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  1. Holy chit.. Oleksiejkbdhehhdka just KO'ed that dude five times.
  2. cashfl0w

    just got my first tat

    If you've got money for tattoos, you could have money for rent. I know adult Sasquatch legs when I see them, freeloader.
  3. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    The FBI didn't charge her because James Comey and Peter Strzok decided prior to finishing the investigation that it wasn't a crime. Peter Strzok admitted to changing the words in Comey's statement to make them more palatable and remove the words gross negligence from it. You remember Peter Strzok? The one who was fired for biased texts about Donald Trump with his lover Lisa Page? I actually know all about this topic. Like... all about it. It's really you who is totally off base and just spewing gibberish.
  4. cashfl0w

    It's all about the fighters , lmao yeah right

    You have no evidence of the bold.
  5. LOLOL @ South Bend, Indiana too. That entire state is a port-o-potty. In the age of internet, you can't hide that anymore. He might be the Gay King of Giant Urinal Cake, but he ain't taking the White House any time soon.
  6. I honestly, firmly believe Rosario Dawson was paid by a donor to pretend to be dating Booker. They just blatantly lie now, and you have to either play stupid or call them out. I felt like they were really insulting my intelligence when Katie Couric tried to say she went on a date with Booker to a New York Giants game. Do you honestly believe in the age of social media that not one single person in New York f'in City recognized Katie Couric and Cory Booker sitting together? You would have to be a real gump to buy that.
  7. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    The king of word salad, Anderson the pooper Scooper!
  8. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    I stopped reading there because you're making up facts again. Nobody prior to her destroyed a private email server after being subpoenaed by Congress. Also, I have no clue how you conclude that she did NOT know destroying evidence is a crime when she passed the bar nearly fifty years ago, and practiced law or in politics making laws for her entire life. Please stop saying that over and over. I'm trying to converse with you here, but you make it seem like this stuff is just way over your head and I'm wasting my time.
  9. Thank you. Make more threads please. To answer your question: The DNC screwed Bernie Sanders last time, WikiLeaks put out the emails to prove it, and Bernie went away quietly. He never made a fuss. Now, that could be because he was promised a fair shake on the next go-round. I wouldn't put it past anybody to screw him again though. He constantly talks about taking corporate money out of politics, and anybody following along knows the establishment wants nothing to do with that. However, he is the frontrunner in the polls (as far as people that have actually announced, Biden is leading among candidates overall). Nonetheless, I'm taking Kamala Harris to get the nomination. She demands the most voters, as far as identity politics. She covers blacks, and minorities in general, women, etc.
  10. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    If you posted anything factual whatsoever, you might contribute something. You keep saying Hillary didn't know she was breaking laws regarding her email server, and the **** graduated Yale Law School in the early 1970's. The idea of her not knowing it was a crime is obvious dip****tery to anybody with more than a marble bouncing around in their skull.
  11. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    If you could stick to pictograms instead of posting walls of regurgitated misinformation, I think we could all get behind that. Like given where a like is deserved. Well done.
  12. Does Mike Perry get reparations? He's 2% black, and that's enough to use the n-word freely and not get called on it. Should be enough for 40 acres and a mule, right?
  13. I didn't realize I needed, like need-need, your take on Kamala and Booker pushing for reparations, but I do. What say you, Soup?
  14. cashfl0w


    I was going to guess he was caught smuggling in a duffel bag full of steroids. But I suppose that's a fair assumption too.
  15. cashfl0w


    Ivan ****head ducked Devin Clark. Fight off.