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  1. agtx

    Everybody is ducking Cannonier

    Lol he literally only has one eye now, would he even be allowed to fight.
  2. Yeah, they pick carefully for conor, they really dont want him to fight jorge, they cant pick the champions though 😅
  3. Who knew getting punched in the face for years was bad for your complexion?!
  4. She got her title back in a time when a wimmin would just have to take 2 boxing classes & own a pair of gloves to be called a contender. She was the Ronda Rousey of boxing,
  5. It took them 6 hours to figure out one thing that they can still say about conor to justify the hype hes meant to have & now you just ruined it. Good job.
  6. agtx

    Conor McGregor playing a game, a good game....

    Dana officially said in the post fight conference that there is a floyd gheyweather - ufc event in the works for this year....wonder what that will be.
  7. agtx

    UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cerrone

    Dana cracks me up, was happy with the stoppage, cause his cash cow won, if it had been the other way around he would have been losing his **** about a bad stoppage.
  8. agtx

    UFC 246: McGregor vs. Cerrone

    Just realised this is a bt box office event, skip.
  9. agtx

    Conor McGregor playing a game, a good game....

    Why would gsp water down his legacy by fighting a loser & why would conor want to fight a guy who is strongest where he is weakest. Also gsp isnt a chunked up lightweight, hes a guy that cuts down to welterweight. Colin mctapper would die. clearly mctapper will call out masvidal about the bmf title...if he wins.
  10. agtx

    Whittaker Out of Fight With Cannonier

    He has his own room in the hospital, sometimes he just likes to spend some time in his second home.
  11. agtx

    Budweiser made Cowboy a can

    He better hope he doesnt lose cause someone will photoshop his derp face onto that can afterwards.
  12. agtx

    Helwani asks alleged rapist 'the question'

    He has previous though, he raped the ufc's bank account & made uncle Dana suck his D
  13. He keeps getting abducted by aliens, its hard to train in space.
  14. One day you will have actual incredible news & no one will read it.😆
  15. Some of these bums will probably completely duck 2020 though.