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  1. BTW Florida fans are all trash. You motherf*ckers threw a cup of piss on someone at a game I was in attendance for as a child in the early 90s. I hope all of Greenland melts so that chit hole overpriced state is wiped off the planet. Jorge Masvidal is the only thing they've ever produced and he's Cuban.
  2. Wow I dunked on UT over Auburn moneyline last season. I can't believe I get to do it again at the exact same odds this season. So I assume we gotta beat you chumps in that slummy swamp?
  3. AND the Titans are going to the Super Bowl.
  4. We're taking the SEC East. Trust me on that.
  5. You boys will get pieced up by the Vols. Forget beating the bulldogs. Shot at the playoff... lol.
  6. Georges is scared to catch the hands from drug addict Nick... that's just sad man.
  7. I don't even care if you're 6'2" 240. Pro boxer, probably at least a brown belt you're getting the HANDS. @Megasoup You better hope you land that knockout otherwise it's going to be a f*cked up night for you. You knocked out a few midgets and you're pumped up
  8. IF you force our hand to slap you... pump the brakes are we not slapping you?
  9. I deleted that sh!t for you. He tried this when I was near full Soup without the kids he doesn't raise
  10. They don't even have the most western Great Lake ffs. It something that stuck with my all the way back to grade school. I would ask "Why is it called the mid west when it's clearly much closer to the east coast?" The teachers couldn't explain it. I doubt they can to this day.
  11. South? I don't know maybe it's Minnesota. My name is Clegg and I'm addicted to marijuana and at least 2 bourbons when I get off work. If you look at a map of the country the midwest is really more like the mideast. It took time to kill off most of the natives and purchase an enormous amount of land for pennies.
  12. I agree and disagree. By rape they would wrassle them and be big, strong and good enough grapplers to not get submitted. Woodley is past it, he would still beat Nate and Anthony but he's past his prime. Colby and Marty would dominate but I don't think they would do truly significant damage. Yeah Nate would definitely be bleeding with all of that scar tissue. I only see Showtime getting stopped in a 5 round match and it wouldn't even be some Joe Rogan loses his mind type stoppage. It would be the exact opposite that Anthony who weighed 177 against Nate's 180 was carrying Usman's 193 pounds for too long wrestling and is just gassed. I could see the same for Nate but even though I think Colby the underdog is going to outwork Marty I don't think he finishes these boys he walks real light for WW. He doesn't hit hard and they are durable. We're talking decision machines and there's a very entitled one named Leon in that division. I don't know about you but I tune in to see VIOLENCE. I'm not even sure Colby has finished a fight in the octagon and when it was brought about about Marty from Colby.......................... Karyn Bryant had a SNAP CALL OF SERGIO MORAES for poor Marty there. It's like Tyron said "Who? I'm talking about the greats."
  13. I figured that's why we are still here. The only kids left are legends of the game like Pat and Carn. I was newly 24 when my first account was banned and first CorporalClegg account was March of 2010. Was I an obnoxious marijuana dealer that had to take a part time job so the government didn't nail me for not filing taxes while buying 2005 model WRX STi's at 24? Yes I definitely was but so many of those bans were not justified. G_Row would ban if he had one too many bourbons. He'd go grave digging for a post calling GSP a stalling can and I was out of here, temporarily.
  14. lol don't play stupid fool. Everyone knows Juice lives in the midwest. I believe North Dakota and speaking of ND what the fook were you doing there? Going on a hike to Canada?
  15. That's why his post has me in tears.