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  1. Undisputed16

    ***UFCFCCL 2018***

    I'll be back with updates, haven't been on here.
  2. Undisputed16

    ***UFCFCCL 2018***

    I'll clean this up tomorrow. Have been off the forum
  3. Undisputed16

    Your MSG Main Event Is...

    Their next few main events are worlds better
  4. Undisputed16

    Your MSG Main Event Is...

    It is. He's with Schaub
  5. Undisputed16

    Your MSG Main Event Is...

    "No offense but I don't even know who Sijara Eubanks is and I'm the commentator for the UFC" -Rogan a few minutes ago
  6. Undisputed16

    Your MSG Main Event Is...

    Dana really hates Nate
  7. Undisputed16

    Did i make a mistake buying tickets for ufc 230?

    I change my response to "Yes."
  8. Undisputed16

    ***UFCFCCL 2018***

    Are you guys really this bored?
  9. Undisputed16

    ***UFCFCCL 2018***

    You're welcome to demonstrate next season. Regards, Gary
  10. Undisputed16

    ***UFCFCCL 2018***

    It's a situation that I can't win in. If I vetoed some moves people would complain as well. 3 months left and it's all done and good
  11. Undisputed16

    ***UFCFCCL 2018***

    They were copied from your rules from last year
  12. Undisputed16

    ***UFCFCCL 2018***

    TBH I haven't even read the last 2 pages, who cheated