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  1. PlatinumClegg

    Hobbies thread

    I have fun in a 2.4 180 hp 163 torque 2010 real time 4WD Honda CRV occasionally. I do not race or even care to own another race car. I loved my 04 BMW 330 which isn't a race car but would move and I'm happy my wreck happened in that car because of how much better they are built than a WRX STi. Damn near mid teens through my mid 20s all of my friends drug habits had me stacking serious paper. I had already lost a friend a few years earlier July 2nd marks 14 years that he got killed in a brand new 05 RX-8. Those motors don't last long shifting them past 9 grand but it's gotta be up there with a standard WRX in terms of speed and handling for 238 hp during that era. Anyway I was all about the 05 STi that I got and I tuned it to where at 430 HP at the crank I pulled on richest man in the city of Cleveland, TN's son who was in a 550 HP twin turbo Porsche. I had a close call that I came out of just tearing up the front passenger side wheel up on a curvy road I still know like the back of my hand. That car's capability had me shook before I even built it up another 130hp and if I kept running it the way I did it wouldn't have been worth anything. Took about a grand maybe 2 less than I had in it and got that 330.
  2. Nobody said he wouldn't be fool. Colby ain't trying to throw hands.
  3. I don't think Robbie wins the fight but he's got a few stand out wrestlers on his KO list. He's 37 but Askren went out early and then got thrown for 5 ffs.
  4. Dude Robbie threw Askren for 5 and knocked him out 4 times in the process. He's stretched a lot of wrestlers and badly.
  5. PlatinumClegg

    Hobbies thread

    I got my first bike in April since a 1999 Haro Dave Mirra 540 Air. I refused to buy something that wasn't a good brand and went with Rocky Mountain. Was thinking about dropping a grand or maybe 1100 with tax tops on a medium frame hardtail but I was adamant about the bike not having 24 or even 18 grears. I wanted a single up front and single digit gears because the 24 gear chit is just that, chit. I asked if a medium frame would be the best fit for my size, said I didn't want an excessive amount of gears, in fact I want single digits and he took me to this medium frame Rocky Mountain 9 speed on 29's. Price tag $879 but as he pulls it out I notice it's a burnt orange... just downright ugly as ****. On top of that the lowest the seat would go was higher than I like to ride. Right next to it is a Rocky Mountain Fusion 10 small frame 8 speed sitting on 29s that fit me perfectly because I was a BMX rider. Grey with black and very little yellow, really good looking bike. This bike probably weighs 22, 23 pounds and still had the 29's that roll over chit that 26" and 27.5" tires don't roll over the same and I can toss it around with ease. It was $699 so I walked at $767 and couldn't be happier. A small frame on 29's is awesome because this bike flies. It runs away from you on small but longer hills. Without the sick disc brakes I would've likely died one of the times I went riding drunk where I live on a mini mountain at night with my 300 lumen head lamp. I'm about to buy at least a 500 lumen head light and put a tail light on it. That and actually buy a helmet and stop riding like a kid that grew up riding without a helmet in the 1990s. I think I suffered a few concussions before I was ever knocked out in a fight or badly hurt in a car wreck.
  6. PlatinumClegg

    Michael Chiesa still targeting Kevin Lee rematch

    He was flexing his neck muscles until Kevin gassed from choking him. This is common knowledge m8.
  7. PlatinumClegg

    Hobbies thread

    Not 04 and 05? Then I just learned not to buy that last years they made the car.
  8. PlatinumClegg

    Hobbies thread

    If I'm not mistaken that's the motor it comes with. The last year of the Lexus IS300 is 2005. In 2006 they started the IS250 and IS350 **** where they put V6 motors in them. I had a friend with an 06 IS350 that with 306 HP would move. I had another with a 02 IS300 that would move a lot faster because it wasn't factory.
  9. PlatinumClegg

    Hobbies thread

    I'm such an old man I'm about to buy and build a 04/05 IS300. By build I mean intake, exhaust and enough turbo to get me about tree fiddy ponies at the rear wheels.
  10. That's a long time in the UFC with a single submission attempt that got him KO'ed by the canvas in the Cain trilogy. lol
  11. PlatinumClegg

    Hobbies thread

    Lately riding my Fusion 10 Rocky Mountain and gambling poker, roulette, black jack at the casino in Cherokee, North Carolina. I even enjoy just pissing money away at slot machines for a break from gambling at higher stakes. 5 trips since February 21st walked out a solid winner 2nd, 3rd and 4th trip. I went into I can't lose mode on trip 5 and ended up losing. Having 10 bucks on something that hits at 35 to 1 will do that to you. I wasn't the least bit intoxicated for the first time. In a way I enjoy the nerves that come with a trip. I feel like an athlete the night before a big game and barely sleep. There's a gas station just before Murphy that I have to take a chit at every trip. I go in to take a piss because naturally I'm drinking a Coors light while driving through bumblef*ck southwestern North Carolina and I end up having to take a watery chit from the nerves and it's money I can afford to lose. A very legit bankroll every time and the nerves are still a wreck every trip.
  12. PlatinumClegg

    Jung vs Stephens anyone?

    Before that he caved a mans face in. He didn't get yolo KOed in the last half second of a 25 minute fight being an idiot. KZ has 2 fights in 8 years. Neither of them ankle dive they bang it out. Book it Moicano is now riding 2 Ls himself.
  13. PlatinumClegg

    OMalley pulled from UFC 239 due to failed drug test

    There's no way this bird chested stoner is on steroids. I'll fight this idiot at 45 for 3 grand and a blow job from a ring card girl. Book it @DanaWhite
  14. He was ankle diving against Shane Carwin the entire goddamn fight.