Bubba_Sparks said:

     Dave gave about 5 different reasons when i chatted to him...As well as the donating troops and the war too serious, he also said our trip to juice's clan before really upset everyone.... which is utter nonsense; Sparta stayed there and nobody seemed even slightly bothered by it. 

    Basically, him and sassy prefer a clan full of randoms that have no idea how to attack so they can teach them the basics. That's basically what frozen flames was like when I first joined - it's why sassy still thinks I'm some kind of god-like attacker despite evidence to the contrary... when I first arrived literally nobody would get 3 stars in war. 

    Tl;Dr, I think it's win win all round. 

    Lol i find it funny Dave complained about donations. Dude literally would fill everything milliseconds after it was requested or war is declared