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  1. NoCakeForYaya

    BDD vs I dont know who the fook im fighting No Cake

    I'll take Marcelo Golm. I'm actually sorry if I win this dude because I don't have a ****ing clue who most of these guys are.
  2. NoCakeForYaya

    Conor threw that fight!!!

    I won't entertain this until @JeffDubya weighs in with his expert analysis.
  3. NoCakeForYaya

    BDD vs I dont know who the fook im fighting No Cake

    I'll take Volkan. You are a beautiful man for sticking with Artem lmao, you have my respect.
  4. NoCakeForYaya

    Jeffdubya on Atlantic City Real Estate and World Travel

    This post actually has me laughing my **** off.
  5. NoCakeForYaya

    Will me and cashfl0ws feud break records?

    Lol I think NoCake Vs Yesterday's hero's fued for the title of ' best mildly amusing poster that is extremely forgettable' is much more intense.
  6. NoCakeForYaya

    Khabib is the now the top draw in UFC

    Lol wait and see Artem's numbers Vs Johnson before you say that.
  7. NoCakeForYaya

    Artem vs Johnson

    He should be calling out Mayweather!!! Perfect striking.
  8. NoCakeForYaya

    Artem vs Johnson

    Honestly this fight is HUGE. They might bump this **** up to a PPV now!
  9. NoCakeForYaya

    Artem vs Johnson

    Fun fact about Artem, only one fighter that he's beaten has a wikipedia page lmao. GOAT.
  10. NoCakeForYaya

    Artem vs Johnson

    That was orginal Artem. Artem 2.0 cannot and will not be beaten.
  11. NoCakeForYaya

    Jeffdubya on Proper 12

  12. NoCakeForYaya

    Artem vs Johnson

    Colby will feel the hands bro.
  13. NoCakeForYaya

    Artem vs Johnson

    Pretty easy victory for King Artem.
  14. NoCakeForYaya

    Jeffdubya on Proper 12

    Lol I read this as 'JeffDubya on proper 12er' first time round and expected a roast thread. Disappointed.
  15. That was my take from the show too. It was alright but it didn't grip me like some others. Absolutely no reason for a second season.