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    Ufc fight club member merch;

    Told ya dansan - I hope this adequately addressed your concern. Have a good day.
  2. jaybird86

    Ufc fight club member merch;

    Hang tight there @dansan13. Our resident experts on fightclub tomfukery, @grouchymarks or @Rumbin will be here to help you shortly.
  3. that's what's happening. Don't know why UFC never stays current with it's own stuff. Antigulov is off. Ibragimov has a terrible gas tank and will blow his wad quicker than Michel Perreira. May be a good dog opportunity in Herman.
  4. jaybird86

    Dana White says Dominick Reyes is next for Jon Jones

    I love watching Reyes but - KOing a smaller, less athletic, weaker, and slower athlete from a lighter weight class should have moved him down in the LHW Rankings. Weidman stinks I guess is what I'm trying to say.
  5. jaybird86

    Not a Till fan... But

    He makes himself a sh!t ton more likeable with shreds of humility. When he's banging on the tables saying he's the greatest, not so much. What works for some does not work for all.
  6. jaybird86

    UFC 244: Masvidal vs. Diaz

    You must really despise Mexicans.
  7. Ya think he's been ko'd in MMA? He'll get legitimately killed in Lethwei. Strip off the gloves and allow headbutts. That's a healthy alternative for him.
  8. jaybird86


    😂 At Bethe Correia being a female!
  9. jaybird86

    Who Do You Want To See Aldo Fight First At Bantamweight?

    I'd like to see him knock Garbrandt out.
  10. jaybird86

    Should Weidman Retire?

    He and Sam Alvey should fight each other three times a year for two years then both quit.
  11. jaybird86

    What makes more sense for lhw title fight

    Give it to Weidman! As he has indicated, he is a nightmare match for Jones. Despite getting KTFO in all of his fights in recent history, I think this would be different and he's 100% ready for it. I bet his kids knock him out wrestling on the living room floor.
  12. LMFAO at them ***-ing the word sarco****us. It's even spelled sarco p h a g u s and it still gets bleeped.
  13. jaybird86

    Weidman has CTE

    Weidman and Holly Holm for all titles all the time! Weidman is the worst fighter on the roster. The end.
  14. jaybird86

    ONE YEAR BABY!!!!!!

  15. jaybird86

    RIP Sid

    Wrong I stand corrected - but mine is better.
  16. jaybird86

    RIP Sid

    While we're here... Both gods and may as well remember both properly:
  17. jaybird86

    RIP Sid

    that only happened 30 years ago...
  18. There is literally only one comment in this thread that discredits him
  19. Stipe doesn't put @sses in seats unless it's in Cleveland.
  20. jaybird86

    Gregor Gillespie Calls Out Paul Felder

    From being vehemently against ever calling out a single soul to making two call outs in a week - Pettis or Felder - I see neither Pettis or Felder taking this fight.
  21. jaybird86

    Dmitri Smoliakov Gets USADAed For Two Years

    Why would anyone even fake like they gave a flying f*ck?
  22. Cool thread @Mcmax3000. Where'd you put my thread???