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  1. stevem21

    tickets for 204

    Will there be an age limit for under 18's, looking to buy a ticket for my 15 yr old cousin.
  2. Nah this is a joke, im still trying to get tickets!
  3. stevem21

    Ticketmaster problems? new irish member

    Your better off setting up a ticketmaster.com account.. I had to do this when i was getting tickets for Boston last month.
  4. Happy birthday Fight Club, roll on Boston in Jan!
  5. stevem21

    Ticket prices

    I'm looking to go from Ireland aswel, hopefully we can see how much they are before they go on sale.. Flights from shannon or dublin are approx 460 return.
  6. stevem21


    Hi do we know who will be attending the Q&A on the Friday in Dublin? #3weeks