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    I am Scotland's no1 fan and have great ideas for the ufc
    Wish I could get my ideas to the bosses ????

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  1. MarkyLaird

    Can the black beast KO DC?

    I’m on a middleweight ffs.... need to cheat with the big fella .... here bro I don’t want any trouble 🌝..... then when he’s not looking .. hit him with a spab clean in the puss.... prob just laugh at me . a love Lewis he’s a true guy
  2. MarkyLaird

    UFC CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE !! Imagine this .......

    Sound man . Stop being cheeky or I’ll tell more of your secrets lol 😂
  3. MarkyLaird


    Naw he isny lol
  4. MarkyLaird


    He really does deserve all the attention he is getting..... get Lewis fit and he could be incredible
  5. MarkyLaird

    Ben askren ...

    How long will Ben askren stay undefeated for now he has joined UFC how good is Ben in your opinion ? id say possibly best wrestler ever to compete ??
  6. MarkyLaird

    UFC CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE !! Imagine this .......

    No problem micro penis .
  7. MarkyLaird

    Pro Wrasslin' Discussion Thread

    Money talks eh....
  8. MarkyLaird

    Can the black beast KO DC?

    You know I hope he does man .... DC is too confident and Lewis seems to be a great guy... and funny as funk lol
  9. Think iv found my replacement for FB..... and I’m serious ...
  10. MarkyLaird


    Simple question peeps ..... Who wins Cain Velasquez or Daniel Cormier? regards Marky sparky
  11. Trump will out wit all of them ... he’s been planning what he’s doing for at least 20 years, and do you really think we have heard his main goals? Best he do things the way he is slowly but surely... I heard there are hundreds of old pushed aside celebs ready to back him up... Kanye West is organising that.... everyone in the elite class has been terrified and unable to do anything about the corruption going on in this world.... but together ...in a united mission these satanic basterds will get ousted for what they are.... fake celebs in power positions too..... all celebs should be forced to tell the world who their parents are ! That would be a start ?