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  1. JSW


    Didn’t know it was a Friday card. Picks in
  2. JSW

    UFC 245 could feature three title fights

    Holding out for more money. Happened a few times now so looks like ufc offered a take it or leave it.
  3. JSW

    UFC 245 could feature three title fights

    Usman fights Colby, if not Edwards. Masvidal is tied up with Nate, unless there’s a quick turn around. Who else is there? Woodley rematch no thanks.
  4. GSP doesn’t care. He’ll win the belt and retire again.
  5. Tony vs Khabib whilst GSP re enters usada. Then face GSP at 170. If he does those two he’s unquestionably in the goat conversation.
  6. JSW

    UFC 242 - Khabib/Poirier Team Forum Bet

    I believed, I must of been drunk
  7. JSW


    Shouldn’t of done it..
  8. JSW

    Future Contenders League 2019

    Not that im really playing anymore but thought i had Sandhagen.
  9. JSW

    Future Contenders League 2019

    I’ll take Kunchenko
  10. JSW

    Werdum Wants Ngannou in UFC return

    Saw him get knocked dead by Volkov before he popped. He wants none of Ngannous hands.
  11. JSW

    Any word or rumors on who is headlining MSG?

    Jones vs Jan or Dc at HW Usman vs Colby Masvidal vs Edwards Walker vs Anderson Two title fights. Two back ups for injury/missed weight.
  12. JSW

    Nic Dalby re-signs....

    Beat me too it. Wasn’t this the fight that Till ****ed his arm or shoulder and it went to a draw although I had Till winning 2 rounds to 1 and no 10-8.
  13. JSW

    McGregor/Aldo 2 at UFC 244?

    Aldo got knocked out, and there is footage of Conor before the fight going over that shot. Yes he’s a jumped up **** talker who got rag dolled by a wrestling freak but put some respect on the mans name. You think if he fights Aldo, or even Poirier again, they won’t get pissed off and go after him again? One of Conor’s issues is that he’s such a name he will always headline. Which means 5 rounds, which is debatable he has the gas tank for. But id have him winning this again.