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  1. Yes_Daddy

    Curtis Blaydes vs. Junior Dos Santos set for Jan 25

    Blayds will Cain Velasquez him for 25 minutes or until senior gives up again.
  2. Yes_Daddy

    OFFICIAL Race to 101 #IV

    Shogun by Tko round 2 Krause by dec Warley by tko round 2 Andrade by dec Oliveira sub round 1 Lipski dec Cortez dec
  3. Dude this REALLY pisses me off Kattar such obviously the better fighter
  4. Welllll we all know now why zabit elected for 3 rounds...
  5. Love me some Calvin Kattar Time for him to make a statement to the world and put this skinny Russian twerp away all hand ez pz
  6. LOL all Russians losing so far on the main card
  7. Good lord herman beating this terrorist scum up so badly
  8. This one will say a lot about where the heads are of the judges currently today
  9. He should be up 3-0 but who the **** knows with these judges tonight
  10. Dude these judges are sooooo terrible ugh
  11. Robert's should put in that work on white cuck boy here