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  1. Shkrelz

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    That’s dumb, once the rankings update you should be able to purchase. As well as cut someone who was ranked high and lost, so you don’t get extra money from cutting them. I think from when the rankings get updated to the fight card makes the most sense to simply resolve the issue
  2. That predator looking idiot is Dewey cooper and he would’ve slumped Al, Ray, and Matt Serra
  3. Shkrelz

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    Didn’t I just mention that somewhere before .. was brought up last year too, You should just make signings Thursday to Saturday
  4. Shkrelz

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    Rumbo and I were heckling him at 230
  5. Shkrelz

    My computer says site is unsecured?

    there is a guy named @jeffw38 on here.. no one is secure
  6. Shkrelz

    Are top 20 university degrees a scam?

    as someone who was a part of undergraduate and graduate recruiting for a fortune 50 company, i can tell you its not a scam.. they would literally not read other resumes from worse schools for some positions.
  7. Also conor beating DP doesnt mean anything to most people... hes supposed to beat DP.. him and nate have the history, Tony has the win streak and they havent fought yet, Khabib is supposed to destroy him again, and max has become a beast and will be favored vs him now.. all have something to offer whereas peahead doesnt really bring him much
  8. him dropping to 145 for a rematch with Max would sell more than a DP main event, him fighting Diaz would make him more as well, as would him holding out for a shot at Tony or Khabib. DP is prob 4 or 5 on the list, dont see it happening
  9. Conor not taking the DP rematch.. doesnt make sense for him
  10. The writing has been on the wall.. thats why Peahead pulled out against nate with a "hip injury" that sidelined him for a whole 2 weeks.. and made him miss his biggest pay day of his career. Dustin saw conor and khabib were getting @ min 6 months, which sets him up perfectly for a interim shot against Tony.
  11. conor should be more concerned about the rape rumors swirling today.. probably a very Kobe Bryant-esque type situation
  12. yeah the NSAC is going to kick out their cash cow...
  13. postponing and being granted a continuance are different. No big deal, its a fighting suspension anyway, it will be time served since they last fought, not a suspension from the date of sentencing.
  14. Shkrelz

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    yeah i feel you, i anticipate this is the last year of someone running camps league since im sure ESPN is spending some time developing a UFC based fantasy game with the new deal.
  15. Shkrelz

    ⭐⭐UFC CAMP LEAGUE 2019🌟🌟

    no, ill let wang look it up .. i think that and a waiver system were discussed but not implemented this year. more of a proponent of the waiver system anyway like a legit fantasy league.