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  1. -idyb-

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    yeah, its a crying shame. keep that chit out of single player
  2. -idyb-

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    what if i told you to stockton slap yourself? tl;dr
  3. -idyb-

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    i didnt expect you to. its not because you didnt have to hold down Y to read it. its because youve had your rockstar fanboy goggles on for months. i aint getting through to your kind who praise such mediocrity as the best thing to ever happen since sliced bread. nothing anybody could say is going to change a fanboys mind anyways. thats why they are the worst. they dont understand logic and reasoning. they understand hype and brand name recognition. thats all they know, so its no wonder theyll scroll through a bunch of legitimate concerns and points of complaints about a product they are ever so in love with. they couldnt imagine a world where any criticism might actually be valid. but enjoy such a steaming pile of lackluster mediocrity i guess. get back to me when the online mode has any worthwhile content or activities and i dont have to go through the majority of the game holding down y and waiting. waiting to walk through camp, waiting to craft something to eat, waiting to eat it, waiting to loot a body, waiting to micromanage anything about my character, waiting to walk slowly up the stairs and waiting to open a few cabinets to loot $150 worth of valuables from the housee and waiting to take the items and waiting to crawl back down the stairs and leave so i can finish the mission. waiting to do just about everything. get back to me on this bro. ill be holding Y and waiting.
  4. -idyb-

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    and for what its worth, i literally had to go out and buy a new controller the other week because of RDR2 and all the holding Y i had to endure just to do anything at all in that game. it was in perfect condition from when i bought my xbox one x until i started playing through the game. ever since then the Y button gets stuck between presses, and i have to like moisen it with saliva and mash it hundreds of times just to get it to stop sticking, but if i leave it alone for a few hours, the Y button will be sticking again. hell the controller from my original xbox one doesnt even do that, but ive pretty much worn the grip off one of the analog sticks after all these years so i figured i may as well have to just go and buy a brand new controller. the game aint worth the $79.99 i paid for the game or the $70 controller i had to go and buy shortly after playing through it. long rustle from idyb today over that game, but to say im disappointed would be an understatement. they should have just delayed it and fleshed the game out more and then put it on shelves when its actually finished. calling it a beta does not justify it, and you damn well better believe theyve pretty much all but officially abandoned single player campaign and doing anything at all with it once they start raking in that sweet sweet microtransaction money from those gold bars.
  5. -idyb-

