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  1. Please report if you sh!t yourself while she's trying to do the happy ending part. And JESUS CHRIST to the rest of your things and this woman.
  2. If people here were to genuinely answer this honestly and openly, there would be arrest warrants issued for certain. I'll keep mine to myself.
  3. jaybird86

    Looks like Cerrone v Mcgregor talks brewing up.

    One of Conor's greatest strengths is his ability to self promote and rattle cages. I think this will be incredibly challenging against Cowboy to the extent that it just becomes another fight. Perhaps they do an inaugural 165 fight as a selling point but I don't see the same ability to create promotion through animosity that can't be forced.
  4. jaybird86

    new UFC.com is HORRIBLE

    ^^ This is brilliant! PM McMax3000 for each card if you can't figure out the math. I still can't believe you aren't going to an event in toronto. what time do fight pass prelims start there?
  5. jaybird86

    new UFC.com is HORRIBLE

  6. jaybird86

    new UFC.com is HORRIBLE

    Holy sh!t is that banner that starts really small across the top then grows the size of the page neat! I'm with Max on this - my primary reason for even going on was to see fight times and get a snapshot of the card on ONE single viewable page and to not have to scroll through a bunch of damn nonsense to get it. Thanks WME - ruin everything why don't you!
  7. jaybird86

    Props to Jacare

    it was the iv.
  8. jaybird86

    Props to Jacare

    Why? Why do you say these things. Where does this unrelenting love and protection derive? Are you Mr. Weidman and that's your boy? The reality is that I would be a much better looking, more athletic, taller and more successful version of myself if I would have been born Tom Brady.
  9. jaybird86

    Props to Jacare

    Weidman is terrible. He's been wobbled in like his last nine fights. He's been brutally knocked out in four of his last five. Yeah... Send him to 205, where they hit a little harder!
  10. jaybird86

    Fighters You No Longer Support

    I loved Jason Knight. I now hate Jason Knight. Cut him for fuxake. He won four in a row - then lost four in a row and looks like the meth may be getting the best of him. The guys that beat him are O K - that's about it.
  11. jaybird86

    Chris Weidman's Protection Against Losses

    He is awful.
  12. jaybird86

    ***UFCFCCL 2018***

    Is it all over? I had it locked down too!
  13. jaybird86

    ***UFCFCCL 2018***

    Perhaps he has checked out.
  14. jaybird86

    Kabobs purse still partially withheld lol

    You have to understand our government - if they did things expeditiously, that would mean they are being efficient. When things can be prolonged and cans kicked down the road, it's better for job security.
  15. Jason Ellis' - he banged two girls from bully beatdown there too
  16. Best Interviewee ever
  17. He’s fighting sub par competition. He has skills but not enough yet. Renato will destroy him but they won’t fight. Max is halfway to a vegetative state and Moicano Ortega is the fight that’s going to occur. Mirsad can continue with 6-10
  18. jaybird86

    Khabib Being treated unfairly by UFC

    Better than "hey all, newb here, sup" -- It does sound like a diary entry though.
  19. jaybird86

    Anybody else donating $2 to the cause?

    Much more worthy than donating MONEY to a charity. CEOs and Directors of most of the well known ones make millions and 75% of your contribution goes to salaries and administrative costs. I'll donate to this.
  20. jaybird86

    Jeffdubya on Proper 12

    Well, I'll explain. He's just not as smart as you Vert.
  21. jaybird86

    First US Trip

    Going to Luna in little Italy and Grimaldi’s pizza in Brooklyn are worth the entire price you pay for your entire trip. Taking the tour of the World Trade Center is worth every penny and leaves you completely awestruck. Go have fun. Put the trip on a credit card and don’t pay it off, file bankruptcy or whatever they have over there and go on your merry way.
  22. jaybird86

    Artem vs Johnson

    no contest. Michael Johnson will destroy him.
  23. jaybird86

    Jeffdubya on Proper 12

    I have to say, I tried this proper 12 this past weekend. Do you know meadowlark lemmon?