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  1. agtx

    UFC 230: Cormier vs. Lewis

    dc weighs in looking like a fatty at 251 Lewis weighs in looking better than hes ever been at 264 lol
  2. agtx

    When Will Rose Return?

  3. agtx

    Trades you'd like to see

    Fook McTapper off to Belatorp in exchange for Mousasi. Real fighter in exchange for clownboy mctappin
  4. Funded by a mysterious donor going by the name of Mr Manuel Dormier
  5. agtx

    IDYB's Official Certified GSP Spam That Nobody Wants To Read 1.0 Thread

    Who the f is he & is he any good?
  6. agtx

    Khabib vs. GSP reportedly in works

    There would be 100% man hugging going on in that fight #greasy nips.
  7. McTapper vs alcoholism & cocaine addiction.
  8. agtx

    End Of the Flyweight Division?

    Have a tournament, winner becomes the final & eternal ufc flyweight champ.
  9. Artem “rubber hammer” sucks, hes like McTapper but without any ko power. Guy should have been cut for his shiddy record long ago, definitely cut for his part in attacking the ufc bus incident, if it wasnt for McTapper he would be getting beat up by newbies at bellator instead.
  10. Things went sour between dj & the ufc, the disrespect him, not surprised he wanted to go.
  11. agtx

    Khabib vs Chad Mendes

    Chod Mendez jut sticks his stank foot in kebabs face & he’ll tap, mendez foot is a steroids cheat.
  12. Well he needs to become an irishman instead of regular white trailer trash & go back in time to fill that gap in the market before McTapper did it. Look at Colby Cunnington for a prime example, tryhard who just gets hated,
  13. Nick Diaz selling wolf tickets, its come to that,
  14. agtx

    Where the **** is Cain Velasquez?!

    Cain VaGLASSquez is permainjured
  15. agtx

    Dana: "GSP needs to beat a top 5 if he wants Khabib"

    G.s.peas is only interested in fights that will enhance his legacy & pay big so he aint fightin no contenders. Colin McTapper is his goal imo Colin would be a big payday & high profile scalp for him & he could dry hump him at will. Bet your **** Georges would be super lubing & rubbing his nips for that one.