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  1. pound4poundG

    UFC 242 - Khabib/Poirier Team Forum Bet

    Lee? He couldnt even take RDA down ffs. Have you forgotten what khabib did to RDA. Also RDA took down Lee at will. I actually had money on Lee but as usual he is a useless ****.
  2. pound4poundG

    Max is getting slept next week.

    Max will either stop him or win wide on points.
  3. What i find funny is how quickly some people who know very little about MMA are so quick at getting on and off the hype train. Now that Gaethje gets a couple of decent wins hes the next big thing apparently and now that Connor has a loss them same people think hes done. They need to realise that just because Connor lost to Khabib that dosent mean sh**. Connor is still way way way above everyone else in the division not name Khabib.
  4. yeh like any other fighter has been able to eat conors shots? name me one? And dont say Nate Diaz at Light heavy weight or Khabib because he is the GOAT. i can name you 5 that have been able to eat Gaethjes punhces. Them looping punches that Gaethje throws while off balance wouldnt even come close to landing on Connor. Connor would lay him flat before he even got into range.
  5. conors striking compared to Gaethjes striking is light years apart.
  6. if the fight happens (Conor v Gaethje) i will put 1000 pounds on conor to win by KO and i will post the bet slip on here and if i dont im a coward.
  7. conor would sleep Gaethje in the first round. GUARANTEED.
  8. pound4poundG

    Khabib - UK tour

    i dont report everything. I report racism. UFC has people and fighters from all over the world not just USA ok so wake up and come out of that small minded bubble that you live in.
  9. pound4poundG

    Khabib - UK tour

    lets rephrase that your a chav i can smell you from here you tramp. Dont call yourself english your a disgrace
  10. pound4poundG

    Justin Gaethje would beat Khabib via first round TKO

    The same people that say Khabib is protected are the same people that say Khabib isnt even a draw nobody wants to watch him, and he cant sell any PPVs. Why would the UFC be protecting someone who cant sell any PPVS? If the UFC was going to protect anyone it would have been connor. Now STFU jimmies and handle the facts.
  11. pound4poundG

    Justin Gaethje would beat Khabib via first round TKO

    was that before of after he got his a** raped by the realtor. Sure lets give this bum a chance to fight the champ who just lost to a real estate guy
  12. pound4poundG

    Justin Gaethje would beat Khabib via first round TKO

    Your think abit too much mate i think you need to stop watching conspiracy theories. Theres no great wrestlers in the lighweight division because abu dhabi paid dana not to allow any good wrestlers to come in to the lightweight division lol
  13. pound4poundG

    Surprise, surprise, check out Conors tweets.

    connor is a twitter warrior
  14. pound4poundG

    Justin Gaethje would beat Khabib via first round TKO

    You can only fight and beat what is put infront of you and you cant ask him to do more than that. Where are all the wrestlers calling out Khabib? not ever heard any of them? And as far as you naming names please do i want to see this long list. The fact is there arent many great wrestlers in the lightweight division, all the good wrestlers are in the featherweight division and if they want a piece of Khabib they know where to find him.
  15. pound4poundG

    Justin Gaethje would beat Khabib via first round TKO

    so you admit he cant take a punch and has a glass jaw? Surely if he had any punch resistance he wouldnt get KOd by a featherweight and go life and death with another featherweight right?