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  1. agtx

    Which UFC fighter do you feel had the best comeback story?

    Robbie Lawyer made an impressive comeback, unlike his hair, so ruthless his hair fell out.
  2. Supposedly conors cars are all leased & fook knows how much hes had to pay in fines & law suites so i can believe hes not so flush anymore, im sure he could still retire comfortably from fighting & use his mouth & name to make an income, maybe his piss whisky will be nicer once its aged & will pay off too.
  3. Lol conors fame can only continue to fade as he keeps losing fights, hardly ever runs his mouth anymore cause hes not really active anymore in his fighting career, just gets arrested for petty crimes like a chav scumbag, make him wear an ankle strap. if he was ever going to get a slice of the ufc, that time passed long ago, he needed to stay more active & be undefeated. If he loses again especially to diaz, guy will have to become an active fighter & do some work or retire with his money/do something else. Him & his clone clownboy colby could go to the wwe or something.
  4. agtx

    How badly is Showtime going to body this karate kid

    Ufc should cut this boring fighter, probably another 15 minutes of thompson bouncing on the spot & his opponent being too scared to attack. Hes a one trick pony & his trick is boring as ****.
  5. agtx

    Aldo hospitalized.

    Yes, weird how he wont fight injured when he has the title & the money on the line, when he wanted to build a legacy & a streak as champ. its almost like the stakes are much higher when youre the champ or something!
  6. agtx

    Blachowitz vs. Rockhold signed for UFC 239

    Beefed up rockhold might be ko’ing cans like blacko****.
  7. agtx

    ESPN Isn't The Only Deal UFC Extended Yesterday...

    7 more years of Dana ****ing White, you goofs!
  8. agtx


    Voluntarily gives up his title cause hes guilty, no tainted supplement excuses or anything! Also great news for girl weight & midget weight. Definitely no rematch between him & Henry Cebjj & henry will fight a contender & tj roiding & codys career in the toilet = fresh competition. or perfect time for Dana to kill off flyweight.
  9. Will Ben “hey you guyyyys” Assgrin pull a stunt after the main event? Hes been calling Till out all week & hes cage side.
  10. get that guy an iced sombrero & some moustache wax, stat.
  11. Did silva a huge favor going to the ground, ****ed up
  12. Lol dont go on the ground make him stand up!
  13. Silva looks like werdums mini me.
  14. Hot ****late going to stop this fool.
  15. Darshman moves to 3 wins 3 losses on his record. Main card material?