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  1. T.B.E

    UFC 244 - Diaz/Masvidal Team Forum Bet

    Don't know what captain does but I'll do it until Clegg shows up
  2. 4 take downs in 1 round should be an instant DQ. These goat ****ers don't need tips on how to mount from the rear, give them a fight damnit.
  3. No wonder Muslims flock there, must feel right at home
  4. T.B.E

    Politics thread

    The federal agency that monitors hurricanes said Friday that Hurricane Dorian could have impacted Alabama, backing claims by President Trump that he was right to tweet a warning over the weekend about the storm affecting the state. In an unsigned statement, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said that "information provided by NOAA and the National Hurricane Center to President Trump and the wider public demonstrated that tropical-storm-force winds from Hurricane Dorian could impact Alabama." The advisories in question were dated from Wednesday, Aug. 28 to Monday, Sept. 2, the agency said. The statement points to a few graphics issued by the National Hurricane Center to support Trump's claims. The maps show percentage possibility of tropical storm force winds in the United States. Parts of Alabama were covered, usually with 5 percent to 10 percent chances, between Aug. 27 and Sept. 3. Maps on Aug. 30 grew to cover far more of Alabama, but for only 12 hours, and the highest percentage hit 20 percent to 30 percent before quickly shrinking back down.
  5. T.B.E

    Diaz vs Masvidal Official For MSG November 2nd

    Nate has talked himself into a big fight, good for him, but he's still a bum. Mas will light him up and have him butt grabbing faster than Pettis did. Fight won't live up to the hype, easy win for Mas
  6. T.B.E

    Diaz vs Masvidal Official For MSG November 2nd

    I'm going to respond in this one since you actually put some effort into your reporting. Not like that CNN style thread. I'll also add this for that idiot who started a thread about Mas ducking some bum, http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/topic/198831-masvidal-continues-to-serve-up-roasted-duck-to-edwards/ Late last week, the UFC tried to book welterweight champion Kamaru Usman versus Colby Covington for the MSG headliner. After failing to come to terms with Covington on a deal, the UFC moved on and offered the title fight to Masvidal, according to sources. After coming to terms with Masvidal on Wednesday, the promotion was unable to strike a deal with Usman. That prompted the UFC to reach out to top contender Leon Edwards to see if he would be interested in fighting Masvidal for the vacant title after a threat was made to strip Usman of the belt. The talks with Edwards didn't progress, because in the midst of all this an opportunity presented itself to book Diaz versus Masvidal as the MSG headliner, sources say. Once it was clear there was mutual interest between all parties to make that fight happen, the UFC focused its attention over the past day or so to book that fight. They were able to finalize it Friday afternoon, ESPN learned.
  7. T.B.E

    Yarde Kovalev

    Yarde just got knocked out by a jab Kov by KO 11
  8. T.B.E

    Yarde Kovalev

    Yarde is another British level can crusher. Past prime Kov boxing him up
  9. T.B.E

    Politics thread

    Gabbard Victimized by DNC's Dubious Debate Criteria Tulsi Gabbard is on the verge of being excluded from the next Democratic presidential debate on the basis of criteria that appear increasingly absurd. Take, for instance, her poll standing in New Hampshire, which currently places Gabbard at 3.3% support, according to the RealClearPolitics average as of Aug. 20. One might suspect that such a figure would merit inclusion in the upcoming debates -- especially considering she’s ahead of several candidates who have already been granted entry, including Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, and Andrew Yang. But the Democratic National Committee has decreed that the polls constituting this average are not sufficiently “qualifying.” Gabbard has polled at 2% or more in two polls sponsored by the two largest newspapers in two early primary states, but the DNC -- through its mysteriously incoherent selection process -- has determined that these surveys do not count toward her debate eligibility. Without these exclusions, Gabbard would have already qualified. She has polled at 2% or more in two polls officially deemed “qualifying,” and surpassed the 130,000 donor threshold on Aug. 2. While the latter metric would seem more indicative of “grassroots support” -- a formerly obscure Hawaii congresswoman has managed to secure more than 160,000 individual contributions from all 50 states, according to the latest figures from her campaign -- the DNC has declared that it will prioritize polling over donors. In polls with a sample size of just a few hundred people, this means excluding candidates based on what can literally amount to rounding errors: A poll that places a candidate at 1.4% could be considered non-qualifying, but a poll that places a candidate at 1.5% is considered qualifying. Pinning such massive decisions for the trajectory of a campaign on insignificant fractional differences seems wildly arbitrary. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2019/08/21/gabbard_victimized_by_dncs_dubious_debate_criteria_141055.html This strategy worked so well for them in 2016 too....
  10. T.B.E

    What's Next For The Winners & Losers Of UFC 241

    I like all those options, but Moraes might be a little too soon for Sandhagen
  11. T.B.E

    UFC 241 Weight (Before/After)

    It took you another hour to notice? Sharp
  12. T.B.E

    UFC 241 Weight (Before/After)

    You're 4hrs too late paper boy
  13. T.B.E

    Askren vs Maia official for UFC on ESPN+ 20, Oct 26th

    Repeat of Colbly/Maia. Maia boxes his ears off while Ben hapes him on the ground
  14. T.B.E

    UFC 241: The Card Of WCC

    Yoel said the guys at LHW are too big for him, he said his waking around weight is close to what his fight night weight was. Those guys are cutting from 220-230lbs. Surprised Costa didn't weigh more, he looked a fair bit bigger than Romero. Funny to see most of the prelim scrubs cutting the most weight.
  15. Costa earned a new fan. Still thought he lost but it was close. Izzy almost got banged out by a WW, Costa will snap him like a bread stick