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  1. Shkrelz

    how much do you pay for this in the US?

    Strips and Ribeyes all day.
  2. Shkrelz

    how much do you pay for this in the US?

    Depends on the grade of beef USDA beef would be like $14/lb - USDA Prime could be around $20 per pound - Grass Fed could go a little upwards of that - then there are the insane steaks like American Wagyu, or the stuff from Snake River Farms that is just in a different stratosphere of cost also depends on if you buy the whole tenderloin or if you get it pre cut. The whole tenderloin is cheaper on a per/unit basis
  3. Shkrelz

    how much do you pay for this in the US?

    yea europe doesnt have some of the cheap prices that the US does since many of the US snack producers have plants in mexico that operate under a maquila structure which greatly reduces the costs in addition to the cheap labor costs. The EU lets goods flow freely between countries for the most part, aside from britain. but the importation of the raw materials to the factories is more expensive, and even the ukranian labor is more expensive than the mexicans.
  4. Shkrelz

    how much do you pay for this in the US?

    Both Mondelez and Kellog who make a few of the items you listed have plants across europe, the goods at your local stores arent sourced from the US. Hershey actually doesnt have major distribution in europe and they make reeses which seems to be more lined priced with the US product (seems odd given they would have a more expensive transportation cost). Im pretty sure the VAT on most goods in holland is near 20%. They probably pass that thru to the customer.
  5. Shkrelz

    Can velasquez is overrated

    Cain went for the double leg when Frank had his back to the fence.. as he tried to position his head to franks side, frank hit him with a rather soft swinging uppercut (for his standrads) with his right hand, forcing cains head up, and his legs to buckle.. Its as clear as day. all the cain and AKA fan boys blaming the knee are delusional. the knee buckled because he got hit. the end.
  6. Shkrelz

    Future Contenders League 2019

    ill sign UR WW michel Prazeres the OG WCC
  7. Shkrelz

    Most Liveable Cities In Europe

    not to mention pamela anderson, jim carrey, and the voice of christmas Michael Buble
  8. If my memory serves me correct, Twood planted him on the chin with a right hand, beat till at his own game, and yoked him out - exposing how terrible he is on the ground. There is no one fight for Till for him to regain his fake hype. He was exposed, left butt naked in front of the entire UFC following on his first ever PPV appearance. he needs multiple fights and wins vs ranked comp to get real momentum going
  9. Shkrelz

    Which Fight Would You Pick?

    i didnt vote for ferg khabib because i dont want to get excited, buy a ticket, and then have to be let down again.
  10. Shkrelz

    Most Liveable Cities In Europe

    You gotta love the term "liveable".. 90% of Europe couldn't afford to live in Switzerland ( in reference to the cities on the list)
  11. what has till done? beat a LW in cowboy? got gifted a win against Thompson from the judges in a fight in which he missed weight? get completely dominated by woodley? The guy had fake hype driven by his mouth and a push from the UK fan base. I guess going the distance with Bojan is really impressive these days.
  12. Shkrelz

    MW belt is staying with Reaper.

    He’s not a fat guy who can’t lose fat.. he literally just needs to lose muscle mass.
  13. Shkrelz

    How do you guys feel Ben Askren will do in the UFC?

    Yeah the only difference is if a good striker can keep the wrestler at distance. Lawler isn’t technical enough of a striker to keep askren away from a TD. Once he’s down he’s down for the round
  14. Shkrelz

    MW belt is staying with Reaper.

    Still think a fight with khabib would be at 65 though
  15. Shkrelz

    MW belt is staying with Reaper.

    No. how many times has gsp missed weight? How many times has rob pulled out or got hurt and had to postpone a fight? Gsp can cut to 155, he would just have to lose muscle mass and get to about 175 with 7-8% body fat before he cuts water. It’s doable