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    Hi rainydaze88, Only Ultimate and Elite members get first access to pre-sale tickets (you can see the details and upgrade your membership here: www.ufcfightclub.com/benefits). The Fight Club pre-sales just started with AXS and TM UK, if you upgrade now you'll essentially have immediate access to your unique code to use on the ticketing sites. If you need more help, please contact the support team at ufcfightclub@support.sparkart.com.
  2. Fight Club Members, We're pleased to welcome you to the new UFC Fight Club forum! We hope that you enjoy the updated layout and features. Please contact us directly or leave a comment on this thread if you have any questions or feedback. Thank you for being a member of UFC Fight Club! Sparkart support@ufcfightclub.sparkart.com
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    Welcome to the new Fight Club Forum!

    Hi All, A few updates per your feedback: We updated the Like quota (let us know if you continue to receive any error / quota messages). We updated settings so that 50 posts display per page. The ability to @ / mention users in a post is on the roadmap for future release, we will keep you updated when this is available. For reference, there are three areas to click on a topic, each one will take you to a different part of the topic, I've attached an image with these locations and the paths they will take you to.
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    UFC Fight Club Admins & Mods

    Here is a list of your Fight Club administrators and moderators. Feel free to reach out with any issues or feedback! Admins: sparkart Moderators: bigdw35 Juice64011 Mcmax3000 sobercuban the_enigma TigerChamp
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    Message Board Rules

    UFC FIGHT CLUB MESSAGE BOARD RULES User Agreements As a user of the UFC Fight Club website, you have already agreed to the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy, and the Acceptable Use Policy, all of which apply to your use of this entire site, including the message boards. In addition to those rules, the following rules also apply to your use of the message boards contained on this site. Your use of the message boards signifies your consent to these Message Board Rules. If you do not agree to all of these rules, you are not permitted to use the message boards. It is every member's responsibility to read, understand and comply with all posted rules, including any rules that may be posted from time to time as Announcements on these boards. Ignorance of the rules is not a defense. You may contact Customer Support with any questions you may have regarding these rules. Moderator Rights and Responsibilities Moderators of this message board reserve the right to remove any content posted by members, or to suspend or ban any member at anytime or for any reason in accordance with these rules and in their sole discretion. They also reserve the right to handle all moderator issues privately. Please remember that moderators are also members and are dedicating their free time to preserving the integrity of the site for every member's enjoyment. Please make sure you treat them with the respect they deserve. All correspondence with board moderators should include your username, email address and detailed explanation of the problem encountered. Moderators are not employees of UFC, Zuffa, Sparkart Group, Inc., or Clique Inc.; they work as volunteers to help ensure the success of the online community Please send any complaint you have to one of the moderators. If they are unable to rectify the situation, they will contact site management. Member Decorum and Standard of Care This site has members of all ages and all are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner. Members are to respect the opinions of others and refrain from attacking another person for expressing their opinions. Name-calling, personal attacks and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. As previously stated, moderators of this message board reserve the right to remove any content posted by members, or to suspend or ban any member at anytime or for any reason in accordance with these rules and in their sole discretion. If you feel you, or any other member, has been attacked or harassed, please contact the moderators immediately. Disciplinary Action The following list includes, but is not limited to, actions that will result in the banning of a member. There is no room for argument in defining and interpreting these terms. Moderators and management will make the final determinations in their sole discretion. Banned members are NOT entitled to explanations from moderators or management regarding their expulsion. Under no circumstances is a member entitled to a warning before they are banned. -Flaming, which includes, but is not limited to, use of racial, religious or ethnic slurs, sexually discriminative or homophobic language, cussing, and derogatory labeling. -Posting of ****ographic or otherwise inappropriate, offensive or obscene images. -Posting of subscription service exclusive content, including media, news, links, etc. -Posting of stolen music and video. -Use of another member's photo, or any modified version thereof, without the member's consent. -Anyone's private information, member or not. -Spamming the board as a whole or by individual forum. -Threats at any level, but most severely, threat or encouragement of physical harm. -Hacking, including, but not limited to, hacking into or disabling other member or moderator accounts. -Impersonation of a UFC Fighter or employee in any form. Duration of Disciplinary Actions The length of a ban will be determined in the sole discretion of the moderators and management. The level of severity and degree of disruption caused by the offense will be considered. If a banned member returns to the board with a new account, that account will also be banned. Other members posting for banned members will result in disciplinary action on the posting member. Posting You are cautioned not to post your own personal information in the interest of safety. You should not post your address, telephone number, or anything that might put you at risk. Clique Inc. is not responsible for monitoring this information, nor liable for any consequences that may result from the exchange of this information. Clique Inc. does not police copyright violations. If any member is reported to have violated copyrighted material, Clique Inc. is not liable for any damages resulting from such violation. Additionally, the violating member is subject to ban as a result of posting copyrighted material. Please ensure that your thread title properly describes your post. The moderators do not have time to read every thread and may move something based on the thread title. If you would like to start a new thread, please take the time to see if there is already a thread started for that topic. Duplicate threads will be locked and the original will remain. Please make every attempt to post in the correct forum. The moderators will move threads not posted in the proper area. Do not use another member's name in your thread title unless it is a positive post. Internet etiquette states that UPPER CASE letters are shouting. Unless it is something urgent, please use lower case letters when adding new discussions. If you start a thread and then regret your decision, within a reasonable time, you may ask to have the thread deleted. If the deletion of the thread will not adversely affect another member, the moderators will delete the thread provided the request is not unreasonable. Please post in English only. The moderators for this board can only moderate in English and will delete any posts that are in any language other than English. Always provide the proper link when posting articles so that credit is given to the proper source. Please refrain from spreading rumors. If you did not receive the information you are posting from a credible source, please do not post it. Moderators reserve the right to delete any posts they believe to contain false information. Rule Changes Management of this board reserves the right to amend and/or implement new rules at anytime. New rules may be posted periodically. It is every member's responsibility to read, understand and comply with all posted rules. Your continued access to or use of the message boards after any such change to these rules shall constitute your consent to such change.
  6. sparkart

    The forum is trolling me, anybody else?

