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    Speak Your Mind Thread

  2. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    im trying to now at grannypoops.com but it says server not found. now where am i supposed to find some steamy elderly scat material?
  3. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    dammit zerk i never knew you were also into the mature ladies. maybe i could learn a thing or two from you
  4. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    that oughtta spice things up a little
  5. -idyb-

    Anthony Pettis faking hand injury again?

    my new favorite poster.
  6. -idyb-

    Justin Willis successfully ducks BamBam

    weight cutting can
  7. -idyb-

    FALLOUT 76 Hype thread

    this might be the greatest thing to ever happen since Farming Simulator. but no pc release? what a load of horsefeathers.
  8. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    cold hard cash, debit card, and a credit card. right now its a warm 14 degrees out and theyre calling for some flooding tonight. might have to fortify the igloo and waterproof my gsp poster.
  9. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    its been warming up a little lately. i got the air conditioners all running in my igloo though so life is good
  10. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    i also hate the word oakland and everything it stands for and have no desire to ever go there.
  11. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    i wouldnt go to oakland. oakland is a shithole m8 but thats good to hear its a nicer place than san francisco. the homosexual methhead capital of the world lol. at least its got that going for it.
  12. -idyb-

    Who is the better fighter between these two?

    he f*cked me last year on Dan Hooker and it cost me big time. vert's top 20 university level mma knowledge is not to be trusted. i know for a fact this guy is a sham ever since he started talking about how conor mcnuggets even done anything in his last fight against khabib the great.
  13. -idyb-

    Who is the better fighter between these two?

    now that moe is gone and wickles decided to go eat a bag of d*cks, this guy is my new favorite poster.
  14. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    oakland is a sh!thole
  15. -idyb-

    The Dark Tower Book series (Warning:Spoilers)

    oh for **** sakes after doing a quick google search for The Dark Tower Book series, it appears as if i have to retract my previous statement. **** this **** though i still aint picking up another book im all done with trying to read and be smart
  16. -idyb-

    The Dark Tower Book series (Warning:Spoilers)

    get the fook outta here aint nobody got time to read books unless its from stephen king or george r r martin
  17. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    Sorry, that page doesn’t exist! slap yourself
  18. Ali Abdelaziz: If all goes to plan, Khabib could be fighting Georges St-Pierre in late 2019 im too hungover to share the details you can get the full story here: https://www.mmamania.com/2019/5/22/18636441/ufc-ali-abdelaziz-khabib-could-fight-georges-st-pierre-in-late-2019-mma
  19. -idyb-

    Game of Thrones

    thats not quite as enraging as the starbucks cup or the water botttle gate
  20. -idyb-

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    was it Vert?
  21. -idyb-

    Best Highlight/Finishes/Moves You can Remember

    gsp knocking bispings lights out and then proceeding to choke him even further unconscious
  22. -idyb-

    Cut MTP

    preach it loud brother
  23. -idyb-

    King Arnold assaulted in South Africa

    michael bisping almost got robbed and killed in cape town south africa the other day https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2019/5/22/18636539/ufc-michael-bisping-says-almost-robbed-possibly-killed-cape-town-south-africa-mma-news south africa is a chithole