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  1. Marble

    Should cashfl0w be sanctioned to post?

    I had to google translate foglet to English but got there in the end. FIXED
  2. Marble

    Should cashfl0w be sanctioned to post?

    How's that going by the way, have they moved you onto fries yet?
  3. Marble

    Crazy Al v McGregor

    Do you understand this game, you know why he was shooting for singles right?? And you can comprehend that in 2 fights he was caught in a the same position by a top notch submission artist and couldn't be put away? Your whole post is nonsensical garbage. Carry on Queefing fool.
  4. Marble

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    I had them beating the PSG mercenary's even with Jose, then losing the next round.
  5. Marble

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    Me too we had them start of Jan and Mourinho has NEVER won at St James Park! Why couldn't they just wait till after then! February 11, 2018– Newcastle 1-0 Manchester United (Ritchie) September 26, 2015: Newcastle 2-2 Chelsea (Perez, Wijnaldum/Ramires, Willian) December 6, 2014: Newcastle 2-1 Chelsea (Cisse*2/Drogba) November 2, 2013: Newcastle 2-0 Chelsea (Gouffran, Remy) April 22, 2007: Newcastle 0-0 Chelsea May 7, 2006: Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea (Bramble) May 15, 2005– Newcastle 1-1 Chelsea (Geremi OG/Lampard pen)
  6. Marble

    All Things Football* 18-19 *with french accent

    BREAKING NEWS- Mourinho sacked by the Manchester reds. No jokes Carrick favourite to take over, perhaps temporarily with ZZ to follow? I hope ZZ thinks twice.
  7. Marble

    Marbles Milwaukee Main Event Breakdown

    I'm not sure he did. Al lit him up like a Christmas tree on his feet. Lee couldn't get that rear naked finish. He had it sunk deep in the first fight and still couldn't put him out. What was left for Motown when he was his main weapons were failing? Maybe if that first fight hadn't happend we would of seen a different outcome. I think Al broke him mentally and performed a perfectly executed fightplan.
  8. Marble

    Marbles Milwaukee Main Event Breakdown

    Does it read that poorly? Like on a scale of 1 to zaksame. Don't hold back I've got thick skin.
  9. I want to start by acknowledging that Fight night Milwaukee 2018 was a great show all round from the FP Prelims to the main event. COTY contender and a great send off for Fox. Now to why were here, the main event. A fight that cannot be contested due to poor judging for once. A cracker of a main with the +275 dog walking away with a deserved unanimous decision. Round 1 Started with a potential KO for Ragin Al. Went in for a single leg grabbed and turned it into a spinning back elbow that clipped Motowns face with the forearm and back fist connecting clean. Kevin took this well but I'd argue that if that elbow connected it was lights out. I'm glad it didn't it would of deprived us of a 5 round classic leaving the argument that a hail mary blow was the only reason the fight was won or lost. Al landed the better significant strikes, connected with clean combos, shot for singles to bait and showed his armoury mixing it up. Lee showed ok but but was missing allot from Als head movement...... Al takes round 1 Round 2 It was a close round closer than most think. First 1 minute was even and on 4 Lee shot for a single gets the body lock and muscles Al down. For the next minute and 30 he back packs Al but its defended well. Other than some illegal shots to the back of the head Lee couldn't capitalise on the body triangle. For the last 2 Al press's walks him down and boxs him up body and head. I can see why one judge gave that round to Al. I'm split on this round they both had control of the fight for 2 minutes. Did Lee's take down and control win the round or was it Als 2 minutes of dominance and damage on the feet? Round 3 Again this is close. Up till minute 2.30 Al walks him down lands the better significant strikes, Lee's throwing his own and connecting, the exchanges quite even. At 2.30 Motown shoots a double leg controls and eventually takes a good slam takedown. The last minute and a half we are back to the body triangle and rear naked choke attempts. Al defends well. Lee's round. Round 4 the championship rounds Now it's getting interesting. Al is stepping it up. He's walking him down with intent, his hands are throwing heavier. Lands a sweet right inside the first minute and proceeds to piece Motown up with his fists hurting him multiple times, lighting him up for most of the round, the highlight a clean right head kick, shin to the side of the head. Kevin's wearing allot of damage after eating all those big shots. Als round Round 5 We could be 2-2 here dependant on how you see round 2. The key moment is at around 4 minutes. Motown shoots doesn't finish and a great scramble by both leads to Al eventually separating fighting off the take down at 2 and a half in. This is where Ragin comes home strong in the final straight. He sends Lee into his stanky leg special with a right to the body and a big left hook. Motown does his Bambi on ice impression. The last minute is why I watch this chit. Al hands by his side meticulously chewing up Lee's body and face. Looks like he can finish him, front kick to the face. Roars with his hands down suckering Lee into a sweet right hook. Another huge right almost drops him, Motowns wobbling wishing for that bell to take him away from his New York nightmare . The fight ends with Als arms by his side screaming into the swollen mess of a face he'd left Lee wearing. As Bruce calls the scores Kevin's standing overconfident. Shuffling his shoulders as if it's a given. And then we here the roll of that R. The winner by unanimous decision Rrrrrrrrrrrraging Al Iaquinta. The look on Kevin's face was bemusing and embarrassing he was beaten well and clear. Let's not be to harsh on him whilst he ended up looking like sloth from the Goonies he's a fighter a great one at that. But the better man won making it 2 to zero leaving no doubt who's the superior lightweight. The only question mark I see is round 2. What was your score cards?
  10. Marble


    Chit @AndyWang I thought better of ya. Al' s the don. He fought for your state like a king. You gotta give him some respect after that performance. I swear FLC wrote this for him they just couldn't rhyme anything with Iaquinta.
  11. Marble

    UFC cancels Eleven Sports deal

    Never used it but heard it was absolute garbage. I said from day dot it was a bad decision by the UFC to give it to the highest bidder without considering the consequences. Just dead surprised that had the smarts to have a exit clause. Seems that the big boys didn't want to let another player in the UK and Ireland market and jogged them on for a piggyback on their service's either that or they didn't try.
  12. Marble

    UFC cancels Eleven Sports deal

    It was gonna be cheaper for me my BT is 25quid a month on top of my £90 odd to sky and whilst I'll watch the football I could stream the odd Newcastle match. But for ease of use and coverage I'm happy it's staying. I'm gonna get BT broadband too to reduce the price on the channel. I've heard BTsport are running on large losses though so don't know how sustainable it is.
  13. Marble


    On Hooker I think he broke a rib in the 2nd he was grimacing when throwing. Nothing but heart. I had Hooker in 2 and just before the show kicked off my mate sent me updated round odds, +1400 for a Barboza 3rd round stoppage. I chucked a cheeky 20 on it to cover the Hooker bet. I was dead lucky. On the other you need to know a little background. Im not a cash fan nor he of me. When Cash gets all emotional over a fight and fighter, to the point he's swallowing c0ck and balls I bet against it. It started when I told him he needs to think with his head not heart as it clouds judgment, from there I started my strategy. I'm 6 and 0 it's been very profitable. I like allot of your posts Bwana but your swinging off Cash's nuts is frequent and embarrassing. He reckons he's a 6ft 7 beast he don't need you to have his back. Leave that to the subordinate chumps.
  14. Marble


    Where's cash hiding. He ain't gone full Freddie has he??
  15. Marble

    UFC cancels Eleven Sports deal

    @cashfl0w 6 and zero. I'm making bank off ya bum @ss. This was the best one yet. Come show your face I'm worried about ya.