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  1. jaybird86

    Artem vs Johnson

    no contest. Michael Johnson will destroy him.
  2. jaybird86

    Jeffdubya on Proper 12

    I have to say, I tried this proper 12 this past weekend. Do you know meadowlark lemmon?
  3. jaybird86

    Anyone else worried by the video posted of Max Holloway?

    ask him what kind of pants he wears vert!
  4. I used to have these constantly in high school. You go to throw as hard and as furious as you can and the first half goes in regular motion, then when you are ready to strike your target, you move into slow motion. Half of the time, my hand would turn and the back of my hand would go limp right against the target's face. My bestie from HS used to have the exact same dreams. My arms aren't noodles but they're close to 50.
  5. jaybird86

    Despite "Mauling" Conor was at Cowboy stadium

    He throws footballs like he throws water bottles.
  6. jaybird86

    Worst Hematoma In MMA History?

    that guy got Rocky Dennised.
  7. jaybird86

    McGregor Had Staph during the Khabib fight?

    He was breathing heavy at the presser because he was likely on his second bottle of whiskey. Alcohol increases the heartrate and raises blood pressure.
  8. jaybird86

    Dillon Danis beefing with Kevin Lee now.

    Lee was talking about this two months ago on MMA Junkie. He's down. Why would you hire a coach that lost to jake shields?
  9. jaybird86

    If you don't got the cajones....

    Sober - I love your new AV.
  10. I thought Herrig won. Certainly didn't get 30 26'd or even 30 27'd
  11. jaybird86

    Will Canor ever win another fight again?

    Perhaps he wins an upcoming battle with substance abuse.
  12. jaybird86

    Bovada Online Betting**Official**

    that sh!thead busted two of mine too!
  13. jaybird86

    ***UFCFCCL 2018***

    To make it easier on you Undisputed - With Wang and Bart - Luque Turner - Khabib McGregor