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  1. ITs-Time

    Hey Stomp

    This is the face of a man who smashes tens on the daily.
  2. ITs-Time

    13 Fighters Cut From UFC Roster

    Who the Fook are these cans
  3. Anyway on the topic at hand. None of my business what a women decides to do with her body or reproductive organs. Epically if her health is at jeapody.
  4. Freddie's got us all beat he's planted more trees then all the hippies ever could.
  5. if he did he cemented his place as goat
  6. ITs-Time

    Luke Cage

    Lol just got to the last episode. The way episode 12 ended was hilarious ****ing Diamond back looks like a ghetto Cobra Commander
  7. Oh lol thought my phone wasn't loading now I'm sad
  8. I mean how hard is it to tamper with the sample you give Usada to make it test tainted?
  9. my second bj Penn nodding gif man I've hit it big
  10. Man soup comes up with some whoppers......hmm whoopers.
  11. Clinton's closing statement " I speak to all Americans we need you." Trump's "Clinton's a witch"
  12. you know what that may be but the way he said it made himself look so bad
  13. Trump just diggled himself. That nasty women comment made him look bad.