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  1. PlatinumClegg

    I like money, do you?

    Looking back I'm happy for Spits but I was mad as hell that night. I bet a grand total of 2 dollars on Luke. 7 pick $80 parlay and 11 pick $322 parlay. I actually celebrated winning 400 when the co main event was over. I had people in my house and they were like "Isn't there another fight?" I was like Not really.
  2. Do you think Conor even drinks that trash? I bet he was drinking like the 15 or 20 year Pappy out of a proper 12 bottle at that Khabib press conference where he was on more drugs than I am.
  3. PlatinumClegg

    Diet and Nutrition

    I had to wreck my mountain bike back when it was still hot, break my thumb and just lift to get that weight back. Getting back on a bike for the first time in 20 years had me around 154 in the summer. That and stressing over my father's health who despite being nearly 70 will probably still out live me. I'm going to a go kart track in Atlanta that's like miniature F1 chit. They can hit 55 mph! I'm gonna have two Woodford's and four marijuana's with at least half a xanax before I get out there. I'm going with the 50 minute $125 platinum package. I was trying to bet my buddy 2 hundo because he's 6'1" and probably 235 these days but he's trying to do it without gambling... lol lame he's blaming the weight on being the father of a 10 month old. I'm like you were 225 when she got pregnant! Dad bod was already in place.
  4. PlatinumClegg

    Diet and Nutrition

    What the ****? How tall are you? I eat more than that when I'm defending my lightweight title in the backyard. I'm smashing over 3 grand easily to maintain 166 at 5'9.5" with a 71 inch reach if we are getting super cereal. I eat 4 times a day and whatever I want though. The only standard in my diet is the Taco Stand down the street.
  5. PlatinumClegg

    Disciplines and workouts

    Kneegrow please. Cash is 6'8" and all hands. Even mid 30's he will take the occasional trip to courts on the mean streets of south side Chicago and tomahawk dunk on the naggers. There's always that one that thinks he's about to hit it big playing D2 ball at some college where the teachers do his homework for him. Cash tells one of the little homies on the sidelines "Hold my blunt"
  6. PlatinumClegg

    Diet and Nutrition

    I'm an American! I eat pizza while your mother gives me a BJ in the back of the bangbus.com van.
  7. PlatinumClegg

    Disciplines and workouts

    Yes we do. @cashfl0w has his own all hands bare knuckle backyard promotion and I'm the reigning lightweight and welterweight champion. I had a blue belt in BJJ dating back to late 2002 just after I turned 17 but I gave that chit up unless someone shoots on me and I have to do them like Showtime. You can't shoot in Cashfl0w's backyard unless you wanna get shot though. Last man to panic wrestle after getting the hands got off easy because it's no longer all hands. When you put your head in my crotch I cave your skull in with 12 to 6 elbows. Which should be legal in MMA btw. Specifically when fighting d!ck sucking bums like Colby and Marty.
  8. Bruh I haven't even watched it but Zabit ducked 5 rounds for a reason. I just came back from Cherokee in time to watch the WBO super middleweight champion and the WBC lightweight champion on the goddamn undercard for KSI and Logan Paul. The nagger from Britain would have gotten knocked out but he got a 5 minute count after a knockdown over strikes thrown at him while he was down that didn't even land. Then 2 points were taken in a 6 round fight. Rigged for the nagger.
  9. He was just showing the fatty that missed weight that he can clinch with him if needed.
  10. Diego is a punch drunk retard that got whooped by Mike Chiesa. Darrel floored the baddest motherf*cker in the game as soon as the ref said fight after the break for a d!ck kick. I'm KINDA becoming a fan. He's not trying to suck another man's **** or shoulder bump them against the cage.
  11. PlatinumClegg

