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  2. You wanna take the bet? Your wigger **** can take the walk too. Nevermind, I forgot you do what Cash does so that's a no for you too.
  3. Been more right than you this year.
  4. America

    JDS vs. NG at 239

    NG gonna body him and hopefully retire JDS for good just like he did to Cain.
  5. I'd rather take you out on one your fighters. Smart play by you though, at least you realize Gaethje is fu*ked in this fight.
  6. Gaethje has already said he wants to go back to wrestling. He said that chit after Porier made him look like the bum he is. Account bet Barboza wins?
  7. The real question is what round does Gaethje shoot for the takedown? My guess would be second round then he tries it again in the third round but Barboza catches him with a knee and lays that bi*ch flat out. Dude couldn't stand and bang with Alvarez so there is no way he will survive Barboza.
  8. America

    Worrysome statistic

    The irony.
  9. America


    I just wanna say I'm loving all these Gaethje picks. It's a guaranteed one up on all of you.
  10. America

    Politics thread

    Even black people that detest police and the justice system are looking at that case like WTF.
  11. Edwards has lost 3 fights. One of which was to the current WW champ and one via illegal knee. Masvidal has lost 1/3 of his fights. You're right, they aren't in the same league.
  12. One said a date, the other one said one word, then Masvidal walked up and sucker punched him. That may be talking chit at top 20 U, but that's not talking chit in real life. You're 12 years old so I can see how you think that's cool, you're too fu*king stupid to know better.