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  1. agtx

    Penn should not retire.

    If you want to watch an old guy with zero % chance of ever reaching the top again carry on taking beatings from non contenders you have a sadistic streak in you, guy got lucky by being caught in a submission if you ask me cause he would have just got smashed otherwise.
  2. agtx

    Chad Mendes Retires?

    He can go work in Ragin Al’s estate agents, or advertise foot cream.
  3. agtx

    Werdum will no longer fight for the UFC

    Good, never liked him, butt scooting can. He must hold the record for the most “oh no! I accidentally fell over, pls dont mount me” moments in ufc history.
  4. agtx

    Not sure why he deserves a rematch...but

    Its what happens when a place gets bought up by a big company, its all about keeping the shareholders happy, $ before quality. Which is why we get so many shiddy games & movies. Rip star wars, rip terminator, rip predator...if it draws in money they will pump out any old crap, so as long as people want to see McTapper they give him everything he wants.
  5. agtx

    Not sure why he deserves a rematch...but

    He doesnt deserve it, im guessing its the only fight Conor wants & they finally agreed a $xxxxxxx to get kebab to agree to it. I really would prefer Kebab vs Tony & have Conor fight someone else to get back to a title shot.
  6. agtx

    Chad Mendes Retires?

    Bye mini mendes. Guess while he was suspended he found another way to make money & found it easy to walk away. Good for him. Will always remember his interview leading up to the McGregor fight. Lols https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6HIZX3rfpI
  7. agtx

    I don't blame Jon Jones for ducking DC at heavyweight

    I dont blame DC for ducking the fight at 205, 2 time loser againt Jones. Both guys are fighting way over 205 on fight night anyway, dont see the need for an official HW bout between them, physically & mentally beaten by Jones twice.
  8. Surprised Jones didnt call out Brick Lester again, steal it back from under DC. Dc is rustled enough, hes needs to join Mike Hunts salty vagina support group.
  9. agtx

    RIP Condit

    I thought Condit retired already or expressed a desire to stop a few years ago. Should stay away if his heart isnt in it anymore.
  10. Salty people here lol Im sure the picogram of steroids, the one 50 millionth of a grain of salt sized particle of steroids = winning or losing. That was the difference & the advantage Jones had, if that wasnt there he wouldnt win lol stfu. Skills & gameplan won that fight. Alex was done, few shots were around the back of the head but tgmhe finishes were to the side. Hope Jones can go 5 minutes without ****ing up, hes the goat.
  11. I think Alex has a problem with his left leg now
  12. Ufc needed this, manbortion. All it needs now is to end Jones. I think Jones can win & I like seeing him fight but im sick of his bs, Alex needs to ko him to save us from anymore Jones bs **** ups. Hes a great fighter but we'd be better off without him.
  13. Nunes Vs Manborg. Closest youll see to a man vs woman fight.
  14. agtx

    Jon Jones did things **Official** :(

    At this point you may aswell pin this topic to the top of the forum until Jones retires.