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  1. JSW

    London fight night 16th march

    If I get to see Andy again in London I’m blessed. I’ll welcome the goat no matter what. But he’s done.
  2. If Henry wins they rematch again for the 135 belt when 125 is gone? Pointless being at 125
  3. I think Cejudo pulls of an upset here. His stand up is getting better each day and he’s a gold medalist. That Olympic wrestling team have some serious talent in the ufc right now. Cejudo, Askren and DC...
  4. JSW

    Props to Jacare

    Well that’s already been done. Moose knocked him into the next week with knees.
  5. JSW

    Fighters You No Longer Support

    I was actually going to make one asking that question. I’ve been racking my brain and I think I’m more that way inclined. More I now like than hate. I respect anyone that does this for a living.
  6. JSW

    Dominick Cruz vs John Lineker targeted for UFC 233

    Will be good to see Cruz back though. I was game for that Rivera fight
  7. JSW

    Props to Jacare

    Haha! I actually gained a lot of respect for Weidman that night because of Jacare. Mad isn’t it.
  8. JSW

    Props to Jacare

    Silva beat him self, not Weidman. That first loss still bugs me to this day, then that leg kick...
  9. JSW

    Props to Jacare

    Jacare is great. His jits is so unreal as well. But he stands swinging as well. Skill I saw you rage on the 230 thread calling him a washed up can before the ko, only just forgiven you! Absolute beast, should of had his shot at Bisping I hope he fights the winner of Gast Whittaker
  10. JSW

    Borg vs. Benavidez Scratched from Saturday's Card

    Still has glass in his eye?
  11. JSW

    Fighters You No Longer Support

    Also can’t be bothered with Wanderlei any more
  12. JSW

    Fighters You No Longer Support

    Jones is a obvious one but only when he talks about Jesus.
  13. Surely the fact brock can wrestle means it will be better than 230. That was more like a dad playing with his child, TBB had no chance it was so vast in skill. Brock I know has no stand up but the biggest fundamental in MMA is wrestling. It’s in the 101
  14. JSW

    Weidman Retirement!

    Weidman is the new Bisping lol. I think he beats Branch, Brunson all those guys. Is looked good last night but Weidman would use his wrestling unlike against Jacare. He could test Costa to. The only thing is his chin now. Which is why Cannonier would be tough looking at last night. Wants to welcome Till? Come on Chris be a good gatekeeper. I actually gained a lot of respect for him last night. I’m a huge Jacare fan, you ain’t taking him down. Weidman has fought some tough guys, you have to give him that. Romero, Rockhold, Mousasi and Jacare. You could argue that’s the hardest line up in the division and the only one to do it.
  15. JSW

    UFC 230: Cormier vs. Lewis

    DC vs Lesnar Cain vs Jones Same card.