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  1. RadLad

    Cowboy is already making plans for 155 again.

    Love reading these threads when the results are in, although admittedly I thought Perry was gonna smash Cerrone... I don't think I'll ever back Perry to win a fight again after that.
  2. This is the definition of a can card.
  3. I bet people said the same about Cody against TJ.
  4. RadLad

    What Have You Accomplished This Year ?

    I did a work speech/presentation in front of a fairly large crowd, which I hadn't done in ages and isn't something I tend to find very comfortable. I did it pretty well though so I was pretty stoked about that lol. I have been a lot more proactive with what I really want to do rather than what I was doing for the last 6 years of my life. I was and still am now in a job that I don't really want to be in, it's not bad at all but it's not what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. I am starting an online diploma this week which I feel is necessary to start a business I will be opening next year. I am also in talks with 2 others start another business next year. That sounds stupid and kinda crazy to start up 2 new businesses next year but it is feasible as both do not require holding any stock or high running costs. One will be an events management company and the other is a software that teaches health and safety to construction workers in this country and my god do they need it. Apart from that I haven't accomplished much lol
  5. Very ironic of you to call someone delusional retard right now lol. TJ will destroy Cejudo. KO within 2 rounds.
  6. Baffling how they made this at 125lbs...
  7. RadLad

    Askren gets Lawler in UFC debut

    Robbie is a good choice by the UFC. They don't want their deal to look like a dud (not that Askren is, I've never seen the guy fight) so they give him Robbie who is a pretty well known name in MMA who Askren should beat pretty easily if he really is as good as he is made out to be. Having said that I would love it if Robbie KO's him into oblivion.
  8. haha this time of year is perfect temperature and there is defo more to do than dinner in skyscrapers lol but yeah there are plenty of those around... I know you're more of an adventurer type who likes to explore though so (not that I know you!) I imagine it wouldn't be your ideal place unless you're looking for a chilled out beach holiday.
  9. Loved lake havasu for the brief time I was there.. I've been living in Dubai for 6 years and it's not everyone's cuppa tea but it is definitely a pretty amazing place - that ayrab money has built some interesting Islands and buildings as Roids said on top of that there is plenty of nice beaches and insanely good hotels etc. Plenty of fit women from all over the world and lots of good places for food and a good drinking sesh. This place does come with it's flaws though.
  10. I still couldn't care less about watching this deluded broad fight. Can you imagine saying to your mates "Hey m8's! Sijara Banks is fighting now - you don't want to miss this one!"
  11. What did you like about it so much? Curious as, as I mentioned I might be going there next year. Also I think this is my first threef. Big moment for me!