    Hi @Mcmax3000, The Forum homepage (http://www.ufcfightclub.com/forum) display has been restored, everything else should be back to "normal" (minus the error messages and sign outs). Thanks!
  7. sparkart

    The forum is trolling me, anybody else?

    Hi All, We're just ironing out a couple of issues with the Categories / Forum homepage display since the updates rolled out about an hour ago. Please let us know if you run into any other new or recurring problems that need review. Thank you!
  8. sparkart

    The forum is trolling me, anybody else?

    @_TUF1_ the forum should only be down for 1-2 hours starting at 8:30PM PT / 11:30PM ET tonight. During this outage, a generic "maintenance" message will be displayed.
  9. sparkart

    The forum is trolling me, anybody else?

    Hi All, We have scheduled a system update with the forum provider that will be applied late tonight (4/16) and will hopefully resolve these issues / error messages. We will continue to monitor for ongoing issues and feedback from members.
  10. sparkart

    The forum is trolling me, anybody else?

    Hi All, We're looking into these issues / error messages with the forum provider and host to resolve ASAP. Thank you for alerting us of the problem.
  11. sparkart

    How to change your profile pic/sig

    Hello all, you can now edit your signature and profile picture by selecting the "Edit Profile" option accessible from the gear menu in the upper right of every page.
  12. sparkart

    ufc 161 weigh ins

    Hi all, Please check the 161 page now - barcodes are back. Sorry for this hiccup - it won't happen again. Thanks for your patience!
  13. sparkart

    where to purchase tickets for fighclub members

    Hi @gobby - if you go to the pre-sales page, you will find your pre-sale code, and a "Buy Pre-Sale Tickets" button. Just copy your code, click the button and paste your code in the pre-sale code field at Ticketmaster. Let us know if you have any other questions!
  14. Ultimate and Elite Fight Club members, get ready! UFC® 161 pre-sale begins Wednesday, April 10 at 10:00AM CDT. UFC® Fight Club™ Pre-Sale Wednesday April 10 10:00AM CDT Buy Tickets UFC® Newsletter Subscribers Pre-Sale Thursday April 11 10:00AM CDT Public On-Sale Friday April 12 10:00AM CDT
  15. UFC Fight Club Premium, Ultimate and Elite members, get ready! The UFC Fan Expo is is happening on July 5 and 6 in Las Vegas and Fight Club members are eligible to receive a 10% discount on a purchase of up to six general admission tickets. The discount will grant you $4 off a Friday ticket, $4.50 off a Saturday ticket, and $6 off a 2-day ticket. Your discount code will expire after you have purchased a maximum of six general admission Expo tickets. Find your unique code on the pre-sales page and buy your tickets at the UFC Fan Expo 2013 site.
  16. sparkart

    How to order ufc 160 tickets on march 21

    Hi @Monicanatareno, You can buy tickets now with your pre-sale code that's available at ufcfightclub.com/presales. To access tomorrow's pre-sale, you should sign up to the UFC newsletter by submitting your email address in the field in the top right of UFC.com homepage. Hope that helps!
  17. sparkart

    Fan club package (ufc158)

    Hi @Hugo320, Check your PMs for an update on your specific package. Sorry for the delay!
  18. sparkart

    Return the [IMG] method for pictures in threads?

    @Junglebird, @Gobbo - it is on the way! We are working to restore those features very soon. Thanks for your patience.
  19. sparkart

    Just wondering

    Hi @tyler03, You can bring one guest to the Q&A, no problem!
  20. sparkart

    Just purchased Elite membership

    Hi @paintballeverest, you can redeem a PPV code for 158 before the fight starts tomorrow, and watch it at UFC.TV. Go to UFC.TV, click on UFC 158 and fill in the form, including your unique code to get access to the fight for free. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist!
  21. Hi @babaca1124 - sign up for the newsletter at http://www.ufc.com/ by putting your email in the field in the top right corner @pankakes - looks like you were able to successfully redeem. Let me know if there is anything else you need help with!
  22. sparkart

    UFC Store

    Hi @rubob, If you click "20% Store Discount" in the top right of the homepage, you will be taken to the store where 20% will automatically be taken off anything in your cart. Let me know if you need any other assistance!
  23. sparkart

    free payperview?

    Hi @pjlenio16, Order your PPV through UFC.TV. Here is the 158 PPV page. Input your unique code at checkout, and you will have access to watch tomorrow's event at UFC.TV. @JonBonesJonesFan - you get a free fight from the library, but not a live PPV unless you upgrade to Elite.
  24. Hi Darrian, You can print it off at the Event page, just click on "Show/Print your Confirmation".
  25. sparkart

    Fight Club Tickets

    Hi @tan4, You can buy up to six tickets per event. Note some events may have a different limit, but it will be clearly stated on the event page if so. Hope that helps!