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  1. Did i miss the bit with the firearm? What did he do?
  2. Its probably a cry for help, the streets are deserted apart from cops, probably expected & secretly wanted to get caught.
  3. He was trying to shoot corona virus in the face, run it over in his car & support corona beer. Super hero. Seriously though if you ask a non ufc fan whos never watched & doesnt know any fighters what sort of person they imagine fights in a cage, breaking limbs, getting covered in blood, generally being brutal & violent, they would not be surprised if you told them one of the champs was a steroid taking, cocaine snorting, dui hit & run, gun shooting etc etc etc savage.
  4. Wonder if the court will **** jones up this time, hes a repeat offender & doesnt seem to learn his lesson when they let him off lightly.
  5. agtx

    Watch UFC 249 get cancelled.

  6. agtx

    Watch UFC 249 get cancelled.

    Pretty sure this wont happen, considering whats going on in the world a lot of people would not be impressed by this....most places closed their borders etc flights cancelled, who would sanction the fights?
  7. Hold the fights on an oil rig in international waters, do i have to think of everything?! 😆
  8. could be months before public sporting events can take place again, id be happy to watch more ufc cards in an empty arena again, could be a small gym, just test the employees & fighters involved for the virus ahead of the event & put it on tv, put extra adverts on or get extra sponsors?
  9. He will have to go on a winning streak to get back to contender status & I dont see it happening.
  10. agtx

    Not all Heroes wear Capes - Colby Covington

    Woodley would rebreak colbys face.
  11. Would have been cool if the octagon had a massive corona beer logo in the middle, missed opportunity.
  12. The ghost of Mike Goldberg is in the arena
  13. Lee knows that his time as a contender is done now, if hes that desperate for a win he should have just tried to escape until the lights went out.