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  1. I'm looking for something better to do than watch a Court McGee fight, and this seemed like the right way to get that done. I believe nearly every Court McGee fight in the UFC has gone to decision. Something like 13 of his last 14 have made it the duration. So at this stage in life, I don't care if he's fighting King Kong... I'm not watching that chit. So I wondered who everybody has on their list of people they simply do not care to watch. I'm going to make my list and then update it when I find more people like bum **** Court McGee. You do the same. List of people that I will not watch: 1. Court McGee 2. Jon Fitch. I made an exception for the Rory fight, and strongly regretted it.
  2. cashfl0w

    ESPN2 UFC Fight Night: Reyes vs. Weidman

    The Yankees and Weidman have to both win tonight. The legends of sport will not fail us.
  3. cashfl0w

    ESPN2 UFC Fight Night: Reyes vs. Weidman

    Good first inning so far. Much more interesting than Court McGee clinching a dude against the cage and barreling forward throwing pillow fisted jabs.
  4. cashfl0w

    Cashfl0w's Fighters You Simply Do Not Watch thread

    Quality addition. Not watching, but McGee is likely having his scorecards read right now. If you didn't go all in on the Over 2.5 rounds at -280 or whatever it landed at, you missed out on the lock of the night. In comparison, the -600 WMMA tater coming up is -180 to get to decision. lol
  5. cashfl0w

    Ali Abdelasleeze

    The cowards at PFL announced that they banned him for now, but they'll allow him back. I'd bet my life on it. And that dude already has been a part of the Khabib/Nate brawl and the Usman/fan near-fight at PFL events. But because he manages a bunch of the turds in their company, they kiss his ****.
  6. cashfl0w

    ESPN2 UFC Fight Night: Reyes vs. Weidman

    I promised myself no more Court McGee fights. I can't keep doing that to myself. Be back in 20 mins.
  7. cashfl0w

    ESPN 30 for 30: Chuck & Tito

    I watched the preview a month or so ago. It was pretty good. I like most of the 30 for 30's though.
  8. cashfl0w

    ESPN2 UFC Fight Night: Reyes vs. Weidman

    You have to bank on Holland figuring out a way to **** it up.
  9. cashfl0w

    ESPN2 UFC Fight Night: Reyes vs. Weidman

    They should cut Spitz just on the fact that he threw his ****in hands in the air at the end of that fight, and he lost a 30-27 UD. They should cut anybody who pulls that stupid chit.
  10. cashfl0w


    It was an honest question then, and it's an honest question now.
  11. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    Hillary isn't a candidate just yet, but if Barr is expected to announce indictments for the attempted rigging of our 2016 presidential election, Hillary will be announced as the VP on the Biden ticket to ensure the media can cover it as a "political prosecution" and rile up the sheep. Or that's the plan, at least.
  12. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    Those Russian assets really cut right to the throat.
  13. cashfl0w

    PVZ Wants A Fight

    Is that what she said? Or did she say she makes more money on Instagram?
  14. cashfl0w

    ESPN2 UFC Fight Night: Reyes vs. Weidman

    The Mexican jogger is going to point fight and run. Stephens just had problems with Zabit doing the exact same thing.
  15. cashfl0w

    Bovada Online Betting**Official**

    She blew four black dudes at the end of this photo shoot.
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    One day you'll make a good post, just keep trying, Taylor_Dipchittenstadt.
  17. cashfl0w

    Attn: Vert

    Did your car get burned up in the Great El Chapo Jr's war with the feds? Were you caught in the crossfire? Did they bust your uncle out of the box to help? TALK TO ME, MAN. TELL ME YOU'RE ALRIGHT!
  18. cashfl0w

    Attn: Vert

    Btw, this is where Donald lives. The word you're looking for is precedence, Mr. Top 20.
  19. cashfl0w

    Attn: Vert

    They gotta die in a gun battle with dudes toting armor piercing rounds? (Thanks Obama!)
  20. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    The same ones that had Hillary winning by a wide margin?
  21. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    Your MSNBC photo with Nancy edited out (because anyone with minor knowledge of body language can see by her standing and yelling with her finger out that she is, indeed, the one melting down) tells me that they don't believe you either. lol
  22. cashfl0w

    Politics thread

    LOL @TUF This dude brought these clowns in to troll them and you bought that nonsense Nancy sold the media hook, line, and sinker?
  23. cashfl0w

    The Korean Superboy set to return at UFC Busan

    People be like "LULZ Bellator feeds their guys cans!!!!!!!"
  24. cashfl0w

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    #8 will happen. Probably #5 too. The UFC will never give us the rest.
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    Oooh cringe