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  1. He was good as a specials needs guy in that Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal movie
  2. MauroPedrosa

    Breaking Bad.

    I think it's really good but not super meaningful
  3. Just watched Civil War for the hundredth time. Amazin movie
  4. Harry Kane slowly being exposed as a penalty merchant. Good striker, but couldn't shine Aubameyang's shoes
  5. MauroPedrosa

    Breaking Bad.

    I’ve seen it
  6. Damn, Roy Nelson really laid him out
  7. Portugal play an embarrassing brand of football
  8. MauroPedrosa

    Joker Movie ***Spoilers

    We also get a quick shot of the asylum close to the beginning of the movie, with him banging his head against a door, and then we only see the asylum again in the very last scene. I love it. I love the movie more and more, the more I think about it. A lot of things are outlandish on purpose, like his relationship with the girl or the fact that the public just became clown-lovers out of the blue.
  9. MauroPedrosa

    Welcome to the Nigerian Era

  10. I'm fully ready to live in a world where Joaquin Phoenix wins the Oscar for Joker and Endgame wins Best Picture
  11. Joker was f'n beautiful. Amazing performance by Phoenix and stunning visuals. I really can't pinpoint any flaws in the movie, but it falls just a little short of a 10/10. 9.5/10 for me
  12. MauroPedrosa

    Politics thread

    So the Houston Rockets GM, Daryl Morey, is about to get blackballed from the NBA because he supports Hong Kong, and the NBA has a lot of intere$t in the Chinese Market