    Stop with this round 4 and 5 chit regarding Nate Diaz

    You do have to be careful with Nate on the ground. IMO he's slicker than Nick off of his back. He was subbing black belts when he was early to mid 20's purple belt. I think Nate was going to get his head dribbled off the canvas midway through the 4th if they let it continue. Jorge doesn't gas out like Conor.
  12. 40 picograms one day, 80 picograms the following day. Starts pulsing the closer they get to the fight? Yeah he's not microdosing. Personally I think Corey's skillset doesn't match up to even beat non steroid Jones but he would beat Reyes. The man the UFC is desperately protecting from Corey so Jon can have another lay up at 205 while he keeps running his d!ck sucker about fighting Francis at HW or some other middleweight. They matched Anderson up with Walker thinking it was going to be another highlight reel for a retarded man that sidelines himself for like a year via post fight celebration. Corey calls them out and one of these scrub MMA journalists takes his comments the wrong way, intentionally. Dana gets mad butthurt that Beastin' 9 to 5 wrecked a dude that's the same size as Jon with quick KO's that can no longer be hyped. For real if you get wrecked that badly by Corey Anderson in the 1st round that means you should go hit up the regional circuit for 3 fights before you go get knocked out chasing a Jungle Fights title.
  13. PlatinumClegg

    Stop with this round 4 and 5 chit regarding Nate Diaz

    Jorge WOULD have finished him if the fight continued. Believe it. I had money on Jorge by decision and I'm not mad about that stoppage because Nate was getting stopped in between rounds 4 and 5 by the DOCTOR if he managed to survive another round. You motherf*ckers are retarded.
  14. PlatinumClegg

    Stop with this round 4 and 5 chit regarding Nate Diaz

    lol he was toying with his food back then. He also still won all of those split decisions at both LW and WW. He decided to take the judges out of the equation. He topped knockout of the 2019 over Darren Till with knockout of 2019 over Ben Askren. Name me one fighter with not one, but two KO's of the year in the same year. I'll wait because if both aren't nominated it's because Ben got killed in 3 seconds. For @VertFTW you retard. Jorge is 182 pounds 8% body fat which is lighter than Khabib and a lot of other lightweights. He stopped cutting to lightweight when they banned IV's. Nate walks around at 200 pounds and stated he was done cutting weight after the Poirier fight fell through. Donald Cerrone was actually offered a fight with Nate Diaz at MIDDLEWEIGHT and it didn't happen because Nate is a diva. After his first fight with Conor he was bigger than Nick. Cash even commented that Nate must have bought every edible in the store with his check when that picture was posted. At least Nick is a retired alcoholic that never leaves Las Vegas. Nate is the Antonio Brown of MMA at this point. Yeah he was really going to turn it on in those last rounds. It was only 16 stitches above his eye and 9 below the same goddamn eye. No big deal. Oh yeah anyone that thought Jorge wouldn't be faster with better technique has never actually watched him fight. Look at what Jorge did to KJ Noons back in the day. KJ floored Nick Diaz and stopped him with cuts back when EliteXC made their lightweight division 160 pounds specifically to cater to Nick Diaz. Jorge nearly killed KJ Noons the man had a softball on his head.
  15. Ugh... it's probably more legit than Jones LOSING to a middleweight that blew his ACL, MCL, PCL and meniscus in the 1st goddamn round. Said middleweight was knocked out in like 2 minutes by a welterweight named Vicente Luque. You know that guy coming off back to back losses against Platinum and Wonderbread? Anderson did get knocked out by OSP but it was a head kick in the 3rd round of a fight he won the first two rounds. He'd grind OSP for 3 rounds in a rematch and he would finish Jimi who already retired. Reyes is said to be the number one contender. LOL he LOST to Volkan who absolutely sucks and he beat Chris Weidman, a middleweight that's nearly as bad as Volkan. 2013 Chris Weidman on the gear would knock Reyes head clean off his shoulders. Corey Anderson is the number one contender whether you like his skill set or not. I don't dislike him as a person and thinks he kinda sucks tbh but that's the state of the LHW division. They pretty much all suck and when Jon isn't on steroids he sucks too. Luckily for him he can fail drug tests until he's 38 years old.