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    UFC theme that plays during intermission/sponsors

    And where did the guy asking the question go? He hasnt been active since he started this topic.
  2. Gobbla

    It takes a year for my account to work?

    Maybe you have to pay again
  3. Gobbla

    Fight Club Rip off

    We all knew this was going to happen..
  4. Gobbla

    Membership fee - charged twice

    Did this happen when you bought ticket?
  5. Gobbla

    Fight Club Rip off

    Welcome to the jungle!
  6. Gobbla

    Viagogo scam - how to get money back

    Do you know that the tickets go on sale August 15? Why did you but tickets from a site that has tickets to an event that havent been released yet?
  7. Gobbla

    How does the presale work?

    Create an account on whatever site sells the tickets. Click on the ufc event, enter the presale code to get acces to the tickets.
  8. Gobbla

    Best way to get tickets

    Try to logg in to axs.com whit your account. or create a new.
  9. Is there a ceremonial weigh in on saturday? Any comfirmd guest fighters?
  10. Again? When did that happen? Jan is as white as Alex
  11. Gobbla

    UFC 213 PreSale

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  12. Gobbla

    UFC Unfiltered

    For once Jim got his tour locations right, always forgets Stockholm. Haha
  13. Gobbla

    Podcast: Phone Booth Fighting

    This is one of my favourite podcasts.
  14. Gobbla

    UFC Unfiltered

    Rest in phonebooth
  15. Gobbla

    ufc 211

    Are you John Morgan?
  16. Gobbla

    UFC 211

  17. Gobbla

    UFC Unfiltered

    I like this podcast. A fun combination between Matt, Jim and Chris.
  18. Gobbla

    favorite ufc/mma podcast?

    My podcast list: The MMA hour Anik & Florian Phone Booth Fighting UFC Unfiltered The Fighter & the Kid Joe Rogan Experience MMA Roadshow Bruce Buffer
  19. Gobbla

    Podcast: Phone Booth Fighting

    I really liked the last episode. (#119). 3+ hours of pure fun.
  20. Gobbla

    Podcast: Phone Booth Fighting

    I have listend to about 10-15 episodes of the Sonnen podcasts and just did not find it that interesting. I know its one of Richard´s (Hunter) favourite podcasts.
  21. Gobbla

    Podcast: Phone Booth Fighting

    Long time, no new episode..
  22. Gobbla

    The Mark Hunt Action figure

    Thats nasty!
  23. Gobbla

    They gave Ovinth's Von Flue performance of the night money

    According to Al Iaquinta himself he is temporarily ineligible to receive fight night bonuses.