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  1. I thought hearing Geto Boys was going to be the highlight of the night until Pettis went all hands. He saved this week like GOATvidal did last week. Too many chick fights and too many karate instructors. NewFC better get their chit together
  2. Marlon would be the favorite, but it should be a good fight.
  3. T.B.E


    Great KO by Pettis. Always good to see Karate guys get starched, same as wrestlers
  4. T.B.E

    Love Death + Robots

    2 minutes into the first one and I've already been bludgeoned with, man=bad. Like most things nowadays, it looks good but seems to be written by a blue haired 10 year old.
  5. The Sham rocks have always been arrogant POS's.
  6. T.B.E

    Bam Bam gets Ivanov @238 Chicago

    Should be a free card.
  7. T.B.E

    Can you guys see Zabit winning the title?

    I agree on the title but outside of Ortega, I think his length and back peddling would be enough to get by the rest. Frankie and Jose are too small and faded The other 2 have can in their name
  8. T.B.E


  9. T.B.E


    Mcmerge, when you have the chance
  10. T.B.E


    TJ Dillashaw is no longer the UFC bantamweight champion. Dillashaw (16-4) announced Wednesday morning that he is "voluntarily relinquishing" the UFC's 135-pound title after he was informed by the New York State Athletic Commission and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency of an "adverse finding in a test taken for my last fight." ESPN confirmed the validity of the statement via multiple sources. The New York State Athletic Commission later said in a statement that it has suspended Dillashaw for one year and fined him $10,000 "for violations relating to use of a prohibited substance." The suspension is retroactive to Jan. 19, the date of his last fight, which took place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. It's unclear at this time whether the USADA will suspend him longer. USADA officials were not immediately available for comment. Dillashaw, 33, dropped down to flyweight in January to challenge Henry Cejudo for that belt; he lost the fight via TKO in just 32 seconds.
  11. T.B.E

    Johnny Walker is The Newest Big Thing !

    I like Johnny, he brings some excitement. But he's got a ways to go if he's going to be a test for Picto Pokes
  12. T.B.E

    Till = LOL

    Jorge is too patient in the cage, lets point fighters steal rounds. They should hold all his fights backstage.
  13. Jorge just gave Edwards hands backstage. When are these tea and crumpet shaggers gonna learn