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  1. In your mind, a broken ankle means he has to be laying in a bed then? You somehow get dumber by the minute. I will ask you to confine your stupidity to your own threads. Thank you.
  2. Are these emojis supposed to represent your idiocy? Your stance of "his foot was swollen and purple, but I havent seen a single x-ray, so it cannot be broken" is easily one of the dumbest thing we've seen posted here, and we see some very, very dumb chit on this site. Do you think feet just turn purple and swell up because you had a bruise? That's your stance, right nimrod?
  3. broke_fl0w

    Official Anthony Pettis faking injuries thread

    You are such an idiot. It's unreal.
  4. broke_fl0w

    UFC 241: The Card Of WCC

    Do you have a still of the takedown Nate shot for after getting his brain scrambled about six times?
  5. Nate was out on his feet six times in the first two minutes. If Showtime doesn't break his foot on that giant's leg, he probably breaks it over Nate's big **** head.
  6. broke_fl0w

    Politics thread

    Please tell me someone called him Robert.
  7. broke_fl0w

    Official Anthony Pettis faking injuries thread

    It turns out the commission doesn't do the x-rays and diagnosis. You actually go to a person called a "doctor" and it's usually up to the patient to disclose their diagnosis. Don't play into OP's dipchittery please. The photos of his foot are out there. And if you haven't paid attention, this is combat sports. People don't tend to be real upfront about their injuries. See Michael Bisping pretending to have an eye for literally years and then finally admitting he had one like everybody thought.
  8. broke_fl0w

    Traffic Jam At The Top

  9. Cringe at the resident retard doing medical assessments from his mom's couch.
  10. John Moraga looks like he's going to cry for having to take a picture with this f*ggot.
  11. Yes, because you're an idiot who doesn't know what it looks like when it's broken. The rest of us non-idiots can verify that ankle is broken from that photo.
  12. broke_fl0w

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Then you recognize the pattern. Pray for him. 😕
  13. broke_fl0w

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    I think he's going to land there for crack cocaine possession first. His latest thread is stuff you come up with when you're coked out of your gourd and you've emptied out all your cupboards to find the listening device that the feds planted, but then you forget what you were doing so you write a manifesto on the Fight Club forum right before you try to rob a convenience store with a pocket knife.
  14. He ain't trolling, fam. This is his life. Soup is going to Make The Fight Club Forum Great Again. Or MFCFGA for short. We'll work on a good pronunciation for the campaign trail later, but til then, just uphold his ban on me.
  15. broke_fl0w

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Is he mentally healthier than he was previously?! Soup has been on the verge of living in a tent for the entire time I've been here. lol