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  1. Rumbin


    Its worth it Some of us actually leave our houses sometimes. It paid for itself for the presale just for Brooklyn, Ft Lauderdale, Newark, Anahiem, and MSG this year They did screw us all out of 2 PPV codes tho
  2. Rumbin


    Cubes would you mind naming said member? Im legit curious
  3. Rumbin


  4. Rumbin

    UFC London - 21 Mar 2020

    Jesus Cash, you havent send this freak packing yet? SMH
  5. Rumbin

    Ufc fight club member merch;

    I drink alot of water so I normally have to take the piss
  6. Rumbin

    Ufc fight club member merch;

    WOW!!!!! HOW DID YOU SURVIVE!!!! If you didnt wear a UFC tshirt to a UFC event im not sure anyone there would realize your a UFC fan!!!!!!!! I just went on tour with Metallica and wore my Metallica tshirt at every tour stop to everyone there realized I am a real Metallica fan
  7. Rumbin

    Just how bad is Ben Askren?

  8. Rumbin

    Ufc 244 weigh ins

    If it takes more then 13 seconds for you to "find" this information you should ban yourself from the internet
  9. Rumbin

    Ufc 244 weigh ins

  10. Rumbin

    Official NBA 19/20 Thread

  11. Can i have the money you owe me jeff? Nobody likes a welcher

  12. This kid is a rat, thief, and a lier. Please post your info here if you want me to get your stuff back.

  13. Rumbin

    Cain Velasquez signs multiyear deal with WWE, leaving UFC

    I bet they do a #****Finish and it main events mania