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  1. agtx

    Who Should RDA Fight Next?

    dont care, more interested in who still thinks the kev lee is still a thing & who he should fight next.
  2. agtx

    Sugar Sean O'Malley

    Thought he got banned
  3. agtx

    Santos Has a Game Plan to Beat Jones (LOL)

    Guy thinks he can win, he wouldnt be taking the fight if he didnt would he, even bj thought he could win last weekend lols.
  4. agtx

    Jones: "Im Not Fighting DC at HW"

    Why would Jones do Dc the favour of moving up to hw anyway. He hates him & he already beat him twice. Im pretty sure Jones would be fine if DC never got another chance to fight him, it might eat DC up though.
  5. agtx

    BJ is getting a first round KO

    How much did he get paid? Wasnt this the first fight of the prelims? Bj vs Cm punk would probably be competitive & earn him some money.
  6. agtx

    BJ is getting a first round KO

    At this stage he requires an intervention to stop him fighting again.
  7. agtx

    Costa suspended six months by USADA for IV use.

    Suspended for using Roman numerals
  8. If it wasnt for michael duckping, he would have got a title shot.
  9. lol he WOULD say that though. They probably just awkwardly walked past eachother in reality.
  10. agtx

    Johnny Walker on Jon Jones: ‘I would beat him’

    find it hard to listen to a guy who dislocated & damaged his arm celebrating his last win in the cage by doing some stupid face plant thing, dummy. Also Jones specialises in exploding guys knee caps & dislocating arms.
  11. Doesnt look good. I guess when his nose goes full Voldemort he will know its time to stop.
  12. He will probably solve this problem by bouncing on the spot twice as much & having extra boring fights.
  13. agtx

    Darren Till arrested

    Typical scouser, cant resist an opportunity to steal a car. he could spend a year in prison & the ufc wouldnt give a ****, though. Hype train crashed & recycled into public toilet fixtures months ago.
  14. Why do i feel like watching this event was a waste of my time?
  15. Seemed like overeem had too much respect for the guy, too friendly. Oleinik instantly tried to take overeems head off lol