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  1. 6 hours ago, StompGrind said:

    Maybe that's Bloomberg's strategy?. To make himself look so bad that the rest of these hacks somehow look half way decent. Trump ain't got nothing on Bloomberg's lvl of elitists authoritarianism & he's actually openly racist without much from the media calling him on it. 

    At every turn the dems are just giving the election to Trump. I wonder if that's by design because Trump is obviously pretty good for business and the media/liberal establishment has something to talk about and point the finger for another 4 yrs meanwhile do NOTHING else. 

    Watching it live i couldn't help but think "These blood sucking vampires are the best people the dem party has to offer" As little faith as i have in politicians there is no fkn way.

    Yang & Tulsi would have been infinitely better candidates with an actual chance of winning. 




    I actually think Bloomberg is towards the top of front runners already if the "polls" are anything to go by. 


    Which is funny with all the drama flying around about him, especially with minorities

  2. 19 minutes ago, TUF said:

    lol at anybody making fun of candidates appearance or calling them cowards ^

    Image result for trump orange face

    Image result for trump bone spurs gif


    You honestly can't sit here and tell me that those clowns last night were something to brag about are you?


    One dude didnt get a job until he was 40ish (if you want to call being a socialist piece of trash in Washington having a job), one pretends that he is this great military hero who drove the real military around from point A to point B, one is literally the carbon copy of Trump, one sniffs underage girls and is a zombie, one has a nose the size of a baseball bat and the teeth of cartoon character who was literally shaking when confronted by the fruit. 


    I never thought I'd say this in my ****ing life, but Warren was the only half sane person up there. Kudos to her for attacking all of them. It was a chit show and proves that there isn't an electable candidate in the DNC.


    Warren is about the only one up there that is genuinely somewhat likeable and shes gonna get smashed like a ****roach.


    The Dems are in the same position as the 'Pubs were a few years ago. They kept pushing the worst candidates (Mccain/Romney) and buried the best (Paul). 


    Sad state of affairs IMO

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  3. Did a hardcore S+ speed run on RE2 last night. Got all the way to the end screen and completed it in an 1:46 minutes. Not bad for my first time doing a 3 save speed run. I feel like I can get this time down to an hour like all the pros at least with Leon. 


    The chit thing is that I had the unlimited knife in my possession so it didnt count as a S+ run and I only got an S. 


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