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  1. I_Take_Roids_m8

    How should Deontay Wilder enter the ring for the trilogy?

    Also, give Charlie Z his rematch first.
  2. I_Take_Roids_m8

    How should Deontay Wilder enter the ring for the trilogy?

    My woman carries our 25lb son all over the place day in and day out but still have the legs to ride Roids like a champ. No excuses.
  3. I_Take_Roids_m8

    Better Call Saul

    Thankfully I rewatched season 4 last week. that recap was trash. Finna watch episode 2 of season 5 tonight since I missed it last night.
  4. I_Take_Roids_m8

    What are you doing right now?

    Smoking a cig outside chic fila
  5. I_Take_Roids_m8

    Politics thread

    Some of you morons claim that Sanders is an FDR type Socialist... Is that a good thing?
  6. I_Take_Roids_m8

    Vert's Bitcoin Thread

    Invest in firearms.
  7. I_Take_Roids_m8

    Politics thread

    If I was a democrat I'd surprisingly go with Warren I think.
  8. I_Take_Roids_m8

    Politics thread

    @TUF who are you backing on the Dem side or dont you have a horse in this race?
  9. I_Take_Roids_m8

    Politics thread

  10. I_Take_Roids_m8

    Politics thread

    I actually think Bloomberg is towards the top of front runners already if the "polls" are anything to go by. Which is funny with all the drama flying around about him, especially with minorities
  11. I_Take_Roids_m8

    Shogun coming for that strap

    God only knows what shogun would have done to that rucking coward Jones had he not been a cheating scumbag.
  12. I_Take_Roids_m8

    Politics thread

    Cringe but true.