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  1. StanleyTheBricklayer

    UFC 236: Holloway vs. Poirier 2

    lol love this forum, always makes me feel better seeya guys in another couple of months when I need a good laugh
  2. StanleyTheBricklayer

    UFC 236: Holloway vs. Poirier 2

    lol what is a jv beta bum?
  3. StanleyTheBricklayer

    UFC 236: Holloway vs. Poirier 2

    gay boy got butt ****ed
  4. StanleyTheBricklayer

    UFC 236: Holloway vs. Poirier 2

    this jalin fella looks gayer than a bag full of butt plugs
  5. StanleyTheBricklayer

    No longer annoyed by ESPN's handling of UFC already.

    I don't understand why anyone gives a donald duck. just watch it or download it after, what's the problem?
  6. StanleyTheBricklayer

    2018/2019 Actual Football (not soccer) Thread.

    offs so called ht music
  7. StanleyTheBricklayer

    2018/2019 Actual Football (not soccer) Thread.

    this would be so much more fun if every player had to take 20 shots during the anthem and the coaches each took a massive bong hit.
  8. StanleyTheBricklayer

    2018/2019 Actual Football (not soccer) Thread.

    This is like watching soccer, brilliant, 0-0!
  9. StanleyTheBricklayer

    2018/2019 Actual Football (not soccer) Thread.

    Hope you all enjoy it lads, I know it's a big event in the States. I try to watch it every year although I don't have a scooby doo what's going on. Watching this with a few others, trying to follow tradition and eat and drink too much. Buckets of beer, tandoori chicken and fish and hot dogs for us. What a great combo lol. I'm not a big gambler but threw some money at the Rams. I just love the dog. Enjoy fellas.
  10. StanleyTheBricklayer

    10 Best-Paid Comedians

  11. StanleyTheBricklayer

    10 Best-Paid Comedians

    These lists are bollocks. This isn't a brag but I'm very good mates with a so called pop star from the late 80s early 90s. Online her so-called net worth is in the millions, in reality, she told she earnt less than 500k over nine years. Lee Evans, a UK comedian, sold out arena tours after arena tours. He did that for many years. I listened to him on an interview once after he retired and he said something along the lines of 'thirty million is enough for any family and their families to live a nice life'
  12. StanleyTheBricklayer

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    off topic, but i'm starting to hate christmas. only people i know who love christmas are kids (obviously) and adults who don't pay for anything. this year (this is genuine) I have rewrapped the cheap rubbish i got from people last year and they are having it back. If they think i want a can of brut, then they must love this present straight back at 'em
  13. StanleyTheBricklayer

    Everyone prepare for a very very VERY SAD night on Saturday!!

    and there's me thinking this was gonna be a thread about fury beating wilder on saturday nite points decision to fury or ko/tko to wilder in last half rounds pays a profit. easy money. therefore, fury will probably knock him out in round 3 lol.
  14. StanleyTheBricklayer

    Anyone ever taste their own jazz?

    Of course. There's obviously been times when I've shot the bolt too quick and have felt obliged to go downstairs and sort her out. I used to go on a lot of aquarium/fish sites. One fella used to feed his fish his paste. Thought I'd share that bit of info lol
  15. StanleyTheBricklayer

    Eleven sports

    1. Buy an amazon firestick 2. Install OTTTV (Over the top TV) It costs about eight quid a month. No contract. Just pay via paypal monthly. You will be able to watch EVERYTHING, full sky package, all BT, boxing/ufc ppv, all American and Brit channels. Literally everything else too. Works a treat, I used to have it for the tv in my shed.