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  1. PlatinumClegg


    lol not bad. I'm glad Roids had mercy on you. I couldn't with America because he was talking too much chit to all the legends of the game.
  2. PlatinumClegg


    lol I still can't get over how that went down. Throwing accounts bets out on Edson not getting knocked the **** out by the King of Violence. He was wobbling around as soon as Gaethje touched him.
  3. PlatinumClegg

    Darren Till arrested

    Jorge gave that boy brain damage. His head clattered off the canvas like 6 times.
  4. PlatinumClegg

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    There's some solid guys up there that make a living in that room and house games. There's also some people that don't even know what the button, under the gun or positional play is at all. I realized I'm not quite as good as I thought beating up idiots at the pool hall in Dayton, TN or Knoxville house games. Old, rich and retired dudes at the Elks Lodge that play poker for about 2 hours and then just start gambling. The first time I sat at a 1/2 game the cat betting into me had over a grand in chips and the max buy in is $200. I was thinking Goddamn I wonder what some of these dudes at the 2/5 game have because you can buy in with a grand max there. I learned some things as well like I didn't know you had to ask the dealer's permission to straddle when you're UTG. Also how quickly I did it this dude smiled and mucked. Then said Thanks for letting me know you got a nice pocket pair and I did have jacks. I didn't get any action. In general I'm hard to read but I was out of my element my first trip and I did lose money. I was also nervous, completely sober and really just trying to play like the best 9 starting hands. That guy betting into me with his 6 thousand dollar Rolex eating a banana was like "Are you going to play or just keep that seat warm?" I was getting dealt a lot of trash though.
  5. PlatinumClegg

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Yeah that's the way the $45 (10pm start) and $80 (7pm) tournaments are Mon-Thurs as well and it was throwing me off because I'm used to house games. 2.5 hours of being able to buy in and the blinds going up every 20 minutes. When I was heads up the guy that beat me had about 75% of the chips and I shoved with K 9 after turning 2 pair but it was right into a set that he flopped with pocket 8s. I was honestly relieved because if I won I was going to ask if he wanted to split 1st and 2nd place right down the middle. They will let you do that. The blinds start at 25/50 and had just moved to 3,000/6,000 when he took me out. They introduce a 5,000 chip later in the game. I did flop a lot of big hands in the blinds on trash starting hands though. They'd deal me 3 7 off and boom 2 pair. The $80 tournament my best hands were pockets 4s and 6 7 suited. No **** I was out of there in about 50 minutes. I ordered a Stella and she got back with it 30 seconds after I was eliminated. That's when I went to the 1/2 game at table 7 and I was doing well when some nagger rivered over a $300 pot and left. I was triggered even though I was probably even and left. I went to the parking garage with my other friend that had also been bounced from the tournament and we got trashed. Came back in and we were just pissing money away on slots when we decided to go the roulette table which was ridiculous because we would hit and leave only to end up back there again betting more each time. Slots in between but we went 4 for 4 at the $5 minimum table. $20, $30, $30 and $105. Black, red, black, black. Then I caught monster hands at a $5 minimum black jack table. Basically zero skill involved in the money I won that last time but goddamn it was fun. They said they were booked on regular rooms and the cat in the tournament only drinks light beer and was definitely sober so when he offered to drive back I let him. I got back to my house at like 11am and I was awake until that night off the natural high of the roulette run followed by just doubling down black jack bets after winning I would just stack the winnings right on top of my initial bet. My last bet was a $60 dealer bust and I was finally convinced by my boy that was going to drive to leave. Apparently only black people play roulette by the way. That $105 bet was 10 black and a dude had 5 on that and 25 on that column. He didn't even seem excited and these 3 white boys were acting like we just robbed the place.
  6. PlatinumClegg

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Amir Khan is a b!tch. Bud Crawford punched him in the thigh and he used it as a way to just straight up quit.
  7. PlatinumClegg

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Goddammit. My dad got a 2013 fully loaded AWD CRV (nicer than my 2010 because it has sunroof, leather and back up cam) and we were going to go Thursday night but the weather was chitty and my boy wanted more time. Last time we were up there he got 3rd in the $80 tournament but he got warned by all of his dealers and nearly penalized over table etiquette. I got 2nd the time before that in the $45 tournament and I was warned a few times for dumb chit. I told this woman thinking about calling my bet "Come on, it'll be fun." and I was warned for that apparently because it was a tournament and not a cash game. I'll be back up there soon though. I sold a stock around $1800 and change and my bankroll is over 3 grand. I had an absolutely ridiculous drunken roulette run that helped me get there after someone did a hit and run on me on the river at a 1/2 cash game. I love that place and as long as I don't get stuck behind a semi on a 2 way I can get up there in just over 2 hours. I might try the route that goes through Bryson City next time. I just stay on 64(TN) which turns into 74 (NC) and take 441 north like 4 miles and I'm there. I don't even get cell service for a good chunk of the drive in the middle of nowhere. How'd you do? I'm not sure I have the stamina to grind out that $45 buy in tournament again because people just keep buying back in. Anyone worth a damn I had to beat twice. It was like 35 guys but there was 58 buy ins. Wes only had to deal with about 25 guys and maybe 35 buy ins at the $80 tourney and he intentionally bought in late. 3rd place was still worth a little more than my 2nd and the tournament was completely over in just over 4 hours. I had to grind for 6. $410 was still nice though. I think the guy that beat me got $660.
  8. PlatinumClegg

    Question about Israel Adasanya

    He also said he was going to "C U M" on Kelvin when someone asked him something on twitter. He's definitely a romo.
  9. PlatinumClegg

    just got my first tat

    Wuss. You should've got a Platinum face tattoo. @freddievanhalen3 ain't scared.
  10. PlatinumClegg

    It's all about the fighters , lmao yeah right

    Exactly. I'm watching Max and Dustin throw them boys whether a fake power ranger belt is on the line or not.
  11. lmfao I'm glad you're back Soup. This place was so full of JV betas I had to boot one from the forum.
  12. PlatinumClegg

    Amanda Nunes updates on plans for UFC featherweight title

    Dude she might have a chance of running, grunting, jabbing and leg kicking for dear life. It's not a very good chance at all but there's always that chance when the octagon is nearly the size of my house. Greg and Mike have a run for dear life point fighting strategy in place make no mistake about that. Amanda Nunes isn't Megan Anderson though and she dove at that cans ankles for 3 rounds. If Amanda doesn't kill The Preacher's Grandmother... it doesn't count.
  13. PlatinumClegg

    Game of Thrones

    As @carnages said that episode sucked. EVERY scene was 2 minutes to 2 minutes and 40 seconds. To top it off the the coveted final scene goes to Jaime showing up in Winterfell over Jon finding out who his parents are. WTF? I guess they had to get the gay chit out of the way early and it was 49 minutes and change. I thought all episodes were going to be 70+ minutes or at least that's what I read last year. Wait 2 years to get d!cked like that. The 3rd episode is when the chit will go down. Dany can hop on a dragon in Dragonstone (south) and pass the wall in like 10 minutes but it's taking the Mad King YEARS to get his army of cans to Winterfell. They better not **** this up and they need to go ahead and kill Samwell with the quickness. His father sent him to the wall and he's all butthurt when Dany is straight cold blooded about how she bodied him and his stupid brother.
  14. 0-3 in the UFC and nearly finished by 3rd world medicine. It would be like the day Kimbo died.