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  1. It sounds like this was inside the strip club. The strangest part of the article I read (not the one in the OP) is that it said you had to pay a hundred dollar deposit to slap the p*ssy. wut
  2. The expression you were looking for is field day, son.
  3. cashfl0w

    UFC 240: Holloway vs. Edgar

    Geoff Neal vs. Niko Price is the People's Main Event.
  4. cashfl0w

    Askren is going to make this look easy, folks.

    That goof spamming the Greg Hardy thread makes this Wickles idiot look like a quality poster.
  5. cashfl0w

    Greg Hardy is -110..

    Still in the UFC section. Still doesn't watch fights. Are you done spamming walls of texts nobody will read, Alternate IDYB?
  6. A bishboy with breasts who nobody cares to read posts from is still spamming softness he would never say IRL. Is anybody reading Alternate IDYB's posts anyways?? I'm pretty sure he posts strictly to entertain himself.
  7. cashfl0w

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Beyond surreal. Story time. One time like fifteen years ago, I was trippin my balls off in a college town like an hour away from my hometown. I had eaten an 8th of mushrooms, and three of my buddies had too. The apartment we were at was a few block walk from 7-Eleven, so we walked up there to get some OJ, Vitamin C chewables, chit like that. I'm standing in line facing the register, and from behind the guy's head, out comes this giant black dude I went to high school with. He was like 6'8, 350 lbs. He was in the bathroom, but he may as well have been in an alternate dimension. I was ****in bug-eyed when I saw him, I felt like it was a hallucination. It is friggin packed in there, yet I'm the first thing he sees when he comes out of there, so he screams my name out. Meanwhile, I'm doing my best not to draw attention to myself, my giant pupils, and weed scented clothing. lol Somehow I communicated enough to get him away from me, but I'm pretty sure everyone in the near vicinity knew I was on drugs by the time I left. Good times.
  8. You come across as a real f*ggot. lol "You're a child for trying to get tough in person. You should spam stuff you would never ever say in person online instead." - F*ggot logic
  9. I would gladly an assault charge. LOL @ being afraid of that. You make yourself into more of a clown by the minute. You very likely have face paint on right now. Just keep spamming gibberish, embarrassing yourself. Typical libtard.
  10. cashfl0w

    Greg Hardy is -110..

    If my picks are bust, then all these people's picks are bust, Mr. Red Honking Nose. Especially yours since you still don't watch MMA, and just come here to take out your pent up aggression on the internet because you're a bishboy.
  11. Says the guy who spammed comments about how Soup was a deadbeat dad for years, and all these low blows, and absolutely made no movements towards seeing him in person. lol You really are a Democrat.
  12. cashfl0w

    I think we all have to agree that

    I care.
  13. cashfl0w

    Greg Hardy is -110..

    That isn't a thing, you halfwit. There aren't just bet slips posted around on the internet. Especially not on tennis and MMA. Could you be any more cringe??
  14. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    I read the same article. I believe he had his staff working close to 60 hours a week, and he didn't bother to pay them any extra because they were "on salary".. I've said for years that Bernie is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He tries to come across as this altruistic world saver, but he's lining his pockets on the back of deception. Bernie doesn't want socialism. He just wants to get paid to talk about it. That's all.