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  1. 9 minutes ago, Bubba_Sparks said:

    How does it benefit more in cwl? Unless someone gets 0 stars it doesn't make sense to re-do bases.  Whereas in regular war you've obviously got twice as many attacks than bases so much more flexibility. We virtually never remark bases in cwl but do it all the time in regular war. 

    CWL is a way busier time than regular war for me. It's 21 war attacks in a week v the usual 8. It's marking up bases 14 times in a week instead of the usual 4. And it's explaining to sassy that it's not a ridiculous match, it's just how cwl works 7 times a week instead of 0.

    Tl;dr insert ain't nobody got time for that meme here. 

    You all taking this **** too seriously.

  2. Just now, TUF said:

    Also, what's your boggle @BigDaddyDelta What can you tell Fobar on FB but can't tell your clansmen? Quit brooding and throwing out bait, and just let the healing begin mate. 

    If it was just you guys it be fine. But lot of ranbobs i dont know that well.


    Plus not talking about it is my way of dealing with it.


    Only reason i brought it up in that chat was cause i needed advice in the early stages