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  1. In fairness mate, it's impossible to keep the form up really. As long as you keep winning that's all you can really ask for.
  2. VAR was peak VAR this weekend lmao.
  3. NoCakeForYaya

    Shogun coming for that strap

    Feeble troll attempts are my speciality my friend.
  4. NoCakeForYaya

    Shogun coming for that strap

    Educated posters like @PATSTER @I_Take_Roids_m8 and @Eclipse76 endorse this message.
  5. Wolves best team in Portugal confirmed.
  6. This came across as defending Mourinho which I definitely wasn't lmao, I was just poking fun at how awful Tottenham are. Interested to see what they do with the two being injured. Unpopular opinion but Deli is looking like a 1 season wonder lol, he's not offering enough to have a spot in the team for me.
  7. With both Kane and son injured they have nobody who can score a damn goal lmao.
  8. Read a mad statistic yesterday that Diego simeone hasn't lost a CL knockout game (or been knocked out by I can't quite remember), by a team that doesn't have Christiano Ronaldo in it lol. Then you look back over the influence Ronaldo had over those wins and just think damn. Whatever your opinion of the guy he's probably the best CL player ever and damn will I miss him when he retires.
  9. His numbers this year are simply ridiculous and he's fast as **** lol. Always seems to be in the right place. Extremely promising!
  10. Gayest? That's one of the most hilarious moments in football history.
  11. Hot take after two games. Fernandes looks like he might be decent though but definitely needs time. Frank looked like he wanted to die after the VAR decisions last game lol..
  12. They are 9th in the league lmfao.
  13. Yes, because you needed maths to confirm that for you this year 😂. Honestly with this happening to city this season feels like some Liverpool fan's fan fiction that has actually come true lmao.