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  1. JSW

    ***Future Contenders League*** DRAFT OZ

    Tom Breese. @AndyWang you're up.
  2. JSW

    UFC PREDICTIONS LEAGUE 2019 - Sign Ups Open

    Is that bout order for real? Christ Espn era is going to be odd, I’ll do my picks in a bit.
  3. JSW

    ***Future Contenders League*** DRAFT OZ

    My bad just seen it’s joint 15’s glanced straight past that. I’ll take David Teymur
  4. JSW

    ***Future Contenders League*** DRAFT OZ

    Gregor Gillespie
  5. JSW

    L O L Jon Jones

    I’m all for a level playing field like pride when everyone is on the sauce. I just don’t get how he keeps getting busted and so close to fight week the guy is a joke. DC is the real champ. I say let them fight at HW and give DC a **** load of ped’s and let him kill Jones
  6. JSW

    L O L Jon Jones

    Jones still pissed hot what you going to do. Can’t deny that GSP, DC even Bisping never have. What’s next they find a femtogram of some steroid in him but it’s ok because it’s **** all and it’s jones. The guys a cheat end of.
  7. JSW

    January PPV Has Been Cancelled

    Cancel the card with Kron on. Actually pissed at this right now.
  8. JSW

    UFC cancels Eleven Sports deal

    Not even if we have Darren “The Dentist” Stewart co main? Im with cash on lee though.
  9. JSW

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    I’ll take Joanna. She is unranked at 125 but guess it’s still 50k because of 115 rank. And yes max side bet
  10. JSW

    Usman says he's been offered Covington

    They should of just done this for Brooklyn, a proper number one contender match headlining so it’s 5 rounds and keep the TJ Cejudo fight at 233
  11. After it took so long to get the scores I knew it would be a draw or spilt. It’s just ridiculous it keeps happening.
  12. Tai is good but to green at that top level. Those shots knocked out cans like Asker and Coulter but won’t work on JDS. Out worked Arlovski but couldn’t finish him.
  13. Boxing is so rigged. A rematch and more money is more important than the result that was actually deserved. Lost credibility yet again. That hometown points for Wilder was a joke 115 how??