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  1. Denizen

    OFFICIAL Race to 101 #3

    Adding Hardy KO 1st round
  2. Absolutely this. TJ is diminishing himself. If Cejudo was moving up to challenge for 135 I doubt there would be much of a debate on the outcome. TJ is cutting 8% of his body weight? Idk I'm not great at math. But whatever he's cutting is huge, relative to his size. I've been a fan of Henry since Jungle Olympics.....but TJ is the more well rounded fighter.
  3. In the Helwani video call between TJ and Cejudo on new years eve, the one thing I noticed besides the cringe fest was how drunk Cejudo was. Just no, don't do that 3 weeks before the biggest fight of your life. TJ got this. His fluid combinations will lead to a KO.
  4. Denizen

    OFFICIAL Race to 101 #3

    VanZant decision Lipski Dillashaw KO Belal remember the decision
  5. Denizen

    UFC Cuts

    Jason "the bite" knight will be sadly missed. Jason TheKid Knight ✔@Jasonthekid23 Yea I accidentally bit the dude this weekend, u put your fingers in my mouth I'll bite them too , a fish hook is not a takedown defense
  6. Great fight. Difficult one to call. Both very scrappy ladies. Leaning towards Waterson because she has more tools but for sure KK will get the better of it on the feet. Should be a pick em.
  7. Denizen

    London fight night 16th march

    My excuse is I don't live on the forum. Yes he cares what people think/say about his public call outs.....uhm....It's why he and other fighters do it publicly, no? Ya know, to sell fights? Won't be heading to this event but have funzies.
  8. Denizen

    London fight night 16th march

    Not even an ad lib. He had time to lay back in his bed and scratch his balls while carefully considering what he wanted to put out there into the twitterverse to entertain and to taunt. This is the best he could come up with? Eight of the nine members belonging to this forum would clown him in a prefight press conference.
  9. Denizen

    UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson 2

    Actually no, it's not. Have fun in your negativitree
  10. Denizen

    UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson 2

    Every time you comment to or quote me it's to point out that I made incorrect picks. This pick was correct. Change the record. You're boring.
  11. Denizen

    Attn Patster and Roids

    If a person were to download a reddit app.....and search such an app for mma streams it seems to me that the might ....and this is only a guess.....and only a guess from a person that uses android OS.....but they MIGHT find a thread were dozens of illegal websites regularly advertise high quality illegal streams for every MMA event that ever happens. This is just idle speculation obviously.
  12. Denizen

    OFFICIAL Race to 101 #3

    Adding Mendes Kelleher decision
  13. Denizen

    UFC 232: Jones vs. Gustafsson 2

    Jones even went so far as to suggest that him cheating was a good thing for the sport, that he was helping out the generations of fighters to follow. He was yelling at the crowd to be men and allow fighters to answer questions, he then basically went on to put his fingers in his ears and loudly sing LA-LA-LA when he was asked questions he didn't want to answer. He is beyond conceited. I had to lol when he referred to himself as a guinea pig when he was actually describing a scapegoat. Guinea pig is for sure more accurate. Gus seemed confident and professional. I'm pushing my chips on him.