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  1. jr is going to get Reem'd again
  2. T.B.E

    Who is the better fighter between these two?

    How is Zombie not an option? I hope the North invades
  3. T.B.E

    Ortega vs Zabit at UFC 240

    Intriguing match up, I like it
  4. T.B.E

    King Arnold assaulted in South Africa

    The King needs to drop kick his security.
  5. So Lee moves up from LW so he can lose to another LW. smh He needs to move to the 2 round division
  6. T.B.E

    Woodley Out of June 29 Fight With Lawler

    Ducking someone that he turned into the fastest KO in WW championship history? That makes about as much sense as that other dummy saying King Amanda is ducking some can she beat twice already, and after moving up to fight Cyborg no less.
  7. T.B.E

    UFC 237: Namajunas vs. Andrade

    But it worked well for her the first time that dude tried to slam her. Tough luck, she was piecing her up ez
  8. T.B.E

    UFC 237: Namajunas vs. Andrade

    Beautiful stuff from Thug Rose
  9. T.B.E

    Plank vs Ferguson at UFC 238

    Good fight. It will be fun watching Dadboy get ko'd 5 times a round again
  10. You edited that **** and this was still the best you could do? I agree though. Weird times we live in when fighters get sparked inside of a round and people think that warrants a rematch
  11. T.B.E

    Next US Destination Recommendations?

    ^ This There are a lot of nice places to see things, but they are devoid of any real personality. Of course I would sooner live in the other places... Really depends what you're after. If you're looking for a geriatric getaway, Zerk is on a roll
  12. T.B.E

    Politics thread

    That's because of their definition of Americans. Hola!
  13. T.B.E

    Politics thread

    I wouldn't be against seeing Beta fall off his skateboard as he tries to wheel into a global summit. And yet Beta is a rich white man who doesn't even give **** to charity... It's always the same, do was we say not as we do
  14. T.B.E

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    I like it. It encourages teams to not park the bus away from home in the first leg which leads to drama in the second.
  15. T.B.E

    Politics thread

    What a waste of tax payer money. That ****er needs to spend more time at the range, less caffeine probably couldn't hurt either.