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  1. Denizen

    RIP Ben Askren's brain, career and bandwagon

    Watch the last episode of embedded. Jorge threw that knee for the camera while he was waiting to weigh in. Epic.
  2. If you're a sucker then you're gonna lose. If you're not you're gonna break even or win. Tried to give you guys a chance at free money, show you how easy it is to exploit the system the bookmakers use. I quite literally gave step by step instructions of how yo do it......but still.... Haters need to hate. Thanks and goodnight.
  3. It's was literally asked for, so I posted it, you being you, attacked it. The end.
  4. You misread. The casino bonus that o posted the other day, I needed to roll over 40 times or whatever. I actually joined that site to get daily free bets for the Cheltenham festival (horse racing). The £10 casino bonus I was given along with it was just gravy, I could care less about casinos for the most part. The bet above: if it's the decision that comes in the figure posted will be real and fully accessible immediately. I don't want a decision of course, but only because Safarov pays much better profit. It's a 99% guaranteed no loss bet.
  5. Not sure I understand. But yes I exploit the greed of bookmakers to get new customers. You can easily look into it your self. Sports free bets don't need to be gambled multiple times, you can cash them whenever. Casino bets (from previous thread) need to be reinvested, I think the last one I had to turn over $500 from $10 before it would release the funds. You're actually in a much better position to exploit the system than I am because there's dozens of companies in the US which will match your sign up bets to a much higher value. The reason the bet above is limited to £30 is because that is where that particular company cap their free bets. You are in a position to do the same thing but you could be betting much more money and having a far greater ROI because of the deals US bookmakers offer to new customers. The bets which are shown above are as legitimate as it gets. Look into it yourself. Get a pen and paper out, do the maths, you'll see it works.
  6. Uh...do the math. I thought you were a gambler? If it goes to a draw I'm £27.50 In profit. The screen shot shows 11/4 by decision which would be £112.50 but instead it shows £82.50 (-£30)because they won't return the free bet as it's not mine, it's theirs. The £82.50 is mine to withdraw at my discretion, not theirs. It's free money like I said. Take it or leave it. But don't come acting like you know better than me. Clearly you don't.
  7. Here is some totally free money for you guys all you need to do is download a gambling app that will pay you one free bet to sign up. I used my sign up bonus on the fight going to a decision, as can be seen in the screenshots. If you can do the math, you can see that it's literally free money except in case of a draw. Beyond that, the very worst thing that can happen is, I win my money back. You are welcome.
  8. Huh... Going with both Nicolae Negumereanu and his opponent Saparbeg Safarov. backing each fighter to win by KO comes in at roughly +165. That's crazy, neither guy has seen the 3rd round in their pro career. 12 wins by KO and 5 by sub between them. +165 by KO for either is free money. Betting the house. A fractional added to cover the stake in the unlikely event that it goes the distance. Only a draw or submission can fùck me, any other out come is BANK.
  9. Expected McMann to come in over again but she's just at the limit.
  10. 2 underdogs I'll be going with are Safarov by KO and Nelson by submission. Waiting to see the markets obviously but I expect they'll be both worthwhile. McCann, Allen and Till looks like a worthwhile triple too. Will probably play it as a X7 patent
  11. Bless you for your interest in me, it's sweet (If a little unsettling, I'd be worried if I were female).
  12. Absolutely. Calculated risk is what it's all about. Bet a little to win a lot and hope you're right 25% of the time.
  13. Yep, anyone that listened to Dan Hardy when he was breaking down Rousey Vs Holm (who apparently had no chance according to most) banked £120 for their £10.
  14. Not worth gambling on, Till is a big favourite as he should be, I'd say the only value would be on Till winning by knockout... but then again Masvidal has fought 45 times and been knocked out once....11 years ago. I'll be avoiding the fight.