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  1. JDS is getting sparked. Last I saw Robbie had half the division say they want the fight... dunno why there wasn't a replacement.
  2. RadLad

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    I'll take Bryan Barberena 10K WW UR
  3. RadLad


    Cant remember if I picked Luque before the magny fight was off but just for the record I pick Luque to beat whoever the new guy is.
  4. I don't care for either fighter really but Sterling will be showing us his dabbing skills again when he is unconscious.
  5. RadLad

    Next US Destination Recommendations?

    That is basically what I did but stopped in some random towns/cities between them... Bakersfield, Lake Havasu, Flagstaff, Santa Barbara. Could not recommend doing that trip enough. Although funnily enough this debate about San Diego has come up... a lot of people I spoke with around Cali asked if I had been to San Diego yet. I didn't realize it was meant to be a 'must do' destination until I had heard it from numerous people during that trip. Will have to do it some time.
  6. RadLad

    Neil Magny out with injury

    Wise move by Magny increasing the longevity of his career/life.
  7. RadLad

    Future Contenders League 2019

    dunno if this is still going but i take LW UR Leonardo santos
  8. RadLad

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    Now that it's a new week I'll take Leonardo Santos 10K UR LW
  9. It sucks not being in the Marvel fan club. They get all the girls.
  10. RadLad

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    I'll take Davi Ramos LW UR
  11. RadLad

    UFC 237: Namajunas vs. Andrade

    she got that retard strength
  12. RadLad

    UFC 237: Namajunas vs. Andrade

    Rose's striking is shweeet
  13. RadLad

    UFC 237: Namajunas vs. Andrade

    Someone is getting KTFO IMO opinion
  14. RadLad

    UFC 237: Namajunas vs. Andrade

    tbf he prolly didn't expect to finish the old man with a 20% leg kick. Anderson is lucky to be leaving the cage awake.
  15. RadLad

    UFC 237: Namajunas vs. Andrade

    please just retire anderson... been butchering your legacy for years now
  16. RadLad

    Next US Destination Recommendations?

    I'd say don't just do one place. I did a California road trip (which included vegas and grand canyon) and loved it... Not that expensive to rent a car for a week or so and there are plenty of cool places in Cali. Want to do it again tbh.
  17. RadLad

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    @BART-O-LINI Macy Chiasson got POTN thanks
  18. Titanic is probably the best movie on that list. Don't @ me.
  19. RadLad

    Game Of Thrones Death Pool

    Can confirm I did not enjoy at all
  20. RadLad

    Game Of Thrones Death Pool

    Then game of thrones turns into the worst show on tv lol
  21. RadLad

    just got my first tat

    Anyone on this forum got any decent tats?
  22. RadLad

    Question about Israel Adasanya

    you sure she wasn't thai?
  23. RadLad

    Darren Till arrested

    lol what a ****ing chav. South Spain hates us Brits because of retards like Till who go there and **** the place up on holiday. Hope him and his scouser pals get locked up and pounded by dirty miguel and the boys. When me and my bro went to the UFC in London we were among the few cheering when Till got his head rattled off the canvas, was comical seeing the butthurt of all the chav's around us.
  24. RadLad

    Game Of Thrones Death Pool

    Jon Snow - Alive Arya Stark - Alive Sansa - Dead - no Bran - Alive Cersei - Dead - no Jamie - Dead - no Tyrion - Alive Daenerys - Dead - no Yara - Dead - yes Theon - Dead - yes Melisandre - Alive Jorah - Dead - yes The Hound - Dead - no The Mountain - Dead - no Samwell Tarley - Alive Gilly - Alive Baby sam - Alive Lord Varys - Alive Brienne of Tarth - Alive Davos - Dead - Yes Bronn - Alive Tormund - Dead - Yes Greyworm - Dead - no Gendry - Dead - yes Beric - Dead - yes Podrick - Alive Missandei - Dead - no 1. First to die: Very hard to guess but I will go with the Hound. I can see a fight between him and the hound happening and one of them dies (obviously) I think the hound dies and Arya then kills the Mountain. 2. Yes, I'm gonna have to go with Jon Snow. 3. No, he's had his moment. 4. Jon Snow. As you can see I think Daenerys, Cersei and Sansa die and Jon is the true heir anyway... Basically I have absolutely no idea, but this is fun regardless.