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  1. Rumbin

    Ufc fight club member merch;

    I drink alot of water so I normally have to take the piss
  2. Rumbin

    Ufc fight club member merch;

    WOW!!!!! HOW DID YOU SURVIVE!!!! If you didnt wear a UFC tshirt to a UFC event im not sure anyone there would realize your a UFC fan!!!!!!!! I just went on tour with Metallica and wore my Metallica tshirt at every tour stop to everyone there realized I am a real Metallica fan
  3. Rumbin

    Just how bad is Ben Askren?

  4. Rumbin

    Ufc 244 weigh ins

    If it takes more then 13 seconds for you to "find" this information you should ban yourself from the internet
  5. Rumbin

    Ufc 244 weigh ins

  6. Rumbin

    Official NBA 19/20 Thread

  7. Can i have the money you owe me jeff? Nobody likes a welcher

  8. Rumbin

    Cain Velasquez signs multiyear deal with WWE, leaving UFC

    I bet they do a #****Finish and it main events mania
  9. Rumbin

    Cain Velasquez signs multiyear deal with WWE, leaving UFC

    How is this not happening at Wrestlemania?
  10. Rumbin

    Should Tai Tuivasa Ask For His Release From The UFC?

    I dont think hes gonna need to ask What say you @jeffw38????
  11. jeff where are you sitting at 244? 

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    2. AndyWang


      oh you meant the lime not the yellow???

    3. Rumbin


      beg your pardon?

      jeff where are you sitting at 244 friend? 

    4. AndyWang


      out of line

      i'm out of here, see ya in a year (three hours)

  12. 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

  13. Rumbin

    UFC 244 Ticket Prices?

    Reading Americas posts is like reading the newspaper Ya get yesterdays news
  14. Rumbin

    UFC 244 Ticket Prices?

    I dont think ive ever bragged about what cards ive gone to but yeah ROFLMFAO
  15. Rumbin

    UFC 244 Ticket Prices?

  16. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  17. Your Guantanimo Bay or whatever his name is QB js gonna be wishing he was hanging out with that ugly kid whos racist KKK parents staged that viral video last September some more by around mid October Vols go 5-7.
  18. CANT WAIT!!!! Moreso that my Gators open up tommorow and I dont have to watch some other crap. I truly think we got a shot at the Playoff this year if we can beat Georgia. Well see I bet all 120 D1 teams win totals except Rutgers. Literally every game that happens I have a taste of. I will 10000000% be watching Arizona Hawaii in its entirety tommorow night to
  19. Yeah It took him about 45 seconds to tell people about it Mike Beltran must of lost money on a Pettis fight before, cuz he shoulda stopped it when he turned his back, the universal sign for I surrender
  20. Rumbin

    The biggest loser of tonight is...

    Peon Edwards legit LOL
  21. Brb Have to run to instagram to post a picture of my “injury”
  22. Pettis will quit Maybe he will break his hand again like vs Tony. Oh wait. He just quit cuz he was getting the tar kicked out of him. QUITTER