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  1. I can choose the seat I want on the Ticketmaster website, however UFC 232 tickets are being sold on AXS for this one. I can't choose the seat I want. It won't let me pick from a map. It assigns me a seat. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  2. Daw1974

    Did i make a mistake buying tickets for ufc 230?

    Conor vs. Khabib will be the headliner for 230.
  3. Still no main event for UFC 230. This fight will happen at MSG. You heard it here first.
  4. Daw1974

    Fight Club Rip off

    I tried to get tickets yesterday and today. Both days my only option was the $1505 tickets or higher. I don't care for the AXS ticketing system.
  5. Daw1974

    UFC 229 presale

    I'm talking about the "SOCIAL" PRE-SALE CODE IDIOT. I'm not talking about the Elite, or Ultimate membership codes.
  6. Daw1974

    UFC 229 presale

    Does anyone know what the UFC Social Pre-Sale code is? I don't get the UFC Newsletter.
  7. Has there been an announcement of open workouts or a fan village for the fights Saturday?
  8. Daw1974

    International Fight Week 2017

    It looks like the International fight week 2017 might be July 3rd to July 8th. Has anyone seen anything official? I want to start making my flight and hotel arrangements.
  9. Daw1974

    TUF garbrandt vs dillashaw

    Would they fight for the title during International fight week in July?
  10. First McGregor wins the Featherweight title and then he doesn't defend it and fights out of the weight division, then he wins the Lightweight title and he is given the opportunity to fight outside the UFC. Doesn't this upset anyone?
  11. Daw1974

    UFC 207: Nunes vs. Rousey - Official Discussion Thread

    Anyone know when the open workouts, and press conference is for ufc 207?
  12. Daw1974

    No Fight Club Live events Perks

    Thanks UFC. No more perks for Fight Club members, also an added $25 for a membership to boot for a hoodie and first crack at awful seats for Live events. Gone are the good old days when you received a free poster, early entrance to a weigh-in for the Q & A and points for UFC rewards. It was the perks I enjoyed being a Fight Club member.
  13. Daw1974

    Problems with UFC Rewards website?

    Thanks Joby.
  14. Daw1974

    Problems with UFC Rewards website?

    Is anyone else having problems logging into the UFC Rewards website?
  15. Daw1974

    UFC 200 tickets from ticketmaster

    They might start printing tickets with the Lesnar, Hunt fight being announced.