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  1. G'day All, I've been a massive fan of the UFC ever since I saw Bonnar v Grifffen in the TUF1 finale. I'd seen it before in the early days when Ken Shamrock was "The most dangerous man on the planet". I liked it but I disagreed at the time because I thought "Iron" Mike Tyson was. To this day I still think Mike in his prime is the most brutal & devastating fighter I've ever seen & he only used his fists (& teeth sometimes) lol. I've been a boxing fan all my life. My Dad was a ranked professional here in OZ & I had a few amateur bouts myself, even reaching the State championships (which I was robbed of lol) before running off the rails haha. I'll always love boxing but for me, I think it needs a hero or maybe even an anti-hero to get it back to where it was, especially in the heavyweight's. All that said, I've seen some truly awesome fights in the UFC (too many to mention to be honest) & I absolutely love it. I joined Fight Club so I could get access to the pre-sales for UFC193 in Melbourne, I can't wait & I'm sitting right near the octagon. Melbourne prides itself on being our sporting capital & it's taken way too long (IMHO) too get the UFC here. Before I sign off I'd like to ask how long can I expect to wait for my merchandise to arrive. I'd really like to wear my UFC shirt to the event. I signed up on the 6th of Sept. & it isn't here yet. Thanks heaps for taking the time to read my post guys, Hopefully the first of many & I look forward to reading any replies. Cheers all Col.R.