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  1. PlatinumClegg

    Justin Gaethje and Alex Hernandez in the works

    Name the bet. That foglet isn't holding Gaethje down.
  2. No I mean that seriously. What the **** is he doing? He has a wife and two daughters. He's going to end up just like Gary Goodridge. His last 3 knockout losses were all really bad. Stipe put him down for a couple of minutes as well. After what I saw from Ngannou in his last outing he might be a bum. Derrick's back was thrown out and Francis still wouldn't commit to anything.
  3. Shouldn't Alistair be in time out? I swear I've watched him get murdered twice in under a year.
  4. PlatinumClegg

    Well kiddies, that'll be about it for Khabib.

    Some of these naggers might show up and not vote dem automatically. We will let them think that we aren't going to take away all of their free chit. Then as soon as we take office we take away their free chit and give it to our criminal friends on Wall Street. Business as usual.
  5. PlatinumClegg

    Well kiddies, that'll be about it for Khabib.

    Ooooh I got it. You grew up in an all black community. You were one of only 10 white students in your high school. Sound familiar? We'll leave out robbing houses and jail.
  6. PlatinumClegg

    Well kiddies, that'll be about it for Khabib.

    lol I didn't see that chit from 2 days ago. She's less Native American than I am! She has a SINGLE ANCESTOR from 6 to 10 generations ago. Oh my cringe I didn't realize what a POS she is claiming minority to climb the Ivy League. The b*tch is 99.9% NOT Native American. Well that settles it since I have more Cherokee in me than Elizabeth Warren I better start representing what's left of my people. Maybe I can take advantage of it and take office. First stop City Mayor and then Congress and then the White House. With a 6'8" running m8 no one can stop me. Cash what's your angle? 1/8 African American?
  7. PlatinumClegg

    Well kiddies, that'll be about it for Khabib.

    CB's hero. He wishes he was Elizabeth Warren right down to being a fake Native American and everything.
  8. PlatinumClegg

    Well kiddies, that'll be about it for Khabib.

    LOL he literally asked Who the **** Elizabeth Warren is!!! Only the b*tch that the liberals think can perform some gypsy magic if elected president.
  9. PlatinumClegg

    Chad Mendes vs. Renato Moicano at UFC 231

    He's not as big of a can as Conor but Chad on a full camp might just overhand right this turd into unconsciousness.
  10. PlatinumClegg

    Jeffdubya on Thursdays

    Thursdays are dope. That's the start of my 3 day weekend. Sunday's... they fookin suck.
  11. Jesus look at Mr Casual over here. This dude knocked out Baby Fedor last year! Overeem is dead!
  12. Khabib knocks the brittle little man out cold.
  13. PlatinumClegg

    Will me and cashfl0ws feud break records?

    Suck it Cashfl0w! Team Bash Cash shall rise again! If Roids heads up this circle jerk RIP old chap.
  14. Jimmie is still concussed from the Marlon fight. TJ Dillashaw is the champion... it's not on Garbrandt to "get the division moving again" See Jimmie the UFC has a couple of guys called "Matchmakers" and they absolutely suck.