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  1. agtx

    Sarah Frota Has Been USADAed for Two Years

    Damn, how will the company survive without their biggest star?
  2. agtx

    What should Dana White do?

    Ufc exec - A death in the cage would make some headlines, make him fight ngannou.
  3. Greased nips all round! Would be the most polite, respectful & friendly superfight ever. With 30 mins of "hes the best, no hes the best" in the post fight interview & all procedes being donated to charity. So its good to see that theres a heap of salt between the fans to make up for it.
  4. Robbery, when the decision came barboza looked like wtf & felder looked like he just won the lottery, surprised as a mother ****er. The stats all show that barboza beat felder in all departments too, more strikes & sig strikes, takedowns... everything. Just another trilogy fight.
  5. agtx

    Marty - Colby UFC 244

    Lets just hope that colby doesnt have another emergency elective surgery that could wait but he suddenly needs & has to pull out of the fight!
  6. agtx

    Kabob hurts shoulder when asked about TFerg lol

    Why would kebab do conor the favour of accepting a rematch? Kebab said hes giving his pay from the fight to charity, money is not his motivation anyway & theres nothing tht would be different in a rematch, conor got made kebabs ****. Kebab just wants a couple of days to relax before thinking of when hes going to fight tony is all he said in the interview. Hes said many times that tony is next....so tony is next. Guy isnt scared of anyone.
  7. Well, mctapper vs perrier 2 is now a possibility, except at lightweight.
  8. Edson won. Felder headbutted edson but felder is the one who complains about it.
  9. dustbin joining the other fighters in the victims of cage rape support group. Mctapper will cry with him.
  10. Literally dustbins only chance is to swing for the fences & hope he lands a hard shot.
  11. Dustbin swinging & praying now lol
  12. Dp gonna get dp’d by a russian eagle in a minute
  13. No one got a gif of mctapper punching perriers pea head clean off then?
  14. Whats the odds on mctapper showing up mid fight & causing trouble?