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  1. Your Guantanimo Bay or whatever his name is QB js gonna be wishing he was hanging out with that ugly kid whos racist KKK parents staged that viral video last September some more by around mid October Vols go 5-7.
  2. CANT WAIT!!!! Moreso that my Gators open up tommorow and I dont have to watch some other crap. I truly think we got a shot at the Playoff this year if we can beat Georgia. Well see I bet all 120 D1 teams win totals except Rutgers. Literally every game that happens I have a taste of. I will 10000000% be watching Arizona Hawaii in its entirety tommorow night to
  3. Yeah It took him about 45 seconds to tell people about it Mike Beltran must of lost money on a Pettis fight before, cuz he shoulda stopped it when he turned his back, the universal sign for I surrender
  4. Rumbin

    The biggest loser of tonight is...

    Peon Edwards legit LOL
  5. Brb Have to run to instagram to post a picture of my “injury”
  6. Pettis will quit Maybe he will break his hand again like vs Tony. Oh wait. He just quit cuz he was getting the tar kicked out of him. QUITTER
  7. Rumbin

    The cell phone towers are out.

    Na Florida Miami that night. Sucks its on not on Friday night. Bridgeports like a 2 hour drive
  8. Rumbin

    The cell phone towers are out.

    Im worried hes gonna jump me in Anahiem and snap his own spine throwing a punch up 1 foot
  9. Rumbin

    The cell phone towers are out.

    Jon somehow slipped threw the cracks Who do you think Iain Kidd was trading those elicit images with? You should see him he keeps mentioning how his subscription expires next week like Buh Buh Braden
  10. Rumbin

    Where’s Zabit?

    Hopefully cycling tren so he looks like an actual adult male
  11. Rumbin

    The cell phone towers are out.

    He actually got be banned from twitter for 12 hours the other night He reported a tweet I made mocking his daughter. Dude is a SNITCH and a PEDOFILE!!!!
  12. Rumbin

    The cell phone towers are out.

    Umm lets see