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  1. -idyb-

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    will i be able to grief the f*ck out of everybody in my flying armored DLC horse that poops radiation everywhere??
  2. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    01100011 01110010 01100001 01110111 01101100 00100000 01100010 01100001 01100011 01101011 00100000 01101001 01101110 01110100 01101111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01100011 01100001 01110010 00100000 01100110 01101001 01110010 01100101
  3. -idyb-

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    at 7:30 is this the actual pvp?!? wtf oh nvm they have to shoot back
  4. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    yup we had it raining ashes last summer and orange sky cant even see across the road. there were big fires all around. there was two wildfires not far at all from my workplace but the bombers and helicopters got them contained and then extinguished pretty quick. happens every year. even if they arent nearby, we always get the smoke from all the big other fires even from down in the states that blow into the valley and linger around. its f*cking nasty. cant even see across the road let alone any of the mountains surrounding me either. the visibility is like non existant in a cloudy haze. didnt even get a drop of rain the last few summers either. just straight smoke all around. having to breathe out there is awful.
  5. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    for your sobercurse of stan lee, i hope you drive to california and crawl into a forest fire
  6. -idyb-

    Celebrity Death Pool Season 6

    you fooking asshole. ban yourself!
  7. -idyb-

    Celebrity Death Pool Season 7

    olivia de havilland hurry up and die bish!
  8. ive been waiting for the right opportunity to post this. and here we go!
  9. why not just lock her up in a hot car parked in the sun?
  10. england>usa when it comes to wimmen just take olivia de havilland as an example. she was born in japan from british parents and lived in america. outside of her ripe age of 102, clearly the best thing about her is her looks, and she got them from her parents, which are clearly british. check out this dimepiece. who's down for a spitroast?
  11. -idyb-

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    lets not forget the clunkiness of it, and the tediousness of doing certain things, like crafting hundreds of bullets at camp but u can craft 1 bullet at a time and then wait for the animation to finish, drinking a cup of coffee at camp, looting people and buildings, etc. the controls are fuct, like hold x to gather herb but y to loot other things. and my personal favorite, eating enough food to feed a bus full of sumo wrestlers and still being underweight. with all this micromanaging i got tired of playing the sims, so i havent shaved or had a bath in weeks. and i have to save before going into any town otherwise some stupid chit is gonna happen and itll lead to me getting chased down by the law, like having someone rob me and then defending myself in front of a witness and me getting a bounty. or some idiot walking into my horse suddenly wanting to fight me or shoot me. i dont know how one can score it a 10/10 game unless they were in cahoots with rockstar. good game but theres no way u could overlook the tediousness parts of it that add nothing to the immersion and only serve to slog the progresssion down.
  12. wow thats cheaper than an abortion. as soon as they can make it cheaper than condoms or coathangers i'll know what i'll be doing if i ever have the misfortune of knocking some girl up
  13. -idyb-

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    thats just what i came into this thread to say. if he was a real man he would be banging it out on Call of Duty.
  14. -idyb-

    Yair will be wearing the belt in '19

    you guys be nice to my fora sidekick vert. i'm a few beers too deep and i wont be putting up with this kind of intolerance on my forum.
  15. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    and fook off with ur binary chit.
  16. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    aint nothing wrong with that homie
  17. -idyb-

    Remembrance day / Veterans day

    both of my grandpas and my great grandpas fought in wars
  18. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    i'd eat that ass with a spoon and then upload the video to BarnHub.
  19. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    now theres a fart box that i would tongue punch
  20. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    thats when you tell the wife to come over and give the two of you a hand.
  21. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    if thats the case, then i feel for the person who will have to clean my toilet after
  22. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    my sphincter is evil. i think i'll grab some taco bell this morning and give it the punishment that it deserves.
  23. -idyb-

    UFC Predictions League 2018

    id be surprised if more than one person other than vertstradamus picked rodriguez corrupt judges aside, kung mung pung wung sung jung was winning that fight. for 24 minutes and 59 seconds anyways this guy always seem to find himself in crazy fights. this time he's involved in potentially one of the greatest comebacks of the year, or maybe even history. this time he finds himself on the receiving end of it.
  24. well, one of the judges clearly had his mind made up who would win those fights before the fight even started.