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  1. hamaliafreud

    UFC 231: Holloway vs. Ortega

    This train will never be the same again.
  2. hamaliafreud

    Boxing is absurd.

    Fury getting up from that ko/knockdow on scary stable legs tho. Also he was like 400 pounds suicider 1 year ago.... Lmao at people thinking Wilder won anything but experience and a wake up slap after this fight.
  3. hamaliafreud

    UFC Fight Night: Dos Santos vs. Tuivasa

    Fury is too damn good boxer/entertainer.
  4. hamaliafreud

    Conor Mcgregor suspended from Driving for 6 months

    Millionaire. 30 years old. Can’t drive his cars. Not millionaire. Driving. Wanna be a not driving millionaire. Thread closed.
  5. hamaliafreud

    UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Ngannou 2

    Looking at Overeem's body, he could be on some juicy meat. Well i hope he is eating the most nutritive meat because he got a few good fights left in him and who doesn't want to see him at his best? Fun starts at 0:28 .
  6. hamaliafreud

    UFC Fight Night: Jung vs. Rodriguez

    Cant people just enjoy a good fight with a great ending ?
  7. hamaliafreud

    UFC Fight Night: Jung vs. Rodriguez

    JSmith and Rashad faces 😂 😂
  8. hamaliafreud

    Props to Jacare

    I try not to judge people ,but, the way he was celebrating after Silva broke his foot ....
  9. hamaliafreud

    Props to Jacare

    He is losing since USADA came. 1-4. Also he is in his prime. Deja vu.
  10. hamaliafreud

    Well since Luke decided to duck his public vengeance mauling...

    Cavalheiro finish, something Weidman never done.
  11. hamaliafreud

    UFC 230: Cormier vs. Lewis

    Two super athletes rolling. And we have a winner!
  12. hamaliafreud

    The Black Beast Fans Only thread

    MMA gods please let Black Beast win.The champ UFC never had. TY.Amen,Amin,whatever Inshallah....etc......
  13. hamaliafreud

    UFC Fight Night: Oezdemir vs. Smith

    At a slow but steady pace he is going for strap and money fights.