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  1. cashfl0w

    Soliz judged bout coached by former trainer at UFC 247

    I'll cut his **** off. Give me the knife.
  2. The level of fighter being so low isn't even conducive to gambling. I could barely put together a meaningful parlay on this trash.
  3. cashfl0w

    UFC 2020 Prediction League

    Good thing you ducked that account bet. You and your dipchit cohort would be Sherdog folks now. lol
  4. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    Just being paid to ensure the media's prearranged excuse for Biden gets to double for Hillary. "TrUmP iS jUsT tRyInG tO pRoSeCuTe hIs pOlItIcAl RiVaLs" - @TUF and the MSNBC crowd.
  5. cashfl0w

    UFC 2020 Prediction League

    Are you over .500 yet?
  6. cashfl0w

    Rumour: Gillespie vs. Makhachev Being Added To UFC 249

    Gillespie will whoop this dude's ****.
  7. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    That's one way to put it, Ms. Maddow.
  8. cashfl0w

    The Dishonorable List of Runners

    Overeem is the most shameful.
  9. cashfl0w

    UFC 247: Jones vs. Reyes

    I hope my parlays get paid out too.
  10. cashfl0w

    UFC 2020 Prediction League

    Could be worse, you could be @Taylor_Schonerstedt_Dipchittenstadt.
  11. cashfl0w

    Jon Jones will NEVER fight at heavyweight

    Feed him to Francis.
  12. cashfl0w

    Judging needs to change !

    Since you missed the most egregious one...
  13. cashfl0w

    UFC 247: Jones vs. Reyes

    This seemed to be a running theme throughout the night. Holy chit, those judges were bad.
  14. You know I'm always down for a bet or two, or three.. Step up to the plate. Show me what ya got. Mahomes gets shown who his daddy is tonight, kids.
  15. cashfl0w

    All Things Bellator Thread

    **** her. What happened to Anastasia Yankova?
  16. cashfl0w

    Corona Virus Thread

    Top 20, eh?
  17. cashfl0w

    Colby on Helwani's show... A masterclass in banter

    LMFAO @ watching the Ariel Helweenie show.
  18. cashfl0w

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Lots and lots of sandwiches.
  19. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    You goobers have correctly picked seven of the last nine candidates for them, but I think the DNC will screw Buttplug Pete if it comes down to it. I have been actively questioning whether or not the Dems are trying to abandon the black vote for the gay vote. By that, I mean that black people for the most part are unaccepting of gay culture. They do not support being gay, so I have a hard time thinking they would vote for a gay man. Historically, if the Dems can't bring in the black vote, they lose the election, period. In my eyes, if the DNC does nominate Buttplug, they've officially decided there are more potential gay voters than black voters. That'll be an interesting place for our country.
  20. cashfl0w

    Conor’s ‘season’

    The very first thing I thought when I heard Colby make that offer is that it probably will happen, if an athletic commission will sanction it somewhere. 50 Cent would come across like the biggest coward on the planet if he doesn't immediately accept. Heaven help us.
  21. cashfl0w

    Politics thread