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  1. LMFAO at them ***-ing the word sarco****us. It's even spelled sarco p h a g u s and it still gets bleeped.
  2. jaybird86

    Weidman has CTE

    Weidman and Holly Holm for all titles all the time! Weidman is the worst fighter on the roster. The end.
  3. jaybird86

    ONE YEAR BABY!!!!!!

  4. jaybird86

    RIP Sid

    Wrong I stand corrected - but mine is better.
  5. jaybird86

    RIP Sid

    While we're here... Both gods and may as well remember both properly:
  6. jaybird86

    RIP Sid

    that only happened 30 years ago...
  7. There is literally only one comment in this thread that discredits him
  8. Stipe doesn't put @sses in seats unless it's in Cleveland.
  9. jaybird86

    Gregor Gillespie Calls Out Paul Felder

    From being vehemently against ever calling out a single soul to making two call outs in a week - Pettis or Felder - I see neither Pettis or Felder taking this fight.
  10. jaybird86

    Dmitri Smoliakov Gets USADAed For Two Years

    Why would anyone even fake like they gave a flying f*ck?
  11. Cool thread @Mcmax3000. Where'd you put my thread???
  12. In life - you are in control of one thing and that's your happiness - if you're not happy, which you aren't - go do something about it to make a change. I did not realize there were all those prerequisites, so I suppose not. Sorry for littering another one of your well thought out attention grab threads.
  13. Rather than posting lengthy hogwash about your woes on a forum made for men, who like to watch people try to kill each other - get up and go do something to better yourself. And for you @I_Take_Roids_m8 - all the answers lie within Slayer, enjoy
  14. jaybird86

    Salutations and Warmups

  15. jaybird86

    BET ENFORCED: RIP Wickles - The End of an Error

    BOOYAH! AND Diaz smokes Pettis - which is the better result?