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    i dont see whats so funny in a game that encourages spending $99 on a microtransaction pack sure the game doesnt have much to buy right now, because they 'released' it in a barebones state. but you best believe when they get around to adding stuff to the game, all the stuff worth using will all be locked behind premium currency, and cost stupid amounts of gold. in a year from now when they get the game close to a finished state, stand by for luxury properties, flying horses, batmobiles, skins for your guns, clothes, stuff so you can create a female characer that doesnt look like dumpster trash. all the 'good' stuff will be locked behind gold. and once and a while rockstar might add something that isnt totally garbage available to purchase with in game cash, just to try to make it look like theyre the good guys by throwing you a few tablescraps and not making you grind hundreds of hours for that too. its nice that ill have to pay $40+ just to dual wield my pink revolvers. or grind those 240+ hours. how nice of rockstar for not making gold cost a stupid amount of real world money. i mean its not like they designed the whole game around a stupid **** grind for premium currency to encourage spending my money instead. gee who'da ever seen that coming? the general consensus is that rdr online is trash. all you have to do is type rdr online into google and youll find that out pretty quickly. its a barebones microtransaction focused grindathon, and nothing more than that. what exactly is so fun about it? just what do you do online with people other than try to avoid them, or play hunting/fishing simulator and pray that you dont get disconnected from the servers on your way back to town to make a little bit of regular currency. oh yeah they dumbed down some of those hunting and fishing payouts too. it has barely any content to offer, but it doesnt matter. once they start fleshing out the game, theyll start adding all the cool stuff behind premium currency, and all everybody will be doing is grinding out the same boring mission over and over and over and over, not because its fun, because they cant be bothered to spend $99 of their hard earned money on a microtransaction just to obtain it, and for some reason they cant manage to put the controller down or find a different game to play. m8 get rid of that trash. i once believed in the rdr hype train too. the single player isnt too bad, except everything about the game and its mechanics is tedious as fook. from walking through camp at a snails pace, to looting corpses and buildings, having to dunk my horse into water every 2 minutes, having to eat enough food every day to supply the kenyan army, crafting my bullets at camp one at a time, looting anything especially stuff thats in drawers, even taking a bath. they make you suffer in agony just to wait for your player to do anything at all in the game. everything that would be instantaneous in any other kind of game, especially a shooter, everything is absolutely TEDIOUS in rdr2. you want to do ANYTHING in that game, even pick up a flower or a small animal and put it in your sack, craft something to eat or drink, loot a drawer, Hold Y and wait. Or X, because for some reason they made picking up flowers a different button than hold y to loot and wait on everything else on these clunky **** controls. but yeah. whatever. hold y and wait. thats pretty much the common theme of this game. i got bored of playing Real World Waiting Simulator 2018, so i decided to try out some assassins creed odyssey. now im like 53 hours into that and havent looked back. what a major change of pace, and you start to realise just how dull of a game and world RDR is. not to mention how SLOWWWWWWWW. you want to kill a bunch of people and loot a small area, its gonna take 10 minutes of holding the Y button in RDR2 lol. hell ive put around 50 hours into RDR2 and the majority of my time was either spent holding the y button on my controller and waiting for the animation to finish, walking through camp at a pace slow enough to make me start pulling my hair out, or hunting animals for food and stuffing them all down my throat and hoping im still not underweight by the next morning. SO MUCH FUN! take off the fanboy goggles, youll see RDR is a 6.5/10 at best. but but but its rockstar so they could do no wrong and we love it when you send us early review copies so we can give you day one 100/100 reviews and hype it up to be the best thing since jesus then go radio silent afterwards when people can actually play the game and find out what it really is. you keep nuthugging that 100/100 game with its tedious mechanics, empty world, pointless grind, and $100 microtransaction packs. online is even worse. GTA online was also launched barebones too and it took years for them to ever get around to ever fleshing it out. they are doing the exact same thing with this game, except locking anything worth a damn behind premium currency. you want the best horse in the game? premium currency. you want to change the color of your gun? premium currency. tired of looking like garbage every time you sign on and you want a different pair of clothes? premium currency. anything they "add" to the game from here on in? premium currency. now of course you dont have to spend money on that premium currency, you can just grind the same meaningless content for an eternity instead. thats what they designed rdr online around. and nothing more. what else is there to do but play hunting/fishing simulator after youve finished the missions in a couple hours? what is the whole point of playing rdr online other than to grind for something and hope its not locked behind premium currency because that means youll be grinding even longer? what else is there to do in that game other then tirelessly grind away for stuff in whatever manner rockstar prefers? hell they couldnt even be assed into giving you a poker game to play. what is there to do that makes online even worth playing? if they gave single player the same kind of treatment with payouts and prices and lack of ways to make income, and half of the stuff gated behind a premium currency, nobody would bother with that mode either. so yeah tuf. may as well buy a couple of those packs while youre at it, and reward these guys for their mediocrity with such a barebones and tedious game theyve created. especially the online part. my hype and interest for that game has died off once i was finally able to play it and seen it for what it really is. 6/10. im throwing money at my screen baby!
  6. -idyb-

    When Conor?

    call of duty is a real mans game.
  7. -idyb-

    When Conor?

    if he wants to go for second helpings i'm more than willing to make that happen
  8. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    what the hell kind of drugs are they passing around at church ceremony? i want some of that
  9. -idyb-

    Are top 20 university degrees a scam?

    i could get down with that
  10. -idyb-

    BigDaddyDelta's Official Clash of Clans Thread

    i just started playing the game the other day but i still dont understand it. i got my town hall to level 13. now what am i supposed to be doing?
  11. -idyb-

    Are top 20 university degrees a scam?

    i just want to know an address so i can wrap myself up in a box and deliver myself to her door in time for christmas.
  12. -idyb-

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    call of duty developer, infinite ward got evacuated today because of a bomb threat https://www.gamespot.com/articles/bomb-threat-reportedly-causes-evacuation-at-call-o/1100-6463902/ gotta admit, if the place actually did get blown up i still probably wouldnt have cared