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  1. pound4poundG


    A couple of months ago someone ripped me because I was wondering why Kevin Lee was favourite against Al when Al had already beat him in the past. I think his name was CashLoss or something like that. Come to think of it the same guy told me to bet my house on Kevin Lee when he fought against Tony Ferguson and I just laughed at him.
  2. pound4poundG

    Breaking news Demetrius Johnson sent to ONE for ben askren

    UFC now only cares about signing the fighters that make the most money for them not the best fighters
  3. pound4poundG

    Trades you'd like to see

    How long before Bellator will properly compete with UFC? Alot of good fighters are leaving UFC and going to Bellator. How can they afford those good fighters I think UFC has much better TV and sponshordip deals dosent it.
  4. pound4poundG

    "Floyd should fight Khabib" - Dana

    https://www.bbc.com/sport/mixed-martial-arts/46028640 Wish boldy would make his mind up.
  5. pound4poundG

    IDYB's Official Certified GSP Spam That Nobody Wants To Read 1.0 Thread

    Surprised he’s asking for catcweight with khabib and not with Connor so he can pull the red panties out ?!
  6. pound4poundG

    UFC Why do you watch it?

    I used to watch the very first UFC fights when i was a kid and whenever i could get hold of the DVDs. The ones that had gracie in and the other Thai boxer guy who was also awsome, I think it was UFC 1 and 2. As i got into my teens i was a huge boxing fan and still am and one day I was flicking through some boxing videos on Youtube and came across Tito Ortiz ground and pounding the crap out of some guy. Since then I was hooked to ufc and usually tend to stay up for all the major events and some fight nights too. At one point i would have never missed a fight night either but since I stopped gambling I tend to not stay up for every card any more.
  7. pound4poundG

    Joe Rogan put Jon Jones on the path of evil

    Isnt smoking weed illegal in America? I was so surprised when Black Beast said he wanted to smoke weed with Rogan after his vitory at 229 and Rogan was happy with that especially on live tv.
  8. pound4poundG

    Conor Mcgregor responds

    Grow up.
  9. pound4poundG

    Conor Mcgregor responds

    Did i accidently come into the english literature section. PISS OFF
  10. pound4poundG

    Conor Mcgregor responds

    you stay out of this before i make you my Bitc* again
  11. pound4poundG

    Conor Mcgregor responds

    Firstly no it wasnt his first meaningful fight secondly this was the only time someone has been so rude and disrespectful to him so that was the actual reason why he jumped the cage so stop looking at it from your own small minded angle and put a little perspective to why he did it Thirdly no she dosent put me on a yellow bus i dont like public transport and i have a very nice car and finally you clearly dont proof read your posts because you still sound like an idiot.
  12. pound4poundG

    Conor Mcgregor responds

    You still sound like a complete idiot. Did Khabib jump out of the cage after his other victories? He has always been humble. If you poke a bear you will get a response.
  13. pound4poundG

    Conor Mcgregor responds

    His tweet makes the fight sound as though it was competitive. Although i like his spirit and belief. Everyone is humble in defeat. The real champions are humble in victory. #TeamKhabib
  14. pound4poundG

    Dana: "GSP needs to beat a top 5 if he wants Khabib"

    I don’t believe him. Has he ever fought at lightweight before ?
  15. pound4poundG

    Dana: "GSP needs to beat a top 5 if he wants Khabib"

    How the heck can gsp get down to 155