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  1. Marble

    Can velasquez is overrated

    Me too I enjoyed seeing Vick get his a55 kicked to officially de-rail that hype train. But Luque v Barberana chit that's a FOTY contender. What a fight.
  2. Marble

    Can velasquez is overrated

    I didn't know that? He might have jarred the knee just before shooting and he was touched. Just not with much power! The knee would of hurt for sure but it looks like he didn't damage it, any reports on that?
  3. Marble

    Can velasquez is overrated

    LMFAO I'm surprised he took that long to pull that corker out! What a guy, wish I was that cool. What a fcking disappointing main. Cain looked half the man he was. It was a short right uppercut that caused the leg to go out. Before that nothing huge landed, maybe the left that glanced the temple did more than it looked like, Cain shoots after that, then it's only short shots that do the damage. Not even Cain blamed the knee. He looked weak and clumsy.
  4. I'll let you form your own opinion. But my man, I don't think your cut out for it on here. You wanna discuss MMA some of the fora wanna discuss how important they are due to the amount of posts they make or emojis that they get whilst circle jerking each other into next week. Reason won't come into it. I can only guess it fills a hole in a miserable existence? You may get lucky and have a decent discussion every now and again, there are allot of knowledgeable people on here. Not many in training or real fighters from what I understand. I think Tills problem, outside of his Scouse gob, is that his 2 high profile fights in WB and Tyron were absolute gash. The Liverpool fight was fun to be at but watching it again at home was like watching paint dry. I can understand the tactics against WB but still would of like to see him open up in the 3rd round onwards. I can't excuse the Woodley fight, the tactics were all wrong. Whoever agreed that trying to feel out and play tentatively against the great Twood needs sacking. If he ever had any chance I say he needed to take it to him. Go out on your sword if it comes to that.
  5. Hey you silly scrote nugget, remember when you got so triggerd from my 2 innocuous light hearted PM's you blocked me? See me pulling that b1tch chit? Nah you didnt did ya. Half of the guys on here don't even watch this chit and come on here for the social interaction, that is clear. There are allot that know what they are talking about, you can be one when you not chewing off. I come on here to read about MMA and UFC and look to discuss the same have a laugh every now and again. It clear as day that allot haven't seen the fights or know diddly squat. And well done for posting on a internet forum for so long, your parents must be so proud?!!? Is that really supposed to mean something to me or you for that matter!??!? You live in a internet castle full of BS and emojis. I live in the real world. @juice64011 feel free to pitch in with a conversation or counter argument on what I put out there about MMA, you read what I said that is obvious or you happy to let you guard dog (chihuahua) speak on your behalf?
  6. Hey Juice. Your simply proving my point. Please watch both the fights you quote. Did Cerrone complete the take down? Maybe, if I recall correctly Cerrone rushed in with a double leg hit the trip and Tills a55 not shoulders hit the mat for a split second, yes he's a striker but his jits is on point. He dominated Dalby in the first 2 and busted his shoulder in the 3rd. This is when Dalby was able to take him down, when he had 1 arm. Dalby was the luckiest fugger in the arena that night. All I'm saying is watch the fights. It may surprise you how he's dominated his opponents Barr the obvious.
  7. Fyi @Welcome_to_Moe's is not my alt but chit he's saying what I've said previously almost word for word. Till v wrestlers = trouble is nothing but myth BS, in the WW division that is. He doesn't get taken down easily at all and Shkrelz is correct. Woodley chinned him good to get him on the floor, bar that he couldn't get him down. Whether that will extend into the MW..... I'm unsure. Whilst there's a joke about his opponents such as Dalby and that Velo chap that I can't spell. I doubt many have seen the fights and they're just flapping gums and slapping their chests. Point proven by the wrestling comments and the fact that those quoted fights were fooking fun to watch. What does he have to do? Get Tyron to move up to MW before he does. Fact is the Yanks don't like the English fighters. You should have seen the rustle when Bisping KOd D1ckhold. God damn hilarious!!
  8. Marble

    UFC Fight Night March 23rd Nashville Tennessee

  9. Marble

    Oz's tv show discussion thread

    Is no one watching The Passage? The books by Justin Cronin were excellent. Ridley Scott bought the film rights before the books were finished but didn't go through the project and sold them for a TV series. It's started pretty decent other than the changes they've done on the book. Now I know @VertFTW is on it. Zach Morris is one of the lead characters.
  10. Rather you than me my man! I'd prefer just to see him step back into the Octagon after he's rinsed out the juice and go to work on the chitty HW division.
  11. Marble

    ATTN: cashfl0w

    You all beat me to it. Fcking dnigma?? Where the hell do they come up with these hood rat names. It's like each one of her potential fathers got to pick a vowel or a consonant each and that's what they ended up with. Old Laurentios a grade A cnut. The situation could of been avoided if you didn't raise your possible daughter to be d1ckhead.
  12. He's fcking hoooge. Look at that big roiding moon face.
  13. Marble

    No longer annoyed by ESPN's handling of UFC already.

    ESPN has breathed new life into this chit. They have been nothing short of fcking amazing. Look at the cards they've forced UFC to put on, I couldn't give a hoot about any other coverage but horses for courses. Last night and Brooklyn was chit hot. Fight nights now on a PPV level. I feel sorry for the Aussies with their PPV not on par with a London fight night. But hey who wants to fly halfway round the world to put on a show for a load of pissed up half wit, vegemite eating bogans drinking beer outta their stinking shoes. Sorry Oz.
  14. Marble

    Most overrated hyped up fighter in the ufc

    You certainly did. Translated via my android. He also bizarrely then claims you can get popped by taking aspirin. Just a load of excuses to justify the doping he clearly did throughout his time at the top without admitting it. Still he was a fcking talent though. USADA's entry into the UFC to control this doping situation, in my view, was good, but in a way ends up messing up, because MMA is not a common sport like everyone else. It demands of the athlete the training of fight, the physical training, he has other innumerable technical valences that he has to maintain. I am in favor of (doping control) for sure, no athlete can be on fight day taking advantage of any situation. But they had to review this, because it's a lot of injury, a lot of athlete getting hurt, a lot of fight being canceled because athletes are hurting themselves. There are some athletes who have to make use of hormone replacement. If USADA regulated this we would have a high level sport, with athletes who stopped fighting, like Vitor (Belfort), even myself, but I never did the replacement.
  15. Marble

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    Howay the Toon. We're up to the dizzy heights of 14th!! So Miguel Almirón I've only seen you tube clips. Any Yankee brothers or knowable MLS fans want to inform me of what to expect. Looks like a tricky left footed number 10? Can he hack it in the EPL?