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  1. Better them than me.  I have one locked in a biometric safe next to my bed that only opens to my fingerprint - another with the same lock in the car.  Safety always comes first for responsible people.  I do have a couple ARs but to use them for protection, I agree, is unpractical. 


    That's the problem. Those who WOULD use guns responsibly aren't the kind of people who would ever shoot up a concert.


    Yet there isn't really any practical reason to make certain kind of guns available.

  2. yup!   guns dont kill people in mass shootings in america. but americans do.


    either the guns gotta go, or the americans gotta go.   somethings gotta give.   you cant even go to a god damn country music concert in vegas these days without getting shot up by a bunch of americans who are not intelligent enough to know how to operate a firearm responsibly.


    Uhh... this had nothing to do with intelligence.


    He didn't "accidentally" shoot 400+ people. Did exactly what he wanted to do.


    But I don't see a reason why ANYONE needs access to these kind of high-powered weapons.


    You can't stop crazy people from doing crazy things. But you CAN at least limit the amount of damage they're able to inflict.

  3. That goes for anybody. I'll officially change my stance on the banning of firearms in the United States, if you can logically explain why cars shouldn't be banned in Europe, but guns should be banned in the States.


    Not really sure how to approach the gun problem, but... cars have PRACTICAL, useful applications in daily life.


    What are guns really useful for... other than shooting and killing people?

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