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  1. hamaliafreud

    UFC 237: Namajunas vs. Andrade

    Lima looking so calm.
  2. hamaliafreud

    Do You Think We See TJ Return To The UFC?

    Is he gona be back with reduced or enhanced gyno ? Atm he is on similar level with plenty UFC fighters.
  3. hamaliafreud


    One of the goats once said.....all you mother****ers are on steroids. Thread declared null.
  4. Where is Mario Yamasaki when you need him? ........
  5. hamaliafreud

    UFC 234: Silva vs. Adesanya

    People getting triggered over fighters/managers doing stupid stuff ,while this forum is Mecca of stupidity.
  6. hamaliafreud

    UFC 234: Silva vs. Adesanya

    Silva will retire after this fight ?I saw him ...i think ''emotive'' is the word...at weight ins.
  7. hamaliafreud

    Weidman gets another hole for the MW division to fook

    His right eye looks smaller. KO related stuff?
  8. TJ and Duane are a couple. If they are not, 100% they secretly want to be a couple.Both of them. Weird ''bro'' stuff there....by weird...i mean sexual weird. Closet stuff.
  9. hamaliafreud

    UFC 231: Holloway vs. Ortega

    This train will never be the same again.
  10. hamaliafreud

    Boxing is absurd.

    Fury getting up from that ko/knockdow on scary stable legs tho. Also he was like 400 pounds suicider 1 year ago.... Lmao at people thinking Wilder won anything but experience and a wake up slap after this fight.
  11. hamaliafreud

    UFC Fight Night: Dos Santos vs. Tuivasa

    Fury is too damn good boxer/entertainer.