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  1. cashfl0w

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Good. They should ban candy corn while they're at it.
  2. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    Is that her Conor McGregor walk?
  3. cashfl0w

    Jose Aldo vs Renato Moicano at UFC on ESPN+ 2 in February

    Slacking **** paperboy pops up for a rumored fight. Smh
  4. cashfl0w

    January PPV Has Been Cancelled

    Him vs. Askren is not PPV main event quality. This is the answer. You don't need 40 cards a year. You need 25 tops.
  5. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    They're saying he didn't cooperate with the southern district of New York, but Mueller says he was helpful. Who knows what any of that really means though? Still doesn't add up that he's supposedly cooperating but going to prison in March anyways.
  6. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    Okay, they're saying he's cooperating, but I've never once heard of someone cooperating just because. You don't get sentenced and then give up info. That's not how it works. You make a deal first. Also, he did get charged and plead guilty to perjury, illegal campaign finance, etc. The prison stint would be from the fraud though.
  7. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    Google absolutely started that fire to cover up evidence of their endeavor with China to make a state sponsored search engine. The timing is too obvious. Their CEO was answering questions about it in front of Congress about 12 hours before. That's called a SHTFF... A **** hit the fan fire.
  8. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    I heard the phrase "known wolf" for the first time in my life this morning. That's what they're calling the France shooter. A "known wolf". I've got an idea. If you know someone is planning a mass shooting, intervene maybe?
  9. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    Just watched CNN go on for ten minutes about how this means the president is next, but not a single person had the good sense to ask why he got three years for a relatively minor crime when he should probably get off completely, or at the very least have his sentencing postponed, if he's flipping on Trump. Unless I'm mistaken, he's going to prison for selling access to the president - and not delivering. Exclusively. The fines and restitution are going to the victims, which were corporations. I still fail to see how this gets linked back to Russia.
  10. Feb. 17th in Phoenix. Who ya got?
  11. cashfl0w

    Christmas Riddle

    Fix the equation in OP, goddamnit. Make it say "Add 1940" to it.
  12. cashfl0w

    Is bottled water a scam?

    Less tapeworms.
  13. cashfl0w

    Is bottled water a scam?

    Btw, I own a $300 meter to test my water. I know what the **** I'm talking about. I'm not a random dipchit like you.
  14. cashfl0w

    Is bottled water a scam?

    Yes. And I've been drinking a gallon of milk a day for about 20 years now. Haven't had a kidney stone yet, doc.