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  1. T.B.E

    Was the Stoppage Early?

    Though I liked the results, I thought a few fights were stopped a little early. Both TJ and Hernandez were hurt but I would say defending intelligently as they were looking to grab. I think there was one other like that but it's NY so they were probably eager to administer free health care
  2. Thought it could have gone a little longer, same as a couple other fights
  3. T.B.E

    Keep doubting Cowboy bi*ches!

    Cowboy looked slow af. That's a fight Conor can actually win
  4. T.B.E

    Politics thread

    Trump has been in DC during the shutdown. Dems are coming out ahead in vacations during this time visiting Hawaii and Puerto Rico with donors. I think it's clear which one is working for the people
  5. T.B.E

    Politics thread

    He didn't say that there was collusion, that's what those who hate Trump have extrapolated. People have been running on speculation for over 2 years now. What facts do you speak of? You mean like Buzzfeed's breaking story with anonymous sources by 2 reporters who have lied and plagiarised in the past?
  6. T.B.E

    Remember when Juice was sure TJ wouldnt make 125? lol

    Neither guy looks like they should be fighting 125lbs. Hopefully the cut doesn't effect their performance
  7. T.B.E

    FOTY probably in Philly 3/30

    Which part of "puts on a show" are you having the most difficulty with? Also, it's you're and more than likely. Need to get these things right when playing the intellectually superior card
  8. Tell that dummy to get a degree, he can get into Harvard on minority status with that percentage
  9. T.B.E

    FOTY probably in Philly 3/30

    ? Gaethje puts on a show because he's a walking punching bag. Barboza kicking the chit out of him isn't a stretch
  10. T.B.E

    Nunes done with 145

    After beating her twice already? Why isn't that Aussie Mr. Glass fighting Yoel again? Duck!
  11. T.B.E

    Boxing Fans Please Enter Pt. 2

    Manny is a faster and more polished version of Maidana, even at this stage of his career. Broner likes to think he's good rather than show it. Manny UD
  12. T.B.E

    12 yo black girl KOd

    Of course the moral of the story should be, don't try and fight a man when you're a 12 yo girl. But in today's climate she's just a victim and will learn to have more hyenas by her side next time she acts up
  13. T.B.E

    Is Justin Trudeau actually a sexist pig?

    It's pig kind, you heathen