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  1. If you're going solo to 231 hit me up on Facebook, under David Twardy, im flying in the Thursday morning from Vancouver. 

    1. Keithboiston


      Hi mate, I’m taking my son to his first event but I will be meeting various people who I have met over the years for a beer, I’ll drop u a note nearer the time

  2. Keithboiston

    Chris Weedman ....embarrassed !!

    So Weidman beats bisping inside 3 mins The same bisping who has fought Anderson, vitor, Henderson, rockhold x2, rashad, chattel,wanderlei et al and never been stopped in 1st round......hmmm
  3. Keithboiston

    UFC Dublin Weigh-In Tickets

    Hi daveyg, is it just fight club barcode u need? U can use mine if that's all u need How many spare pre party tkts u got?