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  1. Were in a complete rebuild, new transfer QB, new coach, new offensive and defensive coordinator, fuc*ing new everything, I recognize about 2 names on the roster The bad times are coming.
  2. America

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    The racism on this forum is awful, I pray that one of these days humans and black people learn how to get along.
  3. Y'all need to do a better job of entertaining me. I don't work all day to come home to incoherent rambling like this.
  4. I heard all this same dumb **** about Pettis too. It's funny how Masvidal beats Till (who everyone has said is trash) and suddenly becomes an amazing fighter. The 5 second KO of Askren means nothing, the same way Conors KO of Aldo meant nothing. Masvidal is still a mid tier talent just like he's always been.
  5. Guess Clegg didn't give you a reach around last night, you're still pretty bitter. Don't worry, the pain will heal son.
  6. America

    Yoel v Costa immediate rematch

    Yoel is 42 and a bum, he needs to retire, dude keeps chasing titles he will never win.
  7. America

    Stipe vs Jones

    NG will beat Stipe and Jones will stay at LHW. Hell he barely won his last fight.
  8. Diaz will fu*k up that bit*h Masvidal next.
  9. America

    Nunes vs. Can at UFC 245

    Only McGregor refused to fight for longer than she did, she's a can.
  10. America

    Stipe will win on Saturday.

    Just gonna leave this here before Stipe loses and fu*ks me over. Edit- Wooooooooooo!
  11. This is the real main event, I don't think anyone gives a chit about Stipe vs. Jones bit*h
  12. America

    Nunes vs. Can at UFC 245

    UFC women’s ‘champ champ’ Amanda Nunes will return to the Octagon at December’s UFC 245 event in Las Vegas. The news comes via ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, who reported the following on Twitter: “Breaking: Amanda Nunes will defend her bantamweight title against Germaine de Randamie at UFC 245 on Dec. 14 in Las Vegas, per multiple sources. The double champ seeking her fifth 135 title defense.” Amanda Nunes was last seen in action at July’s UFC 239 event where she defeated Holly Holm via knockout to retain her UFC women’s bantamweight title. ‘The LionessThe Lioness’ is also the UFC’s women’s featherweight title holder, this after knocking out Cris Cyborg at UFC 232. Nunes now meets former UFC women’s featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie. ‘GDR’ is coming off a sensational first round knockout victory over the previously undefeated Aspen Ladd. UFC 245 takes place December 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada!