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  1. I could easily see the renegotiation of all contracts to give players 10% or less of their actual value.
  2. This means guaranteed main event for a fight night in September.
  3. jaybird86

    John Gotti III

    His opponents: 0-1 0-2 0-4 2-2 before Gotti. Yeah... They should probably sign him immediately. I'm sure the entire WW division will be on high alert.
  4. jaybird86

    Sugar Sean O'Malley

    What a terrible way to make friends and gain acceptance!!! Making your first post a thread about this f*cking idiot is not the right route!
  5. jaybird86

    Sugar Sean O'Malley

    This is clearly a Sean O'Malley alt. Sean O'Malley sucks. He has zero notable wins. Soukhampthath lost because he was too stupid to walk to the other side of the cage and Terion Ware just sucks worse. Vera will destroy O'Malley quicker than you can make a thread about him.
  6. jaybird86

    Hi, I'm MattRitchie

    You sound like a real gem @MattRitchie Good luck!
  7. jaybird86

    Neil Magny out with injury

    Magny just saved himself a concussion.
  8. jaybird86

    Jacare has lost every single #1 Contender fight he's ever been in.

    With all due respect OP - HAHAHAHAHA - you attack every middle weight that's not named Chris Weidman. Facts are facts.
  9. jaybird86

    Whats up Fight Club!

    Please wear a shirt
  10. jaybird86

    Dillashaw USADA'd for EPO - Merged Threads

    He won't be able to sue for a new chin though. Chapter closed.
  11. jaybird86

    Is Kelvin Vs. Izzy Closer Than People Think?

    -175 +155 is pretty close.
  12. jaybird86

    I Wanna Get an Earring ....

    Is this an April fool thread? Terrible.