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  1. Hope he does get it renewed and would be suprised if they didnt , he has only lost 2 fights , though its mostly because the fashion of losing in the first round in both I think , he got dominated for 14 mins 53 seconds in that fight but walked away with a POTN bonus and a W , cant be mad at that
  2. CWright7

    What's Next For Volkov?

    winner of Overeem/Blaydes
  3. i dont mind bisping / rashad if its co main and they do Till as m,ain but I doubt it , rather see bisping vs machida but that cant happen unless Anders pulls out in fight week....
  4. I want Till but think they will save him for a fox/ppv card , does his stock no good being on fightpass again , as much as i want to see him , theres 9 fights announced for london , plus lobov vs caceras possible as the 10th and the main event being 11th .. weak **** card
  5. CWright7

    Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey Official For UFC 207

    meh not too interested in Ronda but its december 30th , apparently if ronda wins she fights cyborg next , that would be non title tho so not sure what they gonna do about that but Nunes will be a tough match up for Ronda
  6. CWright7

    Platinum Perry speaks about murdering an Englishman.

    stoppage was really late , but Perry got rocked a few times so hes talking **** about toying with him , someone with power would of finished him
  7. CWright7

    TUF 24

    seen 6 fights and 6 finishes so far , cant complain , looking forward to the next episode
  8. this will be a good fight.