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  1. Actually I believe itr there
  2. you watch too much tv bro lol
  3. @Bwana @I_Take_Roids_m8 @sobercuban @TUF @SVTContour98 @cashfl0w @classicboxer @juice64011 @12er
  4. VertFTW

    Going to NYC - Tipping

    Lol if you look at it long enough it does look like one 🤣
  5. VertFTW

    Going to NYC - Tipping

    Test lol
  6. VertFTW

    Yoel Looks Odd?

    Zoomed in so it looks like hes got a lazy eye and also waxes his eyebrows. Seems normal though.
  7. VertFTW

    Yoel Looks Odd?

    looks fine to me....
  8. VertFTW

    Going to NYC - Tipping

    oh wait I got the joke now lol home alone 1 and 2 are prob my favorite xmas movies of all time.
  9. VertFTW

    Going to NYC - Tipping

    Can someone tell me how to upload pics from my cell to the board? Im gonna post proof of my tips if I can lol @sobercuban
  10. VertFTW

    Going to NYC - Tipping

    good post bro. I have been thinking about it and I plan on not tipping at all especially if NYers are trying to rip me off with rediculous prices for things.
  11. VertFTW

    Going to NYC - Tipping

    wait what? explain
  12. VertFTW

    Going to NYC - Tipping

    bump. Ill be in NYC tommorow! Sounds like the weather is gonna suck =( Where do I put my OOO message on this board?
  13. VertFTW

    Dana White crushes POS Aussie 'reporter'

    Tldr version????🤨
  14. VertFTW

    Who Is Donald Cerrone's 155 Opponent?

    MMAFighting.com (@MMAFighting) twitteó a las 8:55 p. m. on mar., nov. 13, 2018: ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone says he’s ‘waiting on’ Conor McGregor for potential fight https://t.co/hyoG14SF73 https://t.co/Pu7v7zW3Ft (https://twitter.com/MMAFighting/status/1062539468161368065?s=09)
  15. VertFTW

    UFC Predictions League 2018

    @LayDownDead could be mounting the greatest comeback win ever? lol I beleive he will pull of a Yair here and KO all you clowns in the last seconds. Impressive.