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  1. Marble

    Where do I find the event library?

    Was you not supposed to join "fight pass" and not "fight club" for the fight library?? Fight club is for pre sales and PPV is it not? I could be wrong, I'm just a dumb Englishman. Are you a Irish by chance?
  2. Marble

    Will me and cashfl0ws feud break records?

    In all seriousness from one dope fiend to another delusion is a serious illness that's linked to psychosis. Your banter buddy roids can confirm. Here have a GIF
  3. Marble

    Will me and cashfl0ws feud break records?

    thanks your as predicable as the clock on my wall. I have genuine tears here. Is this chit even real??? Special mention to VertFTW welcome back.
  4. Marble

    Will me and cashfl0ws feud break records?

    This thread is pure gold. Nothing new to me but gold none the less There's so much hilarity but i'm not sure that anything will ever beat this corker. props to StompGrind I_Take_Roids_m8 classicboxer chit even that melt bringerofrain. If I could give you all 1 million internet points each I would, I cant however coz Cash is boss hogging them all in his internet palace. Fall out in 3...2....1
  5. Colby threatening to grass someone again, surprise surprise. What a rat. Snowflake?? He is the epitome of a snowflake. The bitsh probably did even vote Trump. All gimmick He's a Hillary voting tool with a mircrophallus mentality. A chit stain on America in general. Tyron is gonna end this charade, sooner the better.
  6. Marble

    Best Biographical MMA film

    Bispings got a hell of a story with a uplifting ending. We wouldn't have him losing his last 2 fights. He retires after Manchester 204 for a bit of creative licence. My choice is another English fighter not so recent. It doesn't carry such an uplifting story, but I can't think of any other fighter whose life story, up to now, would be better as a film. Lightening Lee Murray. If you don't know him just Google his name. There's to much action to write on here. Synopsis: Drugs Dealing Young offenders institute Gangster Professional fighter Knocking Tito go out in his prime in a street brawl 53 million pound robbery Fleeing to Morocco sentanced to 10 years in a morrocan jail to have it extended to 25 years. Starring Tom Hardy.
  7. Marble

    In what round does Khabib take a dive?

    My boy Darren. I'm SE England. Not NW. Till was extremely disappointing, as my previous post said, if you had the smarts to see my post history. + I had Tyron in my accumulator. I wasn't going to put either in as I rarely bet when I want someone to win (note I say want and not thought). Those odds were to good to turn down and sweetened Tills mauling. Still think Tills got it in him to go far, I wanna see him in spending time in a top US gym.
  8. Marble

    In what round does Khabib take a dive?

    ¿Qué pasa? Check my post history out fool. My boy Darren done well on Saturday, he may of got mauled for the first round but he made up for it in the second and finished that American Can.
  9. Exactly who the Fug wants to watch that chit and I like Henry and TJ? I doubt the UFC would be so stoopid to tie up 2 divisions but wonders never cease. And sure as hell it aint no money fight.
  10. Marble

    In what round does Khabib take a dive?

    Cash hangs off Showtimes nut sack like a god damn sloth. If it was anatomically possible I'm sure he'd want his Baby's. All that said and done those odds are certainly worth considering, you can get it for 7/1 on William Hill for it and for a 2 fight combo I think its worth chucking a few quid at.
  11. She's a beast and it looks like her head is made of granite, break a few hands on that grande cabeza of hers . One of the few woman I can tolerate watching. Chit getting competitive in that Strawweight division.
  12. Obviously its obvious. But just how obvious is obviously the question to ask?
  13. Marble

    UFC 230 Main Event ?

    Jones V Gus
  14. Marble

    What's Next For The Winner's & Loser's Of UFC 228

    No mention for Tatiana Suarez? She needs a top 3 opponent joanna or claudia, girls got game.
  15. Marble

    What's Next For The Winner's & Loser's Of UFC 228

    I think one thing Till should be looking at as he gos up to MW is Team Kaobon. I said before the fight win or lose just make weight and put on a show. I can understand the tactics against WB but feeling out the first round against Tyron WTF. He got mauled from start to finish. Looked like a Rabbit in the headlights. He didn't believe his own hype or his team didn't. Taking it to Tyron might not of changed the result but it would of been allot less embarrassing then the shower or sh1te he put on. On a plus it was good to see Twood back to his best no one beats him in that division as it stands.