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  1. HE'S NOT ****ING YOUNG LOL. But I agree, Klopp has a real way of getting the best out of players. Don't think my lad Robertson would be the same with a different manager. Think his main thing is instilling confidence in players. It's great to see really. Someone like Alexander Arnold who's only 19/20 playing like an experienced right back is just amazing. I still regrettably think makes city top you again though. Think we can all get behind Chelsea failing to win again this weekend however.
  2. Lol. I think I just fundamentally disagree on this one. Ox will be a fairly standard squad player, but I really don't see in him what others do. If he wasn't English I don't think anyone would even still be talking about him. Would be thrilled to be proven wrong though, always need decent English players. I'm unsure on the weekend but you'll definitely score a couple past them as their defence isn't up to much at all.
  3. Lol I get triggered when I read about Chamberlain's 'potential'. He's 26. If he was 19 I'd get it, but I really don't see how much more he's going to improve. It's like Lingard, that dudes 27 and all you ever hear about is his 'potential' lol.
  4. I don't even know why I'm bothering with this one as I don't even like Pettis lol. I'll leave my hating to the Diaz that truly deserves it. On an actual discussion note, who do you have winning between Nate and Masvidal as I believe you are a fan of both?
  5. NoCakeForYaya

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    The guy has the same pillow fists as Conor. Old lawyer guy barely blinked!
  6. Lol Nate fights like a **** against a striker and all his fans are okay. The same people who were crying about Condit like 6 years later.
  7. Yeah I had him down as approximately 33.73% British so this checks out.
  8. Imagine thinking that @juice64011 @sobercuban @TigerChamp aren't terrible mods and just generally terrible people. Sober and WarWest had Lil Kristian fearing for his damn life!!! Seriously though the fact that the mods just let us get on with it is one of the best things about the forum. We are all grown men ( @NikkiNeversleep), if you can't handle being called a prick on the internet then you need help lol. And yes, I am @ing everyone to pad my likes, @zaksame.
  9. For what it's worth, between your championing of Dan Hardy, love of football, and impressive use of sarcasm, I've got you down as an honourary Brit mate.
  10. He has seen the light brother Pat and it isn't too late for you.
  11. NoCakeForYaya

    Askren vs Maia official for UFC on ESPN+ 20, Oct 26th

    K1 Maia gives him the hands.