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  1. Shiddy card. Was fun watching paul harris 2.0 fish for heel hooks for 15 minutes straight. Main event belonged on the prelims.
  2. agtx

    Masvidal wants title / McGregor next

    His manager is getting him to make all the right moves, hes got himself in an excellent position, probably the most talked about ufc fighter right now. Hope he makes the money.
  3. agtx

    Who Do You Think Jones Fight's Next?

    Both him & dc want a superfight so if dc wins against stipe, thats probably whats going to happen.
  4. agtx

    Askren is going to make this look easy, folks.

    Askren vs maia
  5. agtx

    UFC 239: Jones vs. Santos

    He got kicked in the legs & left in a wheel chair but it didnt even wobble him during the fight. He only landed 1 elbow the whole fight, he didnt do enough the first 2 rounds but held the center of the octagon the whole fight & after round 2 basically sparred santos with no urgency the rest of the fight to eek out a points win. He was respecting the guys power & fighting santos where he was strongest, didnt even try a takedown, like jones said if they want a rematch jones would fight with all his tools next time & i think he would finish santos, hes just another power puncher & one dimensional as a fighter.
  6. agtx

    Askren is going to make this look easy, folks.

    I still dont really know who ben askren really is, obviously a big name in the USA, but to me hes like cm punk but with better wrestling, not really cut out for mma.
  7. agtx

    UFC 239: Jones vs. Santos

    Jones was sparing, santos was fighting for his life. Boring fight but if jones actually tried he would have smashed him. Not a great way to be remembered as the best ever, why risk everything on a decision even if you think you were probably winning.
  8. The fact he doesnt see Jones as the goal when the current champ cleans out your division you should not look past that guy. This idiot is going to get humbled by the Jones at the weekend.
  9. Colby ducked his own title shot & hes an idiot. Hope he has to fight a load more times to get back where he was
  10. Someone throw another boomerang at colby sohe can go back into hiding.
  11. Unrelated but whats happened to ben askren? Guy was all over the ufc a few months ago.
  12. agtx

    Weidman confirms hes going to LHW

    Gets ko’d by Manuwa in his first fight lols.
  13. agtx

    Manuwa retired

    Chicken manure