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  1. The Mario Kart Speedway won't be lit unless I can shoot a turtle shell at somebody and wipe them out.
  2. I love the arbitrary limits. Who came up with 30 grams?
  3. Jose Aldo gets treated like crap. I swear I could do a better job than his current manager.
  4. I believe in the state I'm thinking of they give you the permit and don't show up again after that. It's just a rule you're supposed to abide by. I'm watching some ****tard on Fox News talk about how "big marijuana" is going to get taken over by "big tobacco". And they're talking about the legalization in Canada. This guy is getting paid to talk about chit he knows nothing about. lol.. 'Murica
  5. He was the longest reigning heavyweight champion in history, and DC was the LHW champion and hadn't fought at HW for years.......
  6. Yeah, it didn't sell well because DC is not a draw. lol It sold more than UFC 210 which is the only main event DC has gotten besides 226. EDIT: Jones events do not count. Jones is the draw. Not DC.
  7. I think down here they will actually weigh your chit if it's over a certain size.
  8. The quality is going to vary by store. It's not going to be uniform. I know here in the States I can find stores with ounces for $100 after tax. Maybe even cheaper if I really tried. That'll be a sale price on something they're aiming to get rid of. Normally the price is much higher. But most people are not going to be able to compete with that growing at home.
  9. Leon Edwards has a lisp that makes Nate Diaz sound like Morgan Freeman. I can't take that guy.
  10. Johnson would easily beat guys at the top of that division. People like Costa would not be able to peel him off. It would be stupid to let him leave.
  11. Well, it's made by China, so it'll be alive for about two weeks then it'll start on fire and explode.
  12. cashfl0w

    Why khabib did 350k

    Right because he doesn't have 800K fans. lol
  13. No, ANY heavyweight can't knock out Overeem. Stop that. He lost to a couple good fighters recently but the lower end of that division all lose to him.
  14. Yes, and the guys he lost to recently are good fighters. I'll need to see something more from this random can in OP than beating up guys he's supposed to beat in Russia. Doing that does not mean he's beating Overeem.
  15. cashfl0w

    Will me and cashfl0ws feud break records?

    Account bet that I can post a wad of money that's more than you have in an account?
  16. cashfl0w

    Will me and cashfl0ws feud break records?

    You stand by the alternate reality you function in. The rest of us are well aware of what happened. Found out I was going to the same Fight Night as him. Realized his fake internet persona was finna get exposed.
  17. cashfl0w

    Well kiddies, that'll be about it for Khabib.

    *You're = You are *You're welcome, bum.
  18. His team, agent, and everybody involved with him should be investigated for allowing him to fight despite having seizures while cutting weight for the McGregor fight. I don't care enough to post a link. Google it yourself. But more importantly, I like to get out ahead of the matchmaking when we find out guys are headed to a new weight class. That's what this thread is for. Since he's 27-0, it would be silly to make him start at the bottom like Darrell Hill has to do with Tim Boetsch at MW. I don't think it's realistic to let him start with Colby or Tyron, so how about somebody like Usman? That would prove he can exert his style at WW. I would certainly take Usman, but I'd give Khaboob a shot. What do you think? Who's he fighting at welterweight?
  19. cashfl0w


    Zach Lavine and Bobby Portis are not superstars. What the **** is this ****? I'm done with the Bulls until Markkanen gets back.
  20. Give Overeem some credit. He hasn't lost to a complete bum since Rothwell.
  21. cashfl0w

    Well kiddies, that'll be about it for Khabib.

    Goddamnit, now I wish Soup was still here. Wasn't he like 1% black? If Elizabeth Warren is a chief of a tribe, Soup is fresh out of Somalia. LOL
  22. cashfl0w

    Well kiddies, that'll be about it for Khabib.

    I'm gonna roll with 1/1500th black. I don't want anybody to look into it too hard because my face and body is very Baltic so we gotta go low like Chief Fullachit.
  23. cashfl0w

    Well kiddies, that'll be about it for Khabib.

    Probably posting on a ****ing Obama phone. I know we gave the Iranians a bunch of em. We probably gave your bum country